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  1. ChopBam has shown his Pride. The very air around him crackles with power, with every action he takes carrying more weight
  2. Day Three You all awake to a bright and beautiful sunrise, only to be shaken as another body turns up. iLikeToFRAYDO has been found dead. He was a Riot Trooper with a Death Note ...after picking up the death note and trying to look through it, suddenly it bursts into small but powerful blaze. It seems there was a self-destruct feature. Through some more thorough searching, you find him to be Third Party! The game is in LYLO. Good luck.
  3. CVC: Killing You voted OrangeP47 OrangeP47 voted Killing You iLikeToSnipe voted nobody Shade939 voted Killing You Category 5 Hurricane voted OrangeP47 ChopBam voted OrangeP47 Retaliation voted Killing You There are 6 votes cast. It is a tie vote between Killing_You and OrangeP47 OrangeP47 is selected...but as OrangeP47 was about to brought out to be lynched...his body was found disassembled with parts scattered everywhere and his batteries on full display. Under further scrutiny, you all determine his identity to be... a Motion Sensitive Light! You all tried to scrounge around to find more clues yet only figure out that he was Town Night Two Night Two begins! Sorry for being so late. Day Three will start around 4 hours later than standard. We're potentially heading to endgame. Be sure to send in your actions at least an hour before Hammer - 10PM EST or 2AM UTC. Maximum of 2 night posts per player.
  4. @ FRAYDO first option @ Jeod second option, but he will not be able to use any prior knowledge publicly to his advantage. The spoiler he got wasn't much, but it's enough to change the game if made public. But also knowing his previous role gives him another slight advantage in knowledge. If he accidentally slips, he will lose voting rights for one day and be roleblocked the next night. If he purposely slips, he will be insta-killed.
  5. Day Two You all awake to a fresh new morning only to find out the awful news...Jeod has been murdered! It's looks like he was... Tigger After searching through his body and belongings, you find out that he was Town! There are only 7 players left, good luck.
  6. CVC: Killing You voted No Lynch OrangeP47 voted No Lynch Jeod voted OrangeP47 iLikeToSnipe voted No Lynch Shade939 voted No Lynch Category 5 Hurricane voted No Lynch ChopBam voted No Lynch Retaliation voted OrangeP47 There are 8 votes cast No Lynch wins with 6/8 votes! No one was lynched! Night One Night one begins! or rather began 7 hours ago :b Be sure to send in your actions at least an hour before Hammer - 6PM EST or 10PM UTC. Maximum of 2 night posts per player.
  7. Added CVC to the top. I'll be keeping hammer at the standard time then
  8. Announcement: I messed up once more in copying and pasting. To avoid any further allusion to it, there are no secret day actions. Also, I haven't heard any feedback yet on hammertime so I'll ask again. In the case that Louis and I both work, would you prefer hammertime to stay the same and delay resolving, or to extend the phase +6 hours so you would have more time to play/respond/troll?
  9. Retaliation uses Evil Eye on OrangeP47! OrangeP47 feels disgusting after being thoroughly looked over.
  10. Oops, I messed up on one thing. I copy and pasted the rules from the previous game I hosted and didn't delete one of them. You will suffer no penalty for No Lynches.
  11. Day One Mafia must try to equal or exceed all players. Town must try to destroy all hostile enemies. If there are any Third Party or Neutral players, they must do their best to complete their objectives. Days will be 48hrs with Nights being 24hrs. Hammer will be at 6PM EST or 10PM UTC.All night actions must be sent at least an hour before hammer. If you have any questions regarding the rules or your abilities, feel free to ask, although I may not be able to answer all of your questions. Also just a heads up, there may be hidden day actions, so I promise if something happens that you don't expect, it's most likely not my mistake Lynching rules: At the end of the day, the person with the most votes will be lynched. If there is a tie, RNG will decide. No Lynch is acceptable. There is no early Hammer initially. There may be one when the player pool has thinned down enough with everyone asking for it. You must vote at least once every two days or face a penalty. There are also extra guidelines which are posted in the general thread, but let's recap the main ones for those who are new: Try to stick to the timetable Await your Role PM soon before the game starts, if you have any questions, let me know before we start, since after that I won't have time to check PMs Please be civil! No spamming or swearing. It's just a game. Let's have fun! If you are not in the game, please DO NOT post game related stuff in chat! DO NOT discuss the game outside of the thread unless you are specifically given permission by me. DO NOT quote private mod communications. DO NOT attempt to break the game. No trying to get people to make toxx clauses, encryption, or fake day actions. Basically, if you're about to post something you're a little too proud of as a way of breaking the game, think twice before posting. NEW RULE: There will be a minimum of posts required. You must post at least 5 times during the day, separate from each other. There is no penalty the first time but if it happens twice in a row, you'll be roleblocked the following night. If you have any extenuating circumstances, just let me know. Additional notes: I'll either have to extend the phases on most phases or delay the resolving by about 5 hours if Louis' or my timetables don't line up. You guys can tell me what you'd prefer. Good luck! Day One CVC: Killing You voted nobody OrangeP47 voted nobody Jeod voted nobody iLikeToSnipe voted nobody Shade939 voted nobody Category 5 Hurricane voted nobody ChopBam voted nobody Retaliation voted nobody There are no votes cast.
  12. 30th but I can push it back to the 31st instead.
  13. @ iLikeToSnipe @ ChopBam If anyone would like to reach out to these two on steam or something to confirm that they're aware of this game, feel free.
  14. Okay, looks like we're back on track. Last day to sign up will be the 30th. Game is set to start on the 3rd or 4th.
  15. Obligatory pings, aside from Voe who's already been pinged. @OrangeP47 X @Sunflower - @Nodlied X @Mojoman X @Retaliation - @iLikeToSnipe X @FRAYDO - @VERTi60 - @PrettyReckless - @kamuixmod - @Anon_Kat - @Coolrock - @Alstar - @Chaos_Knight -
  16. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ROLE - Remastered Edition INTRO I haven't seen a game coming up and what better way to come back (permanently this time)? This game will start in August (unless we get enough players earlier). Items, abilities, whatever you decide we'll try our best to incorporate it and balance as needed. If you find creating a role too hard, don't worry. We'll take whatever idea you give and try to make it fun and interesting while keeping the balance of course. Remember, the character you pick helps define the game! For those of you who are new to Choose Your Own Role style mafia games, here’s a short explanation: at its core, CYOR is a standard mafia game. Town attempts to eliminate all hostile elements (mafia and third party). Mafia attempts to eliminate players and outnumber the other factions. The third party has specific win conditions based on their role, and the neutral faction is similar; neutral faction players, however, are not considered hostile. If you sign up for this game, you will send me a PM with your role request. You can customize your role as much as you see fit, and we will do our best to honor your request. Here’s an example of a role request: The more information you include in your request, the more accurate your final role will be. Here’s a template to help guide your request, although it’s not necessary to use when sending me your PM: MECHANICS This game's going to be chaotic--I'll be more lenient with restricting roles, so bring whatever you want to the table. GM: TheIrishman Co - GM: Louis Signed Players - 8 7 Minimum Cat5 ChopBam Jeod Shade Killing You OrangeP47 Retaliation iLikeToSnipe Day One Night One Day Two Night Two
  17. Nope, I checked for a game on the 29th, didn't see it and forgot after New Years. I feel bad about it. Also surprised Cat5 or Louis didn't reach out to me, but it's 100% my fault either way.
  18. I'll join, I still don't think I played terribly last game with the time I had to play but it did cause a few rushed decisions which made me look somewhat scummy. Appreciate Voe backing me up though, even though he was scum (should've guessed it simply because he was playing well without any of his usual half-cocked plans). Also thought it was hilarious that iLTS did end up being scum after I called their move dumb and he defended it, if only Retal and I pushed harder on that earlier. I look forward to another run.
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