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  1. Neutral, I already said lynching doesn't change my alignment.
  2. Or wait, KY is the one with the Time Stone...huh. I guess if FRAYDO isn't revived we can assume KY is Scum.
  3. I consider iLTS doing pretty good working towards Town goals, and frankly I'm not sure if I care if he's TP right now. What we can do is no lynch, Scum will probably nightkill one of Town. If they don't, they'll nightkill iLTS. Btw, iLTS, if you can, use the Time Stone to redo Louis' Mind Stone action to see if you can revive FRAYDO. I'll investigate one of the suspects and either clear them or figure out if they're Scum. ##Vote No Lynch
  4. As Stan Lee, I will say I'm partial to Spider-man (being his favorite hero). Pretty sure I'm the "wrong" target for you, btw, KY. Do you have anything else to add KY? Otherwise we've yet to hear from Brigitte.
  5. Brigitte, at this point it's basically between you and KY. You two are better off building a case against each other and trying to prove your innocence. You really should do a full roleclaim too.
  6. I did confirm that you used Remove Inhibitor N2 at the very least while N1 Mojo claimed you visited ChopBam even you also claimed Remove Inhibitor on N1.
  7. If Orange is telling the truth, No Lynch or Brigitte?
  8. I mean, you're getting hit with an unblockable daykill right now so I'm not even sure you'll be able to live. And I don't think we should believe you either.
  9. Ah, I guess that's fair. You or Brigitte are our potential other suspects, in this case I'm leaning more towards Brigitte.
  10. I think you should shoot Orange, then we should all lynch him as he's the only one we know is Scum. Anyone who doesn't vote Orange will be given extra scrutiny (besides myself obviously). And I think that might actually be a Scum slip by KY. I never got an indication who gave me the reality stone yet his specifically says Shade?
  11. Huh, I guess shoot Orange and lynch him then. I'll avoid voting for this one to keep my Deathproof :b But I'll investigate Louis, KY, or Brigitte tonight. I only ever had one stone, the Reality Stone, passed to me by Shade, which I passed back to him.
  12. Yeah, but if she does flip Town, maybe you're better off shooting Orange and then lynching him over shooting KY. Then I can track either Louis or KY to determine which one is actually Scum. Although if Louis is Scum I'm pretty sure Town loses since Louis is the one who claimed the self healing ability AKA Night BP. But I'd much rather Jeod hop on and resolve this so I don't have to deliberate What Ifs any longer (I see that you're on your way though, Jeod). Didn't you say you knew Shade had the Time Stone? So if that's the case, you know he used it so I don't think Louis is lying about him undoing her use of the Mind Stone.
  13. If she flips Town, then KY is almost certainly the other Scum seeing as Louis is the one who pointed Orange out as Scum via Soul Stone doc. Then you just have to shoot KY, and lynch Orange. But yeah, I'll vote if Brigitte flips Town.
  14. Pretty sure you'd succeed with the Power Stone (it's unblockable, right?) :b But I don't change alignment if any Neutral or Third Party are involved with trying to kill me.
  15. I guess I don't particularly care, oh well. I'm not just Lynchproof, I'm Deathproof, but I change alignments depending on who tries to kill me. If Scum tries to NK me, I switch to Town while if Town tries to daykill me I switch to Scum. Lynching doesn't affect my alignment.
  16. I mean, I could tell you more, but I'm not sure you want me to. Or rather Town wants me to.
  17. I can vote, but if I help kill someone through voting I lose my passive (or other means such as a power stone). And can't you kill Orange with your Power Stone, iLTS? My win condition is just to survive.
  18. This response alone made me almost certain he was Scum, but added with the evidence, I'm completely certain. We'll waste a day? If Scum NK'd Town then Scum would win the next day, you weren't concerned at all about Town losing. Way too much nonchalance. You're slipping too hard now that you've gotten comfortable since you think you're about to win (even though you still might).
  19. Well, I'm convinced. The problem is, does he actually have a second life?
  20. I mean, unlynchable scum vs unlynchable neutral? And you said you already put away half, iLTS? How? Who did you target and on which night?
  21. Well since there's silence, I'll come out as what everyone expected, Neutral. So we're either sitting at 3 v 2 - 1 or 2 v 2 v 1 - 1
  22. Well that's interesting. Claims, let's hear them.
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