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  1. Toxin Tractor is just not enable. I am going to be in future build. @aaaaaaaa thanks i fixed the vis issue. For the com center I see what I can do is going to be replace with a new one.
  2. Not sure who trigger this explosive device but before i made the changes to the dynamite the server was exploding left and right with player's pm me bout dynamite and player associated with changing their nicknames to dynamite. I do agree this new update there is some hiccups but rest assured I will try to patch it out. Which makes me wonder whoa Dynamite is a real deal. Kinda like super serious mega discussion.
  3. I need to tag @dblaney1 for assistance..
  4. I am waiting for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow for the hotfix, a few issue, the next update will have the following in Dynamite case discussion. Throwing time bomb take 1.2-1.8 seconds depending on how many sticks. 4 Sticks Dynamite throwing time is 1.2 seconds - 2.2 seconds reload ( -10% rate of fire from 1.00 is default ) - 0.8 5 Sticks Dynamites throwing time is 1.25 seconds - 2.5 seconds reload ( -25% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) - 0.75 7 Sticks Dynamites throwing time is 1.35 seconds - 2.7 seconds reload ( -35% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) -0.65 8 Sticks Dynamites throwing time is 1.4 seconds - 2.8 seconds reload ( -40% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) -0.6 10 Sticks Dynamite throwing time is 1.5 seconds - 3.0 seconds reload ( -50% rate of fire 1.00 is default ) -0.5 Dynamite beeping sound reduce from 30m to 22m, maximum hearing is at 2m. Do note I am doing this is to prevent refill spam timed bomb.
  5. Hi Limado is most likely Dblaney server is offline as he said he has electricity outage not too long ago.
  6. The summer build is here, but this time I am focusing more of polishing, re-balancing and fixing stuff rather than implementing new stuff. But don't worry new stuff are on is way. They are now officially on the Interim Apex server. -Let's start with the overhaul of some existing units with new visual model. such as M1128 MGS, with the new overhaul and suspension changes. Capable of reaching a top speed of 17m/s in 5 seconds time. M1134 ATGM has been overhaul now with the ATGM missile visible the viewer may know if the vehicle is fully armed ready to fire or require reload ( empty barrel ) Mk.2 Matilda Hedgehogs make a return with a facelift and having a mortar/artillery capabilities to launch spigot mortar. Stridsvagn 103 now the entire tank will tilt with the gun when you aim up. The secondary fire now have been swap out of twin machine gun on the right corner of the tank which is offset from the barrel. M3A1 Bradley now drive smoother on the terrain. In addition, the TOW Missile on the right side of the Bradley Turret have visible ammo capable to viewing the TOW missile in it when it has ammo. M6 Linebacker now comes with 25mm Autocannon and 4 Stinger Missile ( Ai Control ). The style of playing this vehicle has been changed being able to move fast and engage aircraft. Below here are the massive change log which is not sort out unfortunately as I got my hand full. I am 90% sure I have all these changelog recorded. Well the other 10%? Well I just got to remember to put it on changelog every time i adjusted some stuff.
  7. Hi @Raptor29aa thank you for the feedbacks. However before I proceed further I would like to clarified all infantry will be review again by me after I roll out the 2020 build I am targeting to bring up all the map to latest E06 to standardize it all the maps. As for Forgotten Units when I first explore I wanted something different from Nod and GDI gameplay style. It seems tricky to find the balance ground I am looking for but the closest one are Mutant Scavenger, Mutant Templar & Mutant Demolisher. They play in a different way compared to your regular GDI & Nod. This does apply to its vehicle which is why atm is not that great with Forgotten Tanks. Mutant Assault - Bare essential I still don't know what to do with him but I got a rough idea which require some R&D to see if it works. The idea based on the info of from Project ReGenesis. Upon before the brink of death, he drop his weapon and gain a 100% health back ( without shield ) and he become a berserker and become excel in hand of hand combat before basically a more powerful version of fist attack from rifleman. And as the time goes his health slowly deplete before he succumb to his injury, yes you may try infinite refill and good luck leaving the base lol. This passive was a reference from LoL https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/Tryndamere/ Mutant Scavenger - Suppose to be an Engineer for Forgotten but is missing some build able stuff. He was missing a weapon called blowtorch ( yes a weapon from battlefield vietnam ) to cut the armor of enemy tank, his blowtorch which also to generate income to salvage wreckage or husk of a vehicle by turning it into cash ( Not conform yet ). I am still thinking if is a nice fit or not. Other than that he is able to grow tiberium crystals by cultivating & growing Blossom Tree. Mutant Assassin - Yes Forgotten version of sniper which uses tiberium instead of lead. I want it to be a field supporter but again his weak health and require constant cover as the map now is very open. He has one ability missing which I am planning to find a way to put it in. I am thinking it of giving him a stealth mode when his not moving or shooting or he has an ability to duplicate himself so making him a mirage? Mutant Demolishes - Yes the one crazy mutant with a lot of timed bomb and c4 to blow up half of the enemy base. His basically a Siege Unit. Funny enough his missing dynamites I guess his already good. I don't think a Suicide Bomber fit in Forgotten unit but I understand tho. Mutant Templar - Yes machine gunner-tank which can be a lay down suppressing fire to enemy if they stay out in open for too long with a high rate of fire it can clear out some stuff. I am still thinking about his roll and his style conflict with Legion. Mutant Marauder - This one is tricky as he has a unique plasma gun like Banshee, Plasma weapon is a feature in IA which have not come to its fruition as Plasma weaponry ( all Plasma based weapon and harmonic resonance is to ignore the vehicle shield and straight hurt and damage is health. If you have 0 health but your shield is up you die. ) Is one of the many units I am thinking of is weapon to bypass shield entirely. But I haven't find a good balance of what projectile ignore certain type of armor based as I have to R&D armor.ini. Is going to be a lot of work. There are 3 more units for Forgotten I haven't include in such as -Mutant Legion ( think of him as a tank in LoL or Dota ) which equipped with shield that well protects him ( equivalent to Sentinel and Shield Bearer ). He is also capable of providing field health packs & ammo drop. The melee unit of Forgotten Unit *Tank-Support Class -Mutant Fiend Master ( Imagine yourself as a K-9 Officer and you have more than 1 dogs, now imagine if the Dogs are Mutant Fiend that follow you like mypet.mp3 ) is on To-Do List which is like officer class system which is still pending. *Officer Class - Which can be anti-tank/anti-infantry for Fiend/visceroid? -Mutant Javelin, name sounds like throwing spear but was based off the name from RA3 Allied Javelin Soldier, instead of having equipped with FGM-148 Javelin which is a weapon to be made into the game, he will be equipped with something called Thundersticks out of Mad Max which is a reference, but I am going to name it something else in game. ( Pending model ). *Anti-Tank Class There was a 4th and 5th infantry idea bouncing around but I haven't got anything solid yet.
  8. Correction all my map have VIS or else I will have terrible FPS for majority of Renegade player's that I know of their PC spec ( some even as old as Pentium 3 ) Based on what Dblaney said Renegade is capable of going beyond 60fps but is best not to as if your fps is higher than the server it may cause some de-sync with the server ( server fixed at 60? ) or at least how I interpret Dblaney message. APB uses DirectX 11.1 I think Renegade/IA uses DirectX 9.0c. In addition, IA texture size are restrict to 512x512 and I refuse to go beyond it, like 1024x1024. Yes HUGE difference in directX which may be game breaking since Renegade is single threaded. We need the processor that will make single process program to be able to run by multiple cores.
  9. Well after the other day Threve and I discuss rather I can scale down the category of the string file for IA. I can do and can start a clean up process to optimize and scale down the string file so you may know which and which to edit easier However this may require some time for me to sort it out and it may affect certain units strings file. I can scale it down to 9 category. GDI Faction ( All units ) Nod Faction ( All Units ) 3rd ( faction, Forgotten, Civilian and so on ) IA Weapon IA Ultility ( such as Tier naming, and so on ) Additional Purchase Terminal, Barrier, Barricades, Research, Construction Options Flora & Fauna, random object names Map, certain location naming district ( reserved for future build ) ( reserved ) I need a 9th one for something.
  10. Also , Hint* Hint*. If you use twiddler you can create certain ammo like 1/10 fire a defect or malfunction projectile that will ricochet no matter what. I was planning to use it on AP shell. and machine gun ammo.
  11. Hi Veyrdite, it seems that i have left a timer in the projectile before detonation on contact, if the timer did not expire it will never detonate and it will bounce/ricochet. I was testing some stuff with the grenade launcher and decide to use a tank shell since is a different shape since grenade is more spherical and a tank shell is a cylinder. Suppose not to happen on the AMX-13 but hey lucky you raise the alarm. I might have forget to remove all the stuff from it. It relates to Grenadesatytimer and MaxBounce in Ammo preset. This does apply to Orca Bomber when they are too close to the ground the bomb do NOT detonate.
  12. Continue The T-35 is underpower in the current build yes however, it is undergoing changes internally to overhaul the suspension. https://www.rt.com/news/424635-soviet-t35-tank-replica/ Well based on one of the comment in RT what if I make a tank in T-35 in Renegade with modern guns, but is lock behind upgrade. Tank Crew, Tank Commander and Tank Ace price are at 100-500-1000. Now each tier up improve by 5 per 2.0 seconds -9 per 2.5 seconds -12 per 3.0 seconds Now the reason is because if you don’t have enough money but if you can get tank crew to enter a vehicle ( regen purpose ) is better than having none at all. As the price goes up doesn’t mean is better sure you have the best value but at a cost. This falls down to a scenario of having a cheap radio is 1000x better than having no radio at all. As the price goes up the value of radio improves but if you go highest end the price may cost ridiculously expensive than the radio. So if I were to break it down. MBT – Tier 1 (T-70), Tier 2 ( Bradley/T54 ), Tier 3 (T62/Tick tank ) , Tier 4 ( Tick Tank, BlackEagle ), Tier 5 AA – Tier 1 ( T-90 ), Tier 2 (Shilka/ZSU-57-2), Tier 3 (SA-8 Gecko), Tier 4 ( Tunguska ), Tier 5 ( N/A yet ) Tank Destroyer – Tier 1 ( ASU-57/85 upon upgrade ) Tier 2- SU-85/100, Tier 3 SU-100, Tier 4 ( Stridsvagn ) SPG/ Arty Tier 1 ( M110 ), Tier 2 – ( T-34/D-30 ), Tier 3 – ( G6 ), Tier 4 ( Koksan ), Tier 5 ( Yes is Pion your worst nightmare, China Nuke arty ) The Tier system does applies to vehicles heavily, now as for Infantry is another story for another day as in 2020 build I will only really dive into it and start working on it. I got heavily criticize when i touch the infantry stuff, so is best not to touch it. Now most units have a specific role to play and is rare because it depends on the map. I can list a few scenarios. Nod T-70 Rush GDI base in BattleforMidway result in GDI losing PP and harvester. Eventually GDI Lost, that was 1 scenario. Blazing Sands a T-70 is on the top village and there was 2 records of a T-70 kills Sydney and Ignatio with Mobius Suit. Mt.Bog StormTrooper use to flush out Sydney Mobius suit, only once tho so far. Varies different sniper rifles, for me Marksman, Designated Marksman is far by the best sniper I have, and I can tell you I use them more than other sniper classes in terms of sniper role. I can name a lot more, is best not to write too long.
  13. Ok before I go into depth about this is going to be very long. First of all thank you for your time for writing this very detail and explanation details. To begin the game breaks down in such a way of how I myself find Renegade is being played as Medium Tank, Artillery, MLRS and Stealth Tank rush ( sometimes a group of stealth tank with Flame tank rush which blow the idea ). Infantry in renegade are break down into Sakura, Havoc / Deadeye and Sniper. You may have argue my experience of Renegade maybe different from how you see but again this was my experience of Renegade ( I was also told that is the best Renegade can offer with minor tweaks to it. ) Just for your info the current build of IA is at 0.6 build where some maps are in E03 stage, is not yet build 1.0.. Just for your info. Now with that out of the way, let’s begin how IA was design from ground. I do agree that the game is not perfectly balance. Ranges, Shell projectile, Vehicle Class, Infantry Class, Aircrafts and Naval Classes. The classes based system are based off from Massive Online Battle Arena where we have “Tanker, Mages, Fighter, Support, and Carry.” Although IA does not specifically link to how a champion/character was being farm or level up, but it was inspired by it where each character/champions have a very specific role in playing it and there are hidden passive for each one of them that the players have to find it out. Vehicles there are Land Based, Aircraft and Naval. Land vehicles Car – APC – Light – Medium – Heavy – Super Heavy Aircraft Light ( Orca/Apache ) – Medium ( Hind/Chinook ) – Heavy ( Orca Bomber / Banshee ) Naval Boat (Torpedo Boats/Recon variant of boat ) - Submarine ( Pending on To-Do ) – Medium (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruisers ) – Heavy ( Battleship ) Now the armor in Renegade currently is heavily shared by using vanilla Renegade preset where such as armor.ini and warhead.ini. I was specifically told back about that if I were to create custom armor.ini or warhead.ini it will not work and that is why I was only compound to work with what I have. CNCVehicleHeavy are being used for Medium Tank, and Mammoth Tank. Now If I were to introduce a new tank I would have to work around with that. Either I have to adjust the value. For example the T-70 and T-90 are tier 1 vehicles for an early game, they are not useful in late game but I want to mitigate it as an Upgrade feature were in place for Firepower but were not being add in. If I were to remove them because nobody buy is a fair point, however they were rare useful and that rare scenario sometimes may make a good story to tell. I did draft out a plan that each vehicle when you buy is up to player to decide which upgrade they can do for each and individual vehicle only. But is still in a drafted stage. Remove WW2 vehicles? Umm I think RA2 vehicles were Rhino tank which are closely based on T-34, besides they are the most produce tank in the world and I can you they are still around today in some countries still using it. They were heavily modernize up. Now let’s take a look at the SU-85/100, SU-100/SU-152, SU-122-44 ( Are being overhaul firepower ) and the S-Tank they were based on RA2 cut content vehicle which I plan to fill it in. But if you pay close attention they are break down into tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 of the same vehicle. https://cnc.fandom.com/wiki/Soviet_tank_killer Yes I use a lot of reference from fandom/wikia and yes although is outdated but is a bit too late to know some are not correctly listed. So Renegade took place after Great World War 2, which is Red Alert 1 -> Tiberian Dawn -> Renegade - > Tiberian Sun. Interim Apex took place in late Renegade era and although these vehicles are not in official C&C units but again this is Renegade you are down to earth playing it and most of this vehicle exist around the world in the many thousands. Nod I am pretty sure secure a few of this arsenal to fight GDI even tho some are outdated. But if you take a look at the campaign of Tiberian Dawn you may see that they were taken place in South Europe and Balkans which I am pretty sure have Soviet Era technology vehicles. You may take a look around Vietnam, Egypt, Afghanistan and their neighbor have a T-34 in their army, let alone Africa and Cuba. T-35 Meme tank? Yes atm it was not as feared before. In addition the suspension require a rebone and rework. EDITED : Next Post
  14. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me, I got to really revamp sharpshooter.
  15. Ok cool Veyrdite, that is something I didn't know, is best to get an official implementation by going through these. I would wish personally to see Equipment tab to work as no.8/beacon tab to have an equipment so I can put more stuff in. I partially worked on 2020 infantry build a bit but not much usually about weapon customization. As for now is best to talk Dblaney how if this going to implement and work. I won't mind making 4 more infantry slightly useful that require cash than the regular 4 units we have currently.
  16. Hi Cat, unfortunately that is not possible. I can show you here in Level Editor what I see. The main PT Icon is when you press E button at PT it shows up, and there are 8 slots 4 were being taken for Refill, Infantry Production, Vehicle Production and Beacon. The other 4 is up to you to change such as Infantry. It cannot change to alternate skin/units/preset unfortunately.
  17. Hi veyrdite, yes this was an issue initially when Barracks or Hand of Nod has been destroy. To mitigate the issue i created a Forgotten units which atm didn't quite fulfill is role. The issue is that Free Infantry works in vanilla renegade style and only the first 4 infantry at the PT icon are available to fill. One must understand the limitations before you can apply the changes of how you want it. As for real infantry development I would start in 2020 to try to solve this issue by creating more than relying on barracks to provide more than 4 classes and infantry variation. In my draft there were Mercenaries, Contractor, Forgotten Units, Resistance unit and so on. EDITED : Mercenaries, Contractors, Forgotten Units and Resistance will be capture tech structure in the field.
  18. Ah I see you found the cast away island. Well there are many isle in the infinite but unfortunately well not so much atm. There were plans for this island, unfortunately didn't made it in time.
  19. When Dynamite was created in IA is to take into consideration of blowing up very solid vehicle and also to clear obstacle such as barriers and fortifications. However what I did not see is that player's use it to rush in to throw bombs around to demolition structure with ease. To further make things worst is well timedc4, remote c4 and dynamite are not suppose to throw that far. In default renegade you barely able to throw 10 meters. This came to affect when I added sticky grenade's in when it require some bump in the range. ( Do note the bump in its range is server side, I think when if your adjust thrown c4 range it affects all weapons that you throw. ) Yesterday, I was experimenting with beacon like Dynamite and a holding down to throw dynamite just like satchel charge. I am still comparing these two. Beacon like Dynamite only sticks to the ground, at least I haven't try to get it able to throw it. Throwing dynamite with a charge time require 3.2-3.7 ( still playing around with these value ) seconds to hold down to throw, but doing this long without indicator is hard to let the player know if holding down the fire button is being register or not. For the next update. What I can do is to removed tank commander of having dynamite and replaced with 2 timed c4. As for the Sapper I am still thinking about it - I can either replaced the dynamite all together to become satchel charged. Or reduce to 1 dynamite.
  20. Hi @Mighty Mycroft, thank you for registering at W3Dhub and take you time and effort to write about your thoughts and issue regarding team balancing. Interim Apex has a very steep learning curve for new comers but if they are willing to hold on and continue to play they will unfold the whole thing. IA is basically an extended version of Renegade something like Shockwave of Zero Hour. But to some people is an entirely total conversion mod. Team balancing is been and issue and maybe forever an issue in a online video game. Ranging from trolls, idiots, team hampering, drop out and even deliberate act to ruin someone day. As for your case recommendations is nothing. Is like an achievement they had in life, yeah you may say if he/she play more he/she may have more experience and know what to do. When a match start and someone drop out, some player's can be good enough to swap to balance out. However not all the time happen. If I am around I will usually ask those who want to swap or not. I enforce balancing only if Within the 5 minutes mark when the match starts. No major structure or crucial structure such as powerplant, infantry production or vehicle production is destroyed like those. But I will only force myself over and if is still not balance I kindly ask who ever wants to go over, if not I pick a random one. I have no idea if this is true or not but do please next time record of a video of some sort of evidence for this. As this require some clarification. Or at least provide me some date and time as it is hard to pin point. I am sorry to hear that this was your first impression of the experience you are getting. As IA is based around a server and ranging from amateurs to experience players play at it. Unlike many other games some have different server match for different ranking but this people still exploit by recreating accounts. I do hope to hear or see you in game sometime and do please hang around, I will usually guide player's myself to teach them stuff. That is the best I can provide at the moment as I do not have resource to create a tutorial session.
  21. Hi @ganein14 thanks for the heads up. I will look into it and talk to him.
  22. You see that Mutants I wanted to give them Tiberium Base damage. However, a projectile that has an explosion ( Tiberium ) which when shooting on the ground and that explosion radius touches you hence which it does heal you. Unfortunately I cannot rectify all these with the current armor.ini. Not sure how are you see Stinger range is shorter than AT, Stinger as a range beyond 180++ meter upon upgrade with improved heavy weaponry stinger range has increase to 260+ meter At4 has about 100 meter Rocket Soldier has about 150 meter+ Carl Gustav Rifle range is about 150 meter The only weapon that is slightly out range Stinger is yet to be add in, which are FGM-148 Javelin and HJ-12 Red Arrow. Do note I am using Renegade in game Meter ( I presumed is meter value ) system which is different from reality. All AA Base defenses outrange all aircraft firing range, before aircraft can come into attacking range the AA Base defenses already firing at you. There are some spots and technique you can fire from blind spot or trick a certain base defenses to shoot all is ammo while reloading it will be hit by attacker aircraft. Some vehicles do out range base defenses only by a narrow. Sometimes is a blind-spot preventing it from firing on enemy. Defenses in place is to stop enemy in the track before reaching your base, they serve as an early to mid game deterrence for the attacking force. Such as early rush, or enemy is making mistakes that cannot be easily forgiven ( such as fail rush or exit from a APC not near to enemy building to enter ). Some infantry can out range base defense due to the fact they are smaller than vehicles and second is for the purpose of making infantry role better. Renegade is a Tank Game and losing Vehicle Production means is game over most of the time. I want to make that gap lower that Renegade is not all about Tank Game. Now originally this obelisk gun was meant for the emergency backup. I used to put a few in the maps for each side of the base where if they are being besiege and losing they use this to bring them back. However, instead of defensive purpose player exploit and use this on the offensive. The whole idea was to break out of your besiege base. Now since there are more options obelisk gun still play a role, I and Dblaney can take a look into it how to properly adjust is spawn. Well if you play many other games or watch countless films block buster you can see EMP does turn off and shut down vehicle. Ranging from Battlefield series to Fast and Furious and from Marvels/DC universe films. And where did all this thing come from? Reference of the reality thing of EMP. To further solidify my claim I would like to add that Interim Apex is part of C&C Universe or you can say based off it, and here are three of the reference regarding how EMP work. and take a look at Tiberium War Shockwave Artillery which is also another EMP ability. https://cnc.fandom.com/wiki/Shockwave_artillery Generals Zero Hourr Alexis Alexander of USA Super Weapon General https://cnc.fandom.com/wiki/EMP_Patriot_system Her Patriot Missiles are all equipped with EMP explosion, that shut down all any vehicles that was in the explosion radius. I hope this answers your question
  23. Well I guess this is not secret anymore....
  24. Hi Brahma thanks for registering at W3Dhub and we hope you enjoy your stay. As for the issue may we know what operating system you got as well as hardware level? In addition, would it be possible to change or set your settings with windowed mode and try it out? In a very rare scenario, it could be Anti Virus that is interfering with the game.
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