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  1. I don't think I have anything hiding around in my drive, but I'll take a look around and see if I can find anything. If I do, I'll slide into your DMs.
  2. I don't have any more photos to share, never was one to take or be in lots of them. But I do have some old silly stuff from Dri Reign, TeamNT, and a couple things that Kicken and I worked on. First up, Classic Colors pack. @ Kicken and I worked on this, and finished it, back in December 2007. Here is a signature we made to advertise we had made it: Download link here, because why not. Next up, some music. This is in no way exhaustive, but it is a collection of APB Music I collected that started in 2005 and terminated in 2011. Link Here! While we're at it, here is a pair of songs made for/used in Reborn from 2006 & 2009. Lastly, some shitty comic characters I made for the Dri Reign and TeamNT communities, which were made largely of people from a variety of w3d communities at the time. I haven't seen so many of these folks in such a long time. And that's all I really have, or at least all I can find on this rig. One day I'll dig out old hard drives and crawl through those, but this is all that I have currently.
  3. I was never even remotely decent with the spy, whatever possessed me to make this, I'll never remember.
  4. I vote the best big titty gf @Bluesummers for best Technician Spy in the history of ever.
  5. You two have no idea how many times I have actually heard this. Fortunately (???) for me, when I "looked" like him, he was 11 years old. Fuck I'm getting old.
  6. He's our furbaby! Thank you for being so welcoming, and for being such great wards for this community. I also forgot to add a picture of him all growd up.
  7. Remember those old Photo Threads we use to do and dox ourselves? Well, I figured I'd share some stuff that happened in my life since back in the day, you know, after I got banned back in 2007 :V While digging through the old Wayback machine, I realized that I was banned pretty much the same month that my now wife, then girlfriend, first got together. Here is a our Prom photo! Not too long after that, we were off to college! I apologize in advance if you have these notifications set up through email, but @Kicken is going to get blown up a bit, we went to college together after all! I'll do my best not to include photos of him though, since he's not around right now to give me permission. :V Speaking of college, here is me on my first day of College, ready to waste $90,000 that will end up taking just under ten years to pay off! :D I don't have any photos of it that are worth sharing, but it is around here that I began my ten year career at GameStop. Fuck GameStop, that is all :D My then Girlfriend and I also rescued a mutt around this time. We named him Duke, and the silly old bastard is still kicking around today! He just turned 10 last month actually Fast forward some years, and after being in a relationship for 8 years, my girlfriend and I got married! @Kicken was actually one of my Groomsmen, and may or may not be in this photo with us! A few years later and I found my true hobby calling! Video games were a massive part of my life, for a large part of my life, however they have taken a back seat to Miniature Modeling and Table Top Wargaming! Here is a photo of my first Warhammer 40,000 army, Salamanders Space Marines! I no longer have these brehs, as I grew tired with Marines of the loyal variety, but I currently have several armies. Adeptus Custodes, Imperial Knights, Astra Militarum, Necrons, and my favorite of the bunch, Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marines. I started my Emperor's Children as a Kill Team back in 2018, here is a photo of the full roster, lead by then named The Pure Asmodai :D (he's the snake boi in the center, though its hard to make out in this photo) And we come to the relative present. My wife and I have been married for five years, together for 14, my dog just turned 10, I no longer work at GameStop, and I have a new hobby that I love! From my wife and I, love you brehs, and I'm happy to be back to being a regular around these parts <3
  8. Volkov I don't like playing as a Volkov. The reload times make me ineffectual at killing anything except light vehicles and small buildings (but not base defenses). The AP rounds just don't work for me, regardless of range. Granted, this is more I'm bad at the game. Instead of making me swap weapon modes, I'd prefer it if his AT rounds just had a decently sized AOE that was great for killing infantry and did virtually no damage to anything else. I'm not sure how this would work mechanically, but it would give people like me, who suck at the Infantry Combat in w3d, a reason to use a Volkov aside from just wasting lots of money when my team is already winning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heavy Tanks I think they need either just a little bit more durability, or a bit more DPS. I don't feel a big difference when I fight a MT with a HT or vice-versa.
  9. I mean, the ants, -kind- of work. This isn't going to be perfect, its an engine that is twenty years old. We're just looking for more new things
  10. I like this idea quite a bit. Making the Kennel a simple structure where you press a button and receive doge is very appealing. I will say that Volkov should be able to buy a Chitzkoi though, super mut that you can only have one or two of that mulches all infantry and is tanky.
  11. I like all three of these ideas. So, I'll throw my hat in with them. Also, how about a bay that spawns a crate every 5 or so minutes that can have a random positive effect? Its unpredictable, so its not inherently OP, but still could represent exploring technologies, kind of like the name suggests.
  12. blah special warning points just for you : Super legit. i am speshul.
  13. Holy shit. All these old faces, sorry for the month old Necro post but jesus its cool to see some of you guys are still around.
  14. Thanks brah. Do we do custom titles. I deman my Oldfag title. Also Holy shit, Nozzy and Kushan?! Get the fuck back in the time machine you arrived in and go back to the past. EDIT: I guess I already have it? Or it was changed right after I posted this. Whoever did that, I love you. <3 Can I get two warnings and three thousand posts now too?
  15. I guess I'm new. EDIT: I'm almost sad that you guys deleted my original account. I had 2 warning points. Can someone give those to me?
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