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W3D Weekly #23 - 28/11/2021


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Welcome to the 23rd edition of W3D Weekly!

Let's jump right in to the latest developments!


We've got a couple more events coming up, so buckle up and get ready!

On Tuesday we're having another Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising Stream to close out the Red Revolution Anniversary Event. Join us on Tuesday at 8PM for all of the action live on https://www.twitch.tv/w3dhub


We've also got an APB Game night coming up next weekend, so join us then for some good games!


Red alert 2: Apocalypse Rising

Last Wednesday saw the closed alpha release of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising release to a selection of people within the community as well as some C&C influencers. This was a massive success and got many new people excited for the game!

You can check out our stream below:

Big hats off to @ moonsense715 who has been working his butt off all week to on the build as well! If you guys have any extra feedback on the game so far, please let us know!

Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero

While not as big as last week, this update is still an awesome one! @ Killing_You got his hands on a shiny new FN MAG model, and with the help of @ CMDBob , it is now ingame!


What's extra cool is that the model came with a spade handle for use on the Humvee, as well as a traditional setup that will be used by GDI Heavy Gunners.

Crazy CO-OP

Gobbling Gorge is now available to play on @ Jerad2142 's crazy coop server! If you're up for some turkey hunting, join the server and have a go!


Battle for DuneThe Battle for Dune team thought it was about time we started sharing some news once again, as we have a nasty habit of being silent. In this update, we have to show off our Windtraps!

House Atreides


House Harkonnen


The Windtrap provides a base it's power. These are wind gathering Structures that use turbines and static electricity to generate power, they also collect water.
Windtraps also govern the Shields for other Structures, these Shields act as a secondary health pool. Once the Wdintrap has been destroyed, every Structure for that House will lose it's Shields. Note: These are not the same as Holtzman Shields, and will not cause a pseudo-explosion when come into contact with a Lasgun's beam. 

That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more W3D content!


More Stream! :v

[blurb]The 23rd edition of W3D Weekly is now out! Late again, but with a ton of content![/blurb]

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