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Command & Conquer Renegade: Hacker Spotted.


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My in game name is Broly, and there is a hacker shooting people in Command & Conquer Renegade, on the Interim Apex server. His name is 'Lance3065.' This time I caught him on video shooting my teammates WHILE running BACKWARDS. This is NO LAG, as you can see in this clip I have bellow. READ the chatlog and you can see I'm not the only one complaining about this.


If you replay that video you can see Awxyde, dead on the floor right after Lance3065 starred at those two tanks. 

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2 hours ago, Broly said:

Wow. That looks pretty bad.

I'm going to talk with all involved first to get every side of the story before I come to a conclusion and in-turn decision. I believe it's fair to all involved and there may be missing evidence from opposite sides.

Please PM me the details of what occured.
@awxyde (PM'd on Discord and will be PM'd in-game from me).
@sith_wampa (Was in-game at the time as well)

Thank you.

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Based off of what was witnessed through Broly's videos it looked like this wasn't a one time thing. There was consitant headshots abound while shooting at a wall the whole match.

I talked with Lance3065 and requested proof of what occured. As it turns out, it's due to Renegades shit netcode and internet.

What occured,

Lance3065 started to download a game simultaneously on Steam (Aven Colony) while playing IA. The game is 25 GB. This in turn lead to what Lance3065 doing holding true. People were ethier standing still, or running in a straight line on his game. SImilar to the moment right before the game dissconects due to "Connection Lost to Client". I talked with Pyryle as he had the same problem a while back.


What jack is describing is the same scenario I was going through a couple years earlier, except in my case it happens most when my modem has reset itself multiple times in a span of a few minutes.

I got my issue fixed when a technician came out to check on the line connecting my house.

it couldn't really be true packet loss since a lot of the weapons and their respective ammo types are done client-side. The way I can describe it, is that w3d games will collect all of your client-side information (hits, damage) and then send that information when the client's own internet permits. - Pyryle

Basically, Lance's game due to a massive dump on his internet was not allowing his client and the IA client to sync up properly. This caused the game to update what seems to be every 10 to 15 seconds on his end instead of real time. 

Based on the proof provided and history, I do not believe he was hacking or using cheats but instead (As obviously shown in the video) having his internet just take dump on him. But if this can happen once, it can happen again. I would like to say simply, "Do not download anything while playing IA" to you @ Lance and I strongly believe that you'd do that. But again, this shows that it's a possibility to do something like this. As a result and meeting in the middle..

I would like for you @Lance3065 to stream your games on Twitch.com using whatever program you'd like, as long as it streams. This will provide proof to anyone in-game and me that you're situation isn't occuring. As you've said it's triggered by downloading games from steam. If you're downloading situation starts to become a reoccuring thing then it's going to lead to punishment. I have seen you play normally in-game with some lag here and there.. so simply just don't download anything while streaming and you'll be fine. In terms of programming, OBS seems to be a good go to. If you need help, there is a guide here. If you still can't get it, just post a topic in help/support and we'll get you set up. Twitch is not a 25 GB game on steam so i'm assuming this problem won't occur again while streaming. I do not expect this to be a permant thing ethier. However, for now until a deciding point I would like for you to stream your games and provide the link to it at the end of the topic please. I believe one week should be a fair amount of time to get it set up

Unless Dblaney1 or Yap says otherwise, this is the decison i've made and that will occur.

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On 4/29/2021 at 6:10 PM, Lance3065 said:

On that note, I'm going to just not play IA as long as I have to stream it, cause its worse than when downloading, cause its back and forth all the damn time.

You could also limit the bandwidth allotted to Steam when you're downloading. That'd reduce lag as well.

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