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Tiberian Sun Reborn Custom textures


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3 hours ago, Baldi said:

Does anybody remember a custom textures for TS Reborn that turn the Medic box into a hello kitty texture?


I remember seeing a guy using them from his Youtube videos and he also had Spongebob C4, now I can't find it anywhere.

Oh wow hahaha, what a blast from the past. 


Took me a while, but I found them. They're still on MediaFire. Here's the medic pack and also Tron Textures if you want. If you need anything else just let me know.


Noddy Tron.rar Tron of Nod.rar Medic Box Thingy(2).rar

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4 hours ago, Baldi said:

Thank you very much for the link to the files, quite awesome they are lol.


4 hours ago, Einstein said:

@ Threve Can you put these in our downloads section, or do you have upload access? I can do it if you need me to (I don't remember if Staff can do that, let me know).

No problem. Glad you liked them. They really were from a different era. Great times.

I have a bunch more @Einstein I’ll upload tomorrow. I think they got lost somewhere on fourms but I’ll put them in the appropriate place (Download section) now that we got them. 

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