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Ok guys! We all have different tastes in music and I personally like to share when I find a song I like. This thread is intended for everyone to share what music they like for everyone else's enjoyment! I hope to be able to scroll through here and just play through everything to have some variety in the work day :D


So here's the format:


Start by listing the genre - rock, pop, whatever

Next, optionally you can list the artist, album, name of the individual song, etc.

Below it, insert your sound clip or video into a spoiler or hideo tag as such:

or [hideo]

I request that everyone do this because threads like this tend to get very slow in a short period of time. Using spoilers and hideos helps keep this from happening.


Below your spoiler, feel free to write a small synopsis of information about your selection - anything you think is worth saying about your jams. And by all means, if you want to share multiple clips/videos per post, please do! Just stick to the format :v: And if you want to make your multi-track post look a little more organized - you can place the genre within h4 blocks like so:

[h4]genre goes here[/h4]

While discussion is good, lets not get carried away here. If need be, we'll just start a music discussion topic. I'd like this to just be for the music itself.


I'll go first!


Genre: 80's rock

Artist: Metallica

Album: Master of Puppets

Song: (all of them...the whole album)

This is probably my favorite Metallica album. This is the case for me because it just has a lot of their somewhat popular songs. It was released in 1986 and was their third studio album.


Genre: 80's progressive rock

Artist: Majesty (now known as Dream Theater)

Song: The Farandole


Majesty (now Dream Theater) is comprised of some very talented people. They sound good in absolutely everything they perform. The song "the farandole" is a cover of an orchestral song called Farandole by Georges Bizet. I played the piece in high school and was super happy to find a rock cover. :D


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No jukebox thread is compete without wierd al...



What exactly is Wierd Al's genre..? Parody?? We'll go with that

Artist: Wierd Al Yankovic

Song: It's all about the Pentiums baby



Genre: Instrumental Rock

Artist: Eric Johnson

Song: Cliffs of Dover


Genre: Progressive Rock

Artist: Rush

Song: Between the Wheels

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