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  1. Sure, count me in. Same late night hours as before.
  2. I thought I was original with my abilities because I’ve never been unable to do anything at all. It was going to be a nice change of pace, but then like 4 other people also decided to do something similar, with Choppy sharing the closest resemblance. I normally have something to do otherwise it can be boring, I mostly took inspiration from Orange’s item giver but took out the randomization.
  3. Haven’t read the scum doc, pretty sure I’ll get mad at whatever reasoning you guys came up with to kill me
  4. I kinda wish I was Neutral as I had the most neutral role of them all. btw KY, thanks for helping Town win, I did believe in you the entire time for the record even if other townies did not. I’m still salty I got killed right away and that no one could figure out the most obvious conclusion that Retal killed me. Like I explained my entire ability but...oh well.
  5. Giving me the dragonball counts as visiting me. Then you can use the ticket to visit me again for a prize. Note for everyone else, you get a better prize if you visit me twice
  6. You gain something when you visit me with the ticket >.>
  7. Even if you’re immobile the ticket will allow you to visit me, btw.
  8. I’ll state here and now that I’ll wish FRAYDO back to life unless they’re not able to.
  9. It will but okay. Also the dragonball won’t work if you don’t get all 3 so why not give it to me? Unless you have plan to come take it?
  10. It allows you to visit me and gain a bonus or two
  11. Which is why they should be given to me since I can at least compensate players for giving me their dragonball. I might even be able to grant their wish if they visit me twice (as in a bonus for visiting me with a golden ticket) I’m currently 10 pages behind trying to skim through.
  12. @Louis The difference between you giving me yours and me giving you mine is that you have nothing else to offer, while my ticket grants you so much more.
  13. So far myself, Chop, Orange, and KY have claimed immobility. Cat5, Mojo, Louis, and Anon, we know nothing about themselves. Retal, Shade, and iLTS are the only ones we “know” can move. I trust KY the most so far because he literally had no need to mention his neutrality or to further explain his character. He wasn’t even a target until he mentioned that he was neutral. I don’t understand the point of a survivor role that can still play after being dead although if iLTS truly an Imposter, it’s thematic but it’d be even useful if he was scum. That said a double ascetic/lynchproof ability sounds OP for scum. Louis unnecessarily mentioned that she got an extra weird item so someone is probably handing those out. I hope Louis can at least clarify if it’s useful or not. I don’t expect anymore info from Cat5 until D3 because he usually likes to keep his cards close to his chest. Orange is a player that I’d rather come forward with more info about himself sooner than later as he’s easier to catch as scum that way. And I just want more info from other players in general but as it sits right now, there’s not much to go by.
  14. Yeah, I asked about the list but they never replied
  15. That’d be dumb. I’d prefer to choose my kills rather than being a weaker version of a killer mine layer.
  16. I know, I have to turn my phone sideways for it to be remotely okay
  17. Oh, it’s one time use so I’m pretty sure Retal will use before the kill because the kill usually happens last, right?
  18. I thought he meant he had the item before visiting me:
  19. Someone mention something about you having an item that made it so you could visit me without getting blocked. I don’t recall you ever saying that but I put it down anyway since I don’t have the time to reread it all.
  20. So we got liars afoot. If not, then Cat5, Kat, and Louis would be our only scum suspects. I’m still surprised FRAYDO died when his character is canonically almost impossible to kill. I wonder if he had BP but scum can cut through it? If so, a lot of the defensive abilities would be almost useless.
  21. Players Role Character Day One Night One Day Two Night Two Items Irish Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka nothing nothing Cat5 ? ? nothing ? Fraydo Dead Kurosensei nothing Died Orange Defensive immobile character nothing nothing? Shade Experimenter? Phyrexian? nothing Blocked? Attacked? Louis ? ? nothing ? Retal Unstoppable ? nothing Visited Irish Kat ? ? nothing ? iLTS Neutral survivor? Imposter Vented nothing? Mojo Buffer? ? Lynchproof on Orange nothing Chop Item Giver? ? nothing nothing? KY Neutral Wish Granter Shenron nothing nothing?
  22. Scum hunting??? Cat5 never said anything either I believe
  23. I literally don’t care. He could be Omega Shenron. Probably transforming after enough are granted. We’ll focus on him later.
  24. He’s not scum because a wish granter role doesn’t make sense. it wouldn’t be the first time Jeod’s had to edit a goal because it was impossible (happened to me when I was the girl from The Ring)
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