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APB Changelog

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  • The Soviet Ore Truck has started harvesting again.


  • The undersides of the icebergs no longer have disco flair.


  • Adjusted the Ore Truck paths so they drive more straight.


  • The hedgehogs near the middle infantry path now react (with bullet hit effects).




  • Fixed a very thin seam in the ground at the Soviet base.
  • Grounded the floating trees north of the Allied base.
  • Removed vis, which fixes some visibility bugs around the map.


  • Added a polygon (previously missing) to the underside of the destroyed Tesla Tank asset.
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  • Added missing jingle bells texture on reindeer.


  • Fixed the Soviet Ore Truck. Previously it would dump the first time and then sit out in the field.


  • Fixed the Allied Ore Truck so it harvests once again.


  • Fixed Chrono Tank's available teleportation locations.


  • Shortened bots' repair range to 2 (from 3) and adjusted the Flame Tower hitbox/target slightly so that the bots should have less trouble repairing.
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  • Fixed the Chrono Tank teleportation zone.


  • Changed the sun position to be slightly more southwest instead of directly west (where it would blind the Soviets more easily).


  • Moved the guard tower behind the Soviet Construction Yard slightly, so that vehicles have a harder time getting stuck between the two.


  • Fixed a missing polygon on a cliff near the Soviet base.
  • Adjusted Soviet Ore Truck harvesting so it's a bit harder to make it stop working in the Mixed field.


  • Updated Volkov's unit help description.
  • Fixed dead Tesla Tank prop on darker maps to be less bright.
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