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  1. Sorry, I wasn't gonna be convinced no matter what because if you were telling the truth about being blocked, it meant two people were blocked and I know I'm town, so it practically had to be you. Everything else was just was just added kindling. I'm not trying to coast or be silent, I'm just mostly active around midnight to 7am which is a pretty quiet time unless I want to talk to myself a bunch. And I tend to get a good portion of my thoughts into one big post unless I'm answering questions, trying to joke, or prodding for some type of info. As for passion? Kinda, but mostly because my favorite mafia game is a CYOR type with 10 players minimum. Things usually get wild and pretty fun then because there's so many possibilities, you never know what to expect. And I'll be up for more games into the forseeable future.
  2. FRAYDO and Louis are basically clear in my book. FRAYDO's thorough analysis was a defining piece in nailing Jeod. Louis targeted Jeod with a jailing ability so she's obviously town. Shade is most likely town too because I just couldn't see Jeod and Shade arguing with each other quite like that while still working together. The only way I could see Cat5 as scum would be if he targeted Jeod and me to protect Jeod from investigative roles. But that doesn't explain the nk failing unless cat5 targeted Jeod to kill me or Jeod targeted himself. Meh, it'd be a clever way to throw people off their trail but if that's the case it doesn't make sense for Jeod to claim to be roleblocked when he'd know of Cat5's ability, therefore he'd know that Louis was redirected to me instead. So Cat's probably Town too. I realize I'm a bit suspicious since I feel lucky Jeod claimed to be roleblocked. But now there's probably 6 town to 1 scum so I'm fine being jailed. I was initially mad that I was jailed since I wanted to learn more info and felt wasted and immediately suspected it was gonna be used as a ploy which was gonna end up with me being D2 lynched since a jailed player with no nightkill is the most suspicious. An idea for Cat5 would be to target Louis so that our jailor can safely get through the night. I'm assuming whoever is scum would prefer to kill her and blame it on me as it'd be an easy lynch. After rereading Louis and Jeod's interaction one more time, I'm pretty sure his nightkill failed from him targeting me and it being reflected backed to himself and was voided. Him confirming he was roleblocked and then jailed is a clear sign he was adapting to the moment since he knew that his NK failed but maybe it didn't say why and he didn't know how to describe it without making it obvious. By process of elimination, Retaliation or ChopBam are my main suspects.
  3. I'm okay with being jailed again or some kind of stipulation if you actually turn out to be Town. But I really don't see that as being likely. Sorry that it affects your feelings towards the game itself.
  4. I'm pretty confident I caught up on my break. Thanks. And the info you've revealed about your role makes me more certain you're scum.
  5. ##vote Jeod I assumed self defense jailor because you said you were jailed. Now you're back tracking and saying you were roleblocked instead?... Jeod I'm leaning way more on you being scum.
  6. I actually missed that. But a self defense jailor? Seems like a stretch and weird to handle in a game that already has a jailor. Would that have been swapped to me as well if you targeted him? Would I have had to target Shade to have it be swapped with you? But I'm jailed so I couldn't have targeted someone to activate anything in the first place. Self defense roleblocker would be more likely, but doesn't line up with what you've said. And they both seem pretty unkillable unless he just got lucky with a one time protection item against you and saved himself. Then he would've lied about being vanilla town. But your indecisiveness towards your own actions and demanding others to clarify before you could even assert passing an item, along with a bus driver being your first thought makes you the more likely culprit in my mind. And, Jeod, you gotta press inconsistencies then. Like Shade, how do you know anything about items and whether you can have them as vanilla town? I have an idea but would like to hear your thoughts. But me asking him in your place will make you press me for "coordinating with Shade" but looks more to me like you're reacting/panicking instead of trying to find out the truth.
  7. That theory doesn't exactly work in reverse though. If I was scum, it doesn't matter who I targeted because I'd have been blocked by being jailed. But we don't "know" Jeod was jailed, so if he's lying then I'm the only target for him that would've negated his nk. At least with the info we have. Huh, I've always thought if a NK was bussed that the target player would die unless they had some type of BP. I mean the ability of bussing is to have the targets switched while the actions follow through.
  8. I've been slowly typing out my stuff while watching TV since 3 something. I just assumed you were painfully waiting while watching the italisized name for the last hour or so after I read the "I'm done waiting"
  9. I'm mostly busy until 2 or 3 am and just partially read through while watching tv or playing games with friends. So Cat's a bus driver and redirected me and Jeod, thereby swapping everyone targeting me to Jeod and everyone targeting Jeod to me. How was Jeod jailed too? Copycat ability? But then they would've had to coincidentally target Louis and then me. Unlikely. As for 2 jailors, I doubt there'd be two in a game this small, but I'll get back to it. Now if he wasn't jailed, why would he lie and claim to be roleblocked and then change to being jailed? Because his nightkill failed, so he claimed to be roleblocked and later changed it to jailed after finding out Louis said she targeted him as a jailor. But how did his nk fail? Because he targeted me and then it was swapped back to himself. Why would he not die? Mostly likely one scum member would have a type of BP if there's a town bus driver in the game. Why would he think of a bus driver right away? Because his BP got used up. And why would he initially lie and say he was roleblocked if he knew he got redirected? Because he knew his ability was used on himself, but he can't properly explain away knowing he targeted himself with a NK. If he's telling the truth and there are 2 jailors, then Louis targeted Jeod and the other Jailor targeted me. With that the only reasons for no nightkill would be that it was protected or blocked (unless scum actually chose to do no NK which would be crazy). So the NK targets would've been either me or Jeod, but that's way too many people to only pick me and Jeod. Cat5, Louis, Other Jailor, and scum. 5 is too much. Although if scum can NK and use an action, then it's still a minimum of 4 people targeting me and Jeod. I don't believe the odds. So if scum didn't attack Jeod or me, then they must've been roleblocked. Seeing as Jeod claims to be roleblock/jailed and I'm town, it must be him. So yeah, I'm feeling Jeod is scum. This is all under the assumption the NK wasn't blocked by a doctor or some other means. Cat5, were you waiting for me to type this out on my phone? I'm sorry for the strenuous wait.
  10. It specifically says jailed. So I assume jailed. And yeah, Shade, that's what I meant. Chop, what? I didn't see Cat5 claim to be the jailor. I initially thought scum jailed me because after I read that there'd be vanilla roles in the rules, I assumed the game wouldn't be power heavy, maybe 3 or 4 powered town, a few items, and 2 scum. And since I was jailed and there was no nightkill, it was either someone who tried to nightkill me while I was in jail or the jailor themselves who went for nk feint. But I figured the odds of scum trying to kill me while I'm incidentally in jail would be lower than scum being the jailor. But now idk about my thoughts on the setup seeing as there's both a jailor and a roleblocker.
  11. Well I initially thought I was jailed and it was scum doing jailing action instead of a nightkill. But now idk
  12. ##vote no lynch Always been a proponent of no lynch for D1. Glad to see it's still the popular approach.
  13. I posted in the wrong game somehow.... #vote orange
  14. ##vote orange good effort, everyone.
  15. Whenever another Mafia game pops up, I'll probably be interested.
  16. If we weren't required to read 600-700 posts per day, I'd be willing. That's far too much time needed so I can't do it either.
  17. Probably the October 9th or 16th if people don't mind the erratic phase starts. Although I think I'd move Louis to a player so she can have more fun. I don't think I did the best job in including her in most of the decision making.
  18. Yeah, gotta keep them guessing :b Yeah again, helps/hurts for the balancing. I mean, there has to be counter in a game this small, but Cat5 had the biggest target on his back and no way to defend himself. And KY could've been killed while hiding behind the wrong target, RB'd and NK'd, Lynched, had his item stolen, or killed by iLTS. Don't worry, I tried my best to keep things balanced and ready for any outcome. I'm sorry if they turned out to be less than expected. You might not have been lynched if you didn't try to distract everyone away from ChopBam before, but that action can't be helped since you were just trying to help your teammate. Anyway GG everyone. Keanu mother fucking Reeves. No explanation needed. He has been revealed to be Mafia! Game Over All hostile players have been eliminated. Town wins! Mafia's Goal: To equal or outnumber all other players. Third Party's Goal - Scales of Justice: To save a life with the shield and the take a life with the notebook. Awards Dangerous Duo - ChopBam & Shade939: They did great as a scum team. Shade had everyone fooled because he was completely logical for once and ChopBam along with Cat5's copping him, was able to fool everyone for almost long enough to win. In Another World Line - Jeod: He only died because it was a No Lynch, he would've lived otherwise, but if he did Trounce then it would've been a much shorter game. Best Cop - Retaliation: Somehow as a weaker ability that could only see an ability's name, seemed to have helped solve more than anyone else initially. Scum was actually more afraid of him than Cat5. And he was the first person to discover ChopBam's actual ability which lead to him latching onto him and voting. Lucky Cop? Objection! - Category5Hurricane: With his Not Guilty verdict ChopBam was cleared which almost led to Mafia winning without trying. If he copped anyone but iLTS, it might've gone very differently. But Town would have definitely lost without him. If his character wasn't insane, he would've nailed scum N1. Best Detective - FRAYDO: Although mostly unseen and unnoticed, he figured out Shade was scum sooner than anyone else. Gummy Power - Killing_You: Played smart and helped ensure Town's victory. Also without his medicinal use of THC, Town would've lost. Unlucky Ones - Jeod and Orange: By fate's and Cat5's decree, their lives were short-lived and underutilized. It's also due to this that the post count was so low :b Google Docs: Dead Doc Scum Doc GM Doc After Game Thoughts: Scum did very well off initially, especially when coasting through the D2 lynch of Orange. If they killed anyone but iLTS, then things would've been much better for them. Though the same would be true if Cat5 copped someone else. But the game was full of many what-ifs. The Third Party was meant to be a balancing act, mostly in the case of one of the Mafia players dying off D1 or D2. I think it worked out, but I might've made the win condition too difficult, especially since there wasn't any way for iLikeToFRAYDO pry anybodies' actual name. I feel mostly bad about the chaotic Day and Night starts and how much that affected the game. If there's anything balance-wise that you think I should've changed or maybe a mechanic you'd like to suggest, please do. Or just in general, tell me what you thought of the game, thanks!
  19. Killing You has shared some tasty gummies with Shade939. After chilling and laughing for a bit, Shade969 suspects there was something in those gummies, but he relaxes anyway
  20. Day Four The end is nigh... You have found Category5Hurricane's body He was Barok Van Zieks! After rifling through his seemingly infinite assortment of pockets, storing copious amounts of various brands of wine, you find him to be Town! Day Four starts now (I'm sorry for all the delays) The game is in MYLO
  21. Everything was resolved correctly, although it wasn't shown that the vote was tied, but there should've been flavor of ChopBam getting mysteriously killed before being Lynched
  22. Killing You has shared some tasty gummies with ChopBam. After chilling and laughing for a bit, ChopBam suspects there was something in those gummies, but he relaxes anyway
  23. ChopBam has shown his Pride. The very air around him crackles with power, with every action he takes carrying more weight
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