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  1. Voe, Louis, Cat5, Orange, and Rubeci. I feel bad that I wasn't here to help explain what Shade was trying to say. I'll go ahead and out myself as a Rebel first, that's fine, idc. Basically, if you don't vote up Jeod, you will be converted. Here's why: One player can be converted every night provided the Rebel forces equal less than 1/3 of the Royal forces. I or my partner can convert others and you guys won't know who, and then - even if they or their convert died - they'd end up converting someone else, up until there is only the King left. >.> Remember, you aren't Town, you're Royals. Not only that, you won't even be Royals after being converted so their's no winning for you. And ask yourselves, do you really want to sacrifice yourself so that Jeod can win? The reason we killed Sunflower is because she couldn't be converted or swayed since she'd have to go down with Jeod. Sorry about that Sunflower.
  2. Sorry for not being on, I've been preoccupied. I'm fine with either eliminating or sending him to the wall. Do we know how strong the Wildfire booster is? If not, Royal Shipyard.
  3. Maybe we should call him King Aerys the II, AKA The Mad King? :b
  4. Weird when I agree with Voe. What are you doing, Jeod?
  5. Ah, I remember seeing that but I somehow didn't connect it with him confirming himself as not being sent to the wall.
  6. Oh, today I learned that Rubeci is 100% not sent to the wall, so he's still a threat (for another day). He managed to vote for Shade even though those sent to the wall shouldn't be able to vote.
  7. It doesn't appear so now. Either we're tied, I'm lynched, or you're lynched. I guess there's an hour or two till hammer.
  8. Pretty sure we need one more vote on Retal or I'm off to wall. Your guy's choice.
  9. Correction, this is a clusterfuck. ##Vote Retaliation
  10. I mean try using a vote action - if it goes through, it'd help tell us whether you're actually on the wall or not. Wow, you guys are something else. Simply because I guessed who Sunflower was (and it seems that I was right) you think I'm suspicious. Calling it fabricated it outlandish and you are getting far too defensive of her, Orange. And I wasn't targeting her initially, just following up on suspicions >.> I know it's for defense >.> I'm assuming Scum didn't that's why I specifically offered 2,500 troops, AKA 25% of my troops, for attack. My god this if a kerfuffle. As for what Voe's saying, it sounds like he's mostly talking about how Sunflower will be a powerful late game player over being TP, so she'd be able to snatch the thrown by overpowering everyone else with her dragons.
  11. So you are scum then, Sunflower? Because I'm talking about the ability all of us should have that allows us to send up to 25% of our troops, implying we can choose how many. yeah, my guess about Targaryan is baseless except on my knowledge of the player herself, but it sounds like I'm right :b
  12. The only thing I'm slightly bothered by is whether Rubeci was actually sent to the wall since Jeod said he didn't get anything from Rubeci when he was sent, in addition to Rubeci saying that he still has his religion bonuses to use (do we know if those are taken upon arrival at the wall?). But we should at least wait until Day 4 (technically D3) before we follow that thread as it doesn't appear we'd do any good attacking/voting him until we know we have someone on the wall - especially because they'd be able to confirm right away Rubeci's status. Although, Rubeci, if you'd humor me, mind trying to vote anyone? Options to send to the wall today and how okay I am with each: Sunflower -40%, Retaliation - 50%, Louis - 30%, Orange - 30%, Voe - 60%, Shade - 40%, Cat5 - 10%. ##Vote Voe
  13. Forgot a question mark after Daenerys, minor mistake.
  14. Sunflower, it was bait in two parts - first attack instead of defense, second if anyone tried to pledge more than me for obvious reasons (though this is assuming we all started with the same amount). In addition to that, the misinformation was meant to scare the Rebels into believing that we're able to combine all our armies into the Royal Army and overwhelming sweep through anyone we eliminate and I wanted to see how many people were against Maegor's Holding even though it wouldn't have worked anyway. Although I only thought to ask other's if they'd match me or send more than me a minute or so after I used up my second night post (for which I kicked myself for). I will note that it's a bit suspicious that you initially complemented my plan provided you should've known it wouldn't work from the getgo. That said, it didn't give as much info as I wanted with Vert basically giving a warning that we shouldn't attack. Sunflower, Shade, Retaliation, Louis, Orange, and Voe are the only ones who responded. Sunflower, Retaliation, Louis, and Orange all provided the same answer - the one that Rebels would be most likely to give so I'm going off the assumption that at least one of them is a Rebel. Shade didn't say whether we should send Rubeci to the wall or not, but he inferred the wall yet still wanted Rubeci dead, mentioning how the King should have other means to kill him. And Voe wanted to kill send Jeod to the wall of course. Here's my ever anticipated chart, although I'm tempted to reformat it since this should be a very long game so it might not be able to fit by the time we get to Night 6. The last three should be Tyrell, Arryn, and Stark. As always, feel free to help fill in the blanks. Players Character House Bonus Religion N1 Alignment Cat5 ? Shade Old Gods ? Irish Bronn Baratheon -------- Nothing Loyal Jeod Greyjoy Attack + Army Size Drowned God Loyal Retaliation Martell Sneak + Defense Faith of Seven? ? Louis ? Rubeci Wildling Unknown TP Orange Tully Immune to Conversion ? Sunflower Daenerys Targaryen? Dragons Valyrian? ? Voe Lannister Gold + Sellswords ? King Placeholder Old Gods Bonus Great Sept Sent Rubeci to the wall. I work till an hour before hammer tomorrow, so I should be on beforehand.
  15. At this rate, is PrettyReckless going to be replaced or are they going to try to be more active? (apologies if anything important is taking up your time). If they're going to be replaced, Cat5 thinks he'll be available.
  16. From what I read, Rubeci can only vote for a new King, he cannot vote for who to send to the wall, so he still gets something of a say in the matter.
  17. Btw, I forgot to mention it in my previous post and wasn't able to add it after the fact. I already offered to pledge up to 2,500 if we choose to eliminate someone. Just to get it out of the way beforehand, is there anyone that'd be willing to match or offer more?
  18. Sunflower, why the last minute vote on me? (btw I do appreciate the Solaire avatar) Jeod, I've already put forth my recommendations. If we do decide to attack Rubeci, just let us know 4 hours before hammer (I have to be at work 3 hours before hammer) and I'd be willing to commit up to 2,500 troops.
  19. Well he should lose all his bonuses, armies, etc... provided he goes to the wall, while we were specifically told that we'd have a hard time fighting him without someone posted at the wall. I think I'd prefer to send him to the wall...but first a question for @VERTi60 If we choose to eliminate Rubeci, then the damage done to us will spread to everyone that's royal correct? If that's the case, if we do choose to attack rubeci, by selecting Maegor's Holdfast, we'd be able to find out which armies lost troops and which didn't, in turn pointing out who is a rebel. That said, if we choose to send Rubeci to the wall, I'm in favor of the Great Sept since there's no potential backlash from it.
  20. Well Verti did mention 3 potential houses he'd add if we had enough people, which is what I assumed he meant. But if the independent isn't one of them, my bet would be on The Iron Bank of Braavos, maybe they'd hire The Golden Company though.
  21. :\ Then it sounds like the game would in fact continue until there's only 2 people left >.>
  22. Then what happens if no one picks Rebellion after quelling them? Game Over? Obviously you don't know for sure, I'm indirectly asking Vert.
  23. True and I don't necessarily have a problem with us having the ability to reelect the king and choose sides after the rebellion is defeated, I'm mostly concerned about whether it would continue happening until there's only 2 people left - The King and his hand. Because that would take an incredibly long time, be very annoying. So I'm wondering how else there'd be a victory.
  24. I realize, which is why I think it was a TYPO on Vert's part, hence why I said it should say Royal's instead. If we keep recycling no matter which side wins, how does the game end? That is my point. I feel like this game is essentially ran in two phases, before Winter and after Winter. The before Winter part should be us fighting amongst ourselves, deciding who gets to be king. The problem is, why the needless fighting once all the rebels are defeated? Not to mention how each defeat would weaken ourselves as a whole, making it that much more difficult for us to deal with the WIN. At that point we should unite to face the White Walkers, right? But say it's not ran in two parts, that there is only fighting to be King, why then would we keep fighting after the Rebellion is quelled? For the WIN still? If the King ended up being Stark then they wouldn't have any WIN to deal with. Therefore once the Rebellion is defeated the game should end.
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