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  1. Hi there, thank you very much for this wonderful dev section for our humble mod project. We will continue to work on it as this year the focus is land and sea vehicles overhaul.
  2. I see a crate looks like from Crash Bandicoot, could it be an easter egg that the developer once played Crash Bandicoot :D
  3. Did someone said AMD VEGA? Asus rebranding of AMD VEGA mid of august? 400 Watts power consumption?

  4. Upon hearing this fine piece of art instruments, there is a sense of depth of space and suspense. But I have to say I think the bass is not that strong at "1.04". Nevertheless, is a fine piece of work. Keep it up and thank you for sharing this.
  5. Balancing, have you ever thought of dropping vehicle on top of enemy buildings?
  6. Dream Weaver they say huh? It will be one real fun trip to ride.

  7. Open up renlist and click GSA tab. Than you would find this, when you first join I think it would be best you would tab out and do something as it might take a while.
  8. Here you go, that most and majority of the Malaysian felt that Singapore is our toughest boss yet. Due to its economy strength near to USD currency and is just a tiny island capable of beating us single handed. Its unbelievable that a country that was booted out of Malaysia, is even stronger than Malaysia in terms of economy, education and security. But we were once together.
  9. Is I.A. not A.I. from Steven Spielberg.:v

  10. Hmm... Sounds like it has something to do with business. Who knows maybe EA was also planning for Red Alert VR edition and ship with the new C&C Franchise VR edition. It could make some cash for them, besides isn't it EA is a business company rather than a game company? Codemasters ( In Malaysia ) the new manager there doesn't even care about games, all he cares is something that keep the cash flowing, that is what I heard over from a friend of my who worked there before.
  11. U and I? Upin and Ipin Note technically cartoon but that is what most of the kids around here call that cartoon. I guess today generation cartoons are all computer generated.
  12. I got recall of my memories how I started Red Alert, I was playing a shooter which called Counter-Strike back than. Than I came across a game called Red Alert Counterstrike, thought is a new counter-strike but it end up as a C&C game instead of counter-strike. I have no idea what was I doing back than but it was a fun game. I move on to Playstation 1 where my dad brought a game called DUNE 2000, and follow by C&C Retaliation and than follow by C&C Red Alert. I started in Retaliation than only Red Alert. Never really play Tiberian Dawn that time but i did saw my nephew play a dark gloomy game called Tiberian Sun, I have no idea what was it but its like Red Alert but darker, maybe because that old CRT monitor with filters make the game so dark. Than 2004 happen so fast started playing Red Alert 2, yeah was a bit late but still interesting and what is Red Alert 2 back than? I still cannot figure out until when C&C 3 roll out than i understand the universe of C&C. Than DISASTER! Red Alert 3 lol was a bit weird for C&C universe, with some wrecky and weird stuff. Than there is this Japanese young girl has super power capable of wiping out entire Allied and Soviet base. ( Expansion pack ) It was still fun doesn't quite fit into Red Alert from my point of view. After playing Red Alert 3 than only I found out of APB. Than follow by C&C Reborn and AR2.
  13. Hang Tuah, the legendary warrior during the Malacca kingdom period. Rarely heard in the History and now his name has been removed from my History book because... race.
  14. Just as i removed VC II, you post this, and i have an urge to play it again. Thanks Believe it or not it is the only anime i ever watch is Valkyrie Chronicles. Basically is like in WW2 you are Switzerland, where you have neutral standing with the Allies and Axis, but the war broke out and spilled into your territory. Axis start to invade Switzerland ( it never happen but there were plans drawn by the Germans to invade Switzerland ). The Allies on the other hand offer a gift, a help to defend your nation, but there is a hidden meaning behind this gift which is to absorb Switzerland into Allies power. The game however has a unique render engine, if not mistaken is called Canvas Engine where the render of the visual are like water colours painting on the canvas. In VC2, The Officer Academy School is like Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Do not have PSP so i watched a gameplay walkthrough.
  15. Personally I wouldnt try to make a C&C 3 FPS thats anything like Renegade or Renegade X for the simple fact that..... a certain aformentioned group of people will begin complaining about how "x" stole "x's" game and ripped it off..... Kinda like what happened with Imperial Age. Since then, Kaskins's OFFICIAL mod, has taken a hit on players, but every now and again, you'll see a few players onlinr, its been a while since I saw more than 8 people on his server though.... As of now, I'd wait, ask EA what their plans for C&C will be, fuck..... dont bother Joe Kucan about it though, as (last I heard during an interview) he is done with C&C and does not want to be recast as Kane. Ah you must have missed that time when like 3 days ago there were 22 players on IA official server. 4-5 match straight 18-22 players were playing it, but I drop out as I need to go out do something.
  16. Sarge : PLASTRO! Why don't you put that gun down and face me like a man? G.Plastro : Because I am a bad guy that's why. EDITED: Generals Plastro is the main Villain in the ARMY MEN series, until Sarge's War where he died? I think.
  17. As far as I think it should be rename to gloomy valley as when I join I feel rather a bit emo. Dull like the others said. But I can see there is a lot of effort put into it, but the outcome is not that good to enjoy the map. I would suggest maybe taking a look at the base layout. Buff up more defenses and make it like KOTG where you have walls and tesla? Or perhaps its the pitch dark environment that wash out all the details and fun of the map?
  18. Lets see, I have not play KeepOfftheGrass wonder if its in Delta as I never came across yet but I do come across a lot of times playing Camos Canyon, Coastal Influence and Hostile Waters. I would say KeepOffTheGrass follow my RidgeWar and than the complexity of complex. EDIT: Forget the map that I rather dislike. I guess, ForestofIllusion, and stormyvalley.
  19. Oh yeah almost forget. Forget. You can say he is master of spy no matter what he will buy spy if he is on Allied Team. Always giving soviet player's on a goose chase to hunt him down. There goes my cash, and there goes to the soviet tank being stolen by Forget. Edited : Almost forget again, "Quil Lol or Quo Lou depends on how you pronounce it. Translate to English which would mean WhiteDevil. Wonder where is he.
  20. Back in time number 1 most dangerous opponent for me would be a1ph4riu5, in 1 vs 1 in 99/100 he will win the match. Second would be Bahamut, I do not know where is he but he is like a reflection of me playing APB. A challenge worthy of my skill. Pushwall, no matter how heavy is he being suppressed by the firepower he still find a way to blow up my base. This was my thought back before the release of Gamma.
  21. I see Necrons... Look more like a mumbo jumbo mod to me.
  22. Hi gmrfs, are you referring to this? http://apb.mp-gaming.com/ If you are referring to that than the answer is infront of you. Please be aware that this page and MP-Gaming are no longer active.
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