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  1. Does that mean there could be modded GDI/Nod reskins possible? Would be sick
  2. well yeah i meant view distance, never would i have come to the conclusion its FoW. Seems good and bad at the same time but i will get used to it. Also why is APB dead these days? Half a year ago maybe more there were aprox as many APB players as in Apex
  3. Hey, can you increase the renderdistance somehow? You cant really see far because of the grey void.
  4. hm seems pretty stupid and useless to me, thanks for your reply!
  5. hi, can someone tell me what those blue sings on the tanks barrels are? Please tell me i can turn them off somehow, because they are annoying and distracting.
  6. well excuse me for this i tried it out and now i am soviet.... and i cant actually know if i have this since i downloaded it because i played APB few times and its long ago. My mistake then for being so fast but it really felt like im being only put on allied from memories and the few times i tried it in the last days and yeah i played few rounds and waited for round end. I understand that i dont only get to play the team i want but i cant help it i just need the big tanks thats why i got impatient. Just wanted to try it out anyways. Delete this topic please.
  7. Hello, somehow when i join the server i am always allies, 100% of the time. I have this since i first downloaded the launcher and it really prevents me from playing APB. The !swap command doesnt seem to do anything either. Very few times, i think its when the round just started it gives me an answer to that command but i cant remember it correctly, if it was an error or if its disabled. And even on an empty server i cant switch teams and i just join allies.
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