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Proxy Glitching


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Is it allowed to glitch proxies into certain objects? Today on Cold Wall Nod got pretty messed up and about to be destroyed until I got a spy crate. I got inside the GDI base and everything was mined except the Ped on top of Barracks. It seemed odd, ramps weren't mined. Then when I got on top of it to plant I just fucking died. It was viperxcl who did it, there is no way you can mine the ceiling from the inside because it's too high, unless you can throw proxies further, so somehow he glitched them inside, just like how you could glitch beacons on the spotlights. They can't be disarmed either way..

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Hi WMxHeadShot,

There was this trick back of mining the ceiling inside the barrack. Let me show you.

If a user place a proximity mine here on the ceiling it can indeed trigger if the user try to beacon on the roof or by simply walking on top.

Thanks for highlighting me this issue i will re-locate the Beacon Pad to a suitable location to prevent such incident as is nearly impossible to spot and disarm. Tho unfortunately won't be fix in the upcoming patch/build.

Perhaps maybe a re-design of the structure structure layout may also help to prevent proximity mine mining. I am thinking of having the pad open in the open area of the base where it could be cover by friendlies instead of it being near a structure.



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On 7/19/2021 at 4:38 PM, WNxHeadShot said:

Is it allowed to glitch proxies into certain objects?

Absoultely. It's actually encouraged as proxy mines are so critical to defence but can be disarmed easily if placed incorrect. Just make sure you have 1 mine sticking out somewhere so you remebered that you mined there.

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