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W3D Export Tools for 3DS Max 2017 version 1.4.0 released!


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More bugfixes in from @jonwil and co.

Here's the changelist!


- Fix an issue when exporting smooth skinning
- Fix an issue when exporting meshes that have the "static sorting" field in the material editor set to anything other than 0. Any meshes exported with previous versions of the Max 2017 exporter that have this setting set to something other than 0 will need to be re-exported to pick up the correct value of this setting.
- Fix a typo in the max export plugin
- Add a new laser surface type (Only available for Renegade based mods on very recent builds of scripts 5.0)


As ever, the tools are located here:

If you're looking to get into 3D modelling for the W3D engine, come and find us on Discord and we'll be more than happy to help! Cheers!

[blurb]More fixes to the W3D Export tools from Jonwil and co! Grab it while it's hot![/blurb]

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19 minutes ago, Raap said:

I'd suggest removing the older and duplicate files from that download page, at the moment the latest file is listed at the bottom.

Done! Cheers for the good spot Raap!

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I still use 3ds Max 8, works great...

but now if we have “newer” versions of 3ds Max, we can use them for development in Renegade?

I have a 2013-2014 version, can’t remember the year, would THAT one work you think with some of these plugins?

Btw: This is great news!!!

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We currently only have the plugin working for Max 2017.

Maybe @jonwil could look into how to best compile and distribute the plugin for all Max versions that work with the code we currently have (though testing whether it works is another problem... we can't easily procure and permanently install 10 different versions of Max for testing).

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