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  1. Oh hello Zunnie, Glad to find you well and back in MPF. All the best than.
  2. Oh well is already 15 days of Chinese New Year. The festival is over, for me here at least.
  3. 2 years ago it got rebooted/remake but it became inactive after 3-4 months later... Only X-Wings, Rebel Pilot, Empire Pilot and Laser Blaster Turret i saw the progress so far.
  4. CNY is tomorrow and is a new year for me. Is the year of the Monkey, and the TV channel program are showing this movie now in the spoiler. Have not watch it but heard about it, I would think the movie is a bit meh before I watch half way. But yeah is the year of the Monkey... or Year, I mean Planet of the apes?
  5. Base walls are based on TD walls icon with RA2 walls icon, APB walls inspired me to go for that kind of design, but I decided to do some research. The mobile sensor array originally was a Mobile HQ model for a map which never got implemented because of gameplay. Blow up the Mobile HQ and is game over. Mobile Sensor Array reference are from this video.
  6. You said something about a very exposed weak spot on the infrared tank last I was on what is that weak spot? Also why do some of the assets look like they are from early APB? Game A has M16 Rifle. Game B has M16 Rifle. Game C has M16 Rifle. They all look the same as they are from the same reference. The only assets I use on IA that is not created by me are ( Reborn beta released assets " Titan, Ezekiels Stealth Tank, TS Sam Site and a Juggernaunt which is not bone ). But as I gain more experience in modeling 3D i am able to recreate this model from sketch. Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword! That is why you will see why one of the characters has swords and machete. I need to find time for that. Got other more higher priority model require attention. But don't worry I get to that sooner or later.
  7. No space marines but we have long-las, las-pistol and lasguns. Perhaps bolter? Those are Easter eggs.
  8. Kaskins, Well it all started when I play a game called Dawn of War and continue it series to Dawn of War Soultstorm where there is a faction called Imperial Guard, and I was very good at using this particular faction. The best infantry unit were the Kasrkin. But the name were used by others so I decide to change Kasrkin to Kaskins. It was because of another online game I usually Kill Steal my friend target, sometimes they even called me KS King. So I got the name Kaskins sound almost like KS King.
  9. Just for curiousity that you mention that you said "old freight train" is this for your own portfolio project? If this is for your own portfolio I may suggest adding some control chaos or wear and tear on the model itself as its has been used and it was under the rain and sun. Like a little bit dent at the edge or in the middle, or one of the nuts and bolt that lose overtime and is missing from the model. Just a suggestion.
  10. Hi everyone my name is Kaskins. Previously known as ImperialKaskins from MPF and MP-Gaming. First C&C Shooter game I actually played was APB CF in Mp-Gaming and here I was as time flies. I am from Malaysia if you do not know where is it. Well it has become popular because of MH370 and MH17 incident. Some of you know that I am creator of Imperial Age modifications. I did work on some other projects before like Scud Storm, Reborn coop and APB. But that was back like 5 years ago. Last but not least, since Christmas is around the corner and I guess you guys are busy hanging your socks near the fireplace and setting up Christmas tree its time to end introduction of mine here. We are more or less once on the same boat.
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