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Misc list of ideas I've had ingame and immediately forgotten, because something blows up.

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Mirage tanks need a camera change, off center or something because it's a vehicle that benefits greatly from V aiming and that center of tree trunk camera eats my a$$. Tree mode needs to be tied to the deploy key.

The GDI twin TOW $1800? with the AI machine gun, loses the AI machine gun when armour is upgraded, kick in the nuts... bad feels.

GDI vehicles list are varieties of Medium Tank, 1 with AC alt, 1 with good AP, one with mortar, etc. So can we take all of the in game redundant Medium Tank options for GDI and put them into a randomly selected spawn when you purchase the medium tank option. I know it would mean those tanks would all need some balancing to bring them inline at a certain price but I think it'll reduce clutter and hopefully allow other unused vehicles into the game for GDI. Currently it feels a like 8 flavours of vanilla.

Where's the MK2 rep gun for the builder classes? Feels like the man is keeping us down, the 90% demand it now.

Brain dump is complete, thank you for observing the mess, that is all. :bugger:



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Since this is a suggestion thread: how about giving the super tank a couple extra meters of range? since the manual turret is in the middle and the majority of tanks can outrange it by simply backing up and hitting its front. Every time I fight one I just aim for the front tip and backup. (They return fire but it disappears short every time) (it’s also the main reason I don’t buy it)

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