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So we're all having fun in a 6v6, not that many but any players are good since the server's been pretty empty lately, then the map changed and this moron voted to skip it cause 'he didn't like the map' then he left either way, killing the server. It went from 12 players to 5 just like that(it was 5 Nod vs 1 GDI when I left because there was no point tbh).


I wouldn't mind the map change if we had a higher amount of players and could afford to lose a few if others joined later on. You got more chances of people joining with higher amounts of players than with 5 since there isn't much going on and people try to cheese a win as fast as they can.

Now I'm sitting here bored as hell in a saturday night with nothing to play :|

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Wait, so.

The map changed.

Dude didn't like it, so he voted to skip.

Dude left after you guys railed on him.

And... what, you're just complaining now? Sorry if I missed something vitally important here.

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We didn't rail him. The game was going on just fine, he troll voted to skip a map, the map skipped, people left and then he said 'worth it' and left himself. He didn't change the map because he didn't like it. He did it to troll and kill the server for some time.

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Perhaps I'm unfamiliar with how this works, but doesn't !vote allow a popular vote to decide what happens? In which case, would he be the sole one at fault here? Also, (assuming that people get to vote) wouldn't the vote of many "no" override a "yes"? Just trying to figure out how he managed to do this all by himself.

Unless I'm missing something still, I (personally) do not see where this guy deserves anything more than a "hey don't do that". Unless he does this super frequently, I would just be the bigger guy and not let it get under your skin.

On a different note, this statement is quite a few degrees worse than "trolling".


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Unless a majority of voters also voted yes the map wouldn't change. Either none of you bothered to !vote no or more of you voted yes...

FWIW, vote outcomes are calculated like this;

if ( $totalVoters < ( $totalPlayers / 3 ) ){ RenRem::RenRemCMD ( "msg [BR] Only $totalVoters out of $totalPlayers voted, at least a third of players must vote for the vote to pass. VOTE FAILED." ); } elsif ( ( $gdi_yes_votes + $nod_yes_votes ) <= ( $gdi_no_votes + $nod_no_votes ) ) { RenRem::RenRemCMD ( "msg [BR] More no votes than yes votes. VOTE FAILED." ); } else { RenRem::RenRemCMD ( "msg [BR] More yes votes than no votes. VOTE PASSED." );

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