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APB Changelog

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  • The public SDK and FDS have been updated.
  • Note for anyone who uses a custom hud.ini file: hud.ini will need updating if you want to make use of factory queue information on the HUD. Thankfully, updating custom hud.ini files should be a simple process, as all it involves is copying and pasting a new section. Search the hud.ini file in this patch for the [FactoryQueueInfo] section, and copy that whole section over to your custom hud.ini, and you should be good to go.


  • Introducing factory purchase queues. Can put a maximum of 10 vehicles in the purchase queue of any factory type.
  • Vehicles no longer appear at the map origin for a frame when they are created.
  • There is a damage penalty for blocking elevator doors.
  • Medic heal now has 1 ammo in clip and uses cooldown reload. Now controlled by reload time rather than rate of fire, it still has a 5 second delay between healing swings.
  • Ore Truck airlift from the Radar Dome now matches its normal purchase cost of $1200 instead of its old $1400 cost.
  • After being purchased, AI Ore Trucks wait 1 extra second before the AI takes control.
  • Slight adjustments to dazzles.


thficon 0000.png Thief

  • Can steal multiple times.
    • The first time he steals, he takes 30% from the Refinery or 15% from the Ore Silo.
    • After the first time he steals from anywhere, his subsequent stealing takes 10% from the Refinery or 5% from the Ore Silo.
    • There is a delay of 8 seconds after stealing before he is able to steal again. Once he steals, the objective markers disappear. When he can steal again, the objective markers reappear.
    • While he waits the 8 seconds for the stealing ability to become active again, the Thief temporarily becomes radar visible. He is allowed to use traditional sneaking methods to attempt to remain hidden.
  • Gains points for thieving. 20 points each time for robbing the Refinery. 10 points each time for robbing the Ore Silo.
  • Detects stealthed radar objects, including mines, at 10 meters. This is more akin to radar sneak detection rather than the way the Engineer reveals mines.

Volkov.gif Volkov

  • Adjusted AP grenade weapon.
    • Given its own warhead, which does not inflict special burn damage
    • Generally affects infantry armor less than previously, including some extra medic cache armor resistance.
    • Buffed slightly against Tanya/Engineer.
    • Does 50% less damage to Volkov's own skin type.
    • Collision damage multiplier reduced slightly. 0.25 -> 0.2


Light_Tank.gif Light Tank

  • Slightly widened the tracks and track guards on the model.

Mine_Layer.gif Minelayer

  • No longer drifts to the left while driving.
  • Holding right click for 1 second removes its own team's mines.
    • Each time this is used, it still takes one ammo count as if a mine was placed. This means the team mine diffuse function won't work if the Minelayer's ammunition is empty.
    • Unlike how mines are placed (the team of the driver determines the type of mine placed), it is the type of Minelayer that determines the type of mine it is going to remove. You can remove enemy mines if you steal their Minelayer, but you cannot remove your own team's mines with a stolen Minelayer.

Mammoth_Tank.gif Mammoth Tank

  • Slightly adjusted secondary urban color for consistency.

Hind.gif Hind

  • Model has been cleaned up and given more details.


image.png Concrete Wall Segments and Hubs

  • Now vulnerable to C4 charges.
  • Once again make a crumbling sound when they are destroyed.
  • Visual damage states added. At 50% health, walls gain a texture overlay with cracks and other damage. At 25% health, the wall models start falling apart slightly.
  • The invulnerable walls are now visually different, using support bars.

tenticon 0000.png Allied Barracks

  • Fixed an issue with bots not attacking nor repairing the MCT.

War_Factory.gif War Factory

  • Replaced the track texture on the floor with a diamond plate texture.

Allied_Construction_Yard.gif Construction Yard

  • Removed the upstairs spawners.



  • A few of the Allied reinforcements now depend on certain player counts to be active.
    • At low player counts, there are fewer timed Allied reinforcements that arrive than previously. The only Chinook reinforcement to arrive is the Medium Tank, and the only Naval Transport to arrive is the one that contains the APC and Phase Tank.
    • At 14 or more players, an additional Chinook delivers an APC.
    • At 18 or more players, the third Chinook delivers a Light Tank.
    • At 24 or more players, the second Naval Transport delivers a Light and Medium Tank.
  • Allied trench is more infantry friendly to transverse.
  • Adjusted waypoints to reduce vehicles getting stuck.
  • Fixed floating Flame Tower.
  • Fixed unblended textures.


  • North route is now an unguarded route with the Soviet Facility as the center of the lane, providing powerful crates to those that delve inside.
  • Center route is now more locked in how vehicles can get there, with north, south, east, and west being the only ways up for them.
  • Center route has gem hot springs that provide mild healing for infantry, with the center being the best.
  • Both bases have been shifted toward the river, and have been rearranged, with a free non-respawning Supply Truck just south of each base.
  • South route is now a war-torn field, with trenches themed for each team, and all base defenses positioned to defend this straightforward path.
  • Ore fields are now on the north side of each base.
  • Mission related Easter eggs added, with more planned for a future update.
  • Added bot support.


  • Stationary supply trucks have been added.
  • More underwater flora.
  • Fixed floating docks next to the Allied base.


  • Lighting adjustments.
  • Added additional Tri-light stands to each base.
  • Significantly increased rain, thunder, and wind around the map.
  • Sky is now dark and stormy.
  • Halo removed from moon and moved out of the way.
  • Reverb added to large tunnels.
  • Fixed floating objects around the map.
  • Smoothed some rocks and gems.
  • Adjusted a few walls.
  • Moved Allied Ore Silo and Refill Pad back about 3 meters.


  • Added a fallen Yak to the island outside the Soviet base.
  • Fixed minor texture issues.
  • Lighting adjustments.
  • Bots now target the MCT's of the Sub Pen and Naval Yard for attacking and repairs.


  • Uses new spotlights.
  • Added more props.
  • Fixed a few stuck spots.
  • Added out of bounds Soviet PP near dead iron curtain
  • Changed invulnerable walls at the Allied out-of-bounds base to use the new model.


  • Allied north wall has been brought closer to base.
  • Made some adjustments to the Allied defense positions.
  • Soviet Tesla Coil is closer to the cliff edge.
  • Added Flame Tower near the Soviet Barracks.
  • Edited ambient map lighting, moonlight, and local lights.

Other Minor Map Fixes

  • RA_Christmas2020: Disabled Artillery and V2 once again.
  • RA_ToTheCore: Fixed some holes in the ground underneath destructible walls.
  • RA_Under: Fixed naval transport blockers.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Note: If you manually downloaded any textures (Prop_Shelf.dds) that were missing to put into the data folder, you can remove them now. If you're not sure what this note is about, feel free to ignore.


  • Vehicles left on Service Depots (and other repair building types) that have an enemy enter them won't start repairing again.
  • On maps where the Spy is available but the Shock Trooper isn't, the Shock Trooper Spy option has been replaced by a Flamethrower Spy option.
  • Fixed a missing string for scope sensitivity in the options menu under "controls."
  • Fixed a number of stuck spots reported on maps and in the Construction Yard.



  • Added infantry access from the water to the Allied lake cliff.
  • Added a shallow island for infantry in the south water area.
  • Fixed an issue with bots not properly repairing Soviet defenses.
  • Moved the Flame Tower from the southeast side of the Airfield to the northwest side.
  • Opened the area on the south side of the Soviet base for infantry swim access.
  • Slightly adjusted other flame tower, barbed wire, and shipping container positions, adding more barbed wire an extra container behind the Soviet base.
  • Shifted Soviet Ore Silo south, and the Service Depot slightly closer to the War Factory.
  • Added some sandbags in the Allied base.
  • Moved the Allied AA Gun from the rear of the War Factory roof to the front.
  • Fixed very visible z-fighting at the Allied Barracks.
  • Set up invulnerable concrete walls behind the Allied base with the supports that were added recently.
  • Fixed a few floating objects.
  • Updated local lighting instances.

Other Map Adjustments

  • RA_LunarParadox: Fixed a bug with the Kovtillery right click causing a black screen.
  • RA_NorthByNorthwest: Fixed a missing shelf texture.
  • RA_NorthByNorthwest: Fixed some stretched rock textures and removed unnecessary rocks underneath the terrain.
  • RA_StormyValley: Landing Longbows no longer destroy (or block) the AI Ore Truck in the Allied base.
  • RA_Under: Bots that spawn in or enter the Soviet Barracks no longer suicide when trying to leave.
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2 hours ago, thedisclaimitory said:

THANK YOU, i knew it wasnt just me 

It still will be. This was fixed for everyone else but your client specifically will still crash. <3

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