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APB Changelog

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  • Made an adjustment on AI Ore Trucks that should assist in resolving the issue with random SFPS server "deaths."
  • Fixed wing Aircraft can no longer fire while sitting and refilling at the Airfield. This solves an issue with aircraft stolen by spies effectively getting unlimited ammo to fire on the enemy base.
  • Fixed a bug where there was a duplicated weapon in infantry's hand while climbing and swimming.
  • One of the sets of ruins used on some maps could make players stuck in one of the corners. This has been adjusted so players won't get stuck there anymore.
  • Bots now ignore supply trucks so they don't get in and sit there till the end of time.
  • No longer should there be duplicated kill messages for bots.
  • For level designers: Common rally/patrol points for AI's have been added to the presets rather than using a system that involves repetitive script/param attachments on instances every time a map is made that has bots. Level designers can place these as proxies on their map files, and the SDK has been updated with these proxies as well.



  • New weapon reload sound.

Tesla_Tank.gif Tesla Tank

  • Weapon splash damage increased to 20 (was 15). This was a change reported in an earlier release that didn't take.



pboxicon 0000.png Pillbox

  • New weapon reload sound.



  • Added bot support.


  • Removed VIS due to a bug with objects disappearing where they shouldn't.
  • Fixed a visual issue with overlapping meshes near the entrance to the Allied tunnel.
  • AI players behave better in the same entrance area mentioned above.


  • Removed the Allied Turret inside the Pillbox, and two Ore Silos that aren't supposed to be there.


  • Added vehicle blockers so the rocks on the ridge just in front of the Soviet base can no longer be hopped over.


  • AI players now buy Longbows, and are set to attack vehicles on priority.
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  • There was an annoying small rock that had collisions sitting in the middle of the route over the Allied hill. It has been removed.


  • Removed extra defenses that shouldn't be there.


  • Adjusted Ore Truck paths so they drive more direct paths and the Allied one no longer gets stuck.
  • Fixed a seam in the ground next to the Allied War Factory.


  • Some of the rock textures are a bit less stretchy.
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