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Save me! (again)


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Remember this? "Save me!" was one of the first forum games that we played here once W3D Hub was formed around 5 years ago. My, my, how the time flies!

Well lets get right into it then. Its really simple, fun, and it goes like this:

  1. The OP (so me in this case) posts a description of a situation in which they are in peril, and will most certainly lose their life if there is no intervention.
  2. The next poster (which we will call P2 in this example) must then engineer a creative way (McGyver, Superheroes, The A-Team, Avengers, Donald Trump, etc) in which the previous poster will be saved from their peril. However, P2 is then also put in peril, either by the events which led to the saving of the previous poster, or by a non-related event.
  3. Return to step 2, P3 saves P2 but also falls into danger, etc, etc.

The rules are these:

  1. Remain civil and follow all forum rules at all times.
  2. Some discussion is allowed, but do not derail this thread.
  3. All events must occur linearly in the same timeline/universe, and must not break the "relationship chain", otherwise the game is not as much fun.
  4. Do not attempt to break the game.
  5. Not specifically a rule, but do try to not post at the exact time as someone else. An accidental ninja-post would split the time line!! :aaaaaa:
  6. Have fun.

While working in my lab to get all the wonderful APB Beta players their much needed 1080p resolution (so they don't have to use 800x600 anymore), my lab assistant @delta hears a noise outside. CRASH! A truck loaded with Coronavirus haz-mat suits crashes into the lab, killing the driver and pinning me to the wall!

Save me! :aaa:

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I spring to life out of the pile of haz-mat suits, wearing 4 or maybe 5 suits in total. Using some quick thinking, I jump into the cab and put the truck into reverse, un-pinning @Einstein from the wall! The only problem is that I am now stuck in the cab of the truck the the accelerator pinned to the floor and it is reversing backwards towards a duck pond with lots of small baby ducks swimming around on it. I can't break my way out because somebody coated the seats of the truck in a mixture of fairy liquid and water, so my 4-5 hazmat suits are slipping around all over the place and I can't grip anything.

Save me (and the ducks too please)!

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Thinking quickly, I hop into a Chinook with some friends, and the race is on! Just barely lowering the crane in time, we grab OWA's truck, lift it off of the ground, and set it down gently. Our teams work to de-slip the truck and get OWA some medical help. We then fly off into the sunset, the ducks happy that they are safe.

Just then, a nearby mountain explodes, and something crawls out- the monstrous pterosaur, Rodan! The hungry kaiju apparently has decided that he wants me and my helicopter as a snack, and we can't out run him! Help!

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  • 4 months later...

(imma bring this back okhe)

With Rodan successfully driven off, my valiant Chinook crew and I turn around, lowering our crane and helpfully put delta's tesla tank right side up.

But as we begin to fly off, something crazy happens. The helicopter stops, we're dropped onto the ground, and we look up at a very angry robot. Our chinook was secretly a transformer this whole time, and it's had enough of us using it for good deeds! Save us before it kills us!

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