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  1. Thanks for the reply guys! The games folder is that big because of ECW (4GB) My pagefile seems to be located on my D drive, can't save any more space on that, and I regularly run the cleanup (Thanks for that modified version though, much easier) Also, as this is a HP laptop, I have a partition of the SSD that is named recovery image. No space savings on restore points. I deleted the game folders in the package cache, and everything seems to be fine. Regards, Simon
  2. Hi all, I recently came to the conclusion I had 3 directories where the W3D Launcher is saving files to. These are: C:\Users\Simon\AppData\Roaming\W3D Hub This directory is 160Mb big and all of it seems related to TSR (ttfs is the only sub folder) C:\Users\All Users\W3D Hub This directory is a whopping 6.1 Gb big and contains the package cache with all the versions D:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub This is the main directory where al the games are installed, and is 9.30 Gb big (also pretty huge, blame testing) Now, my C drive is a 100 Gb SSD (my bootdrive), and I was updating to the new versions today and suddenly the drive is full, and I think it is because of the Package cache (it had 2 Gb free space) Can I delete files in the C:\Users\All Users\W3D Hub folder, or do I have to find other ways to get more space? Regards, Simon
  3. This is Awesome!! And I remember Renardin, back from the infantry beta and stuff
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