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  1. People visit me, not the other way around. I assure you. Unless I’m bribed.
  2. A bit random but important to mention. If anyone wants to come over tonight, go on ahead. It’ll be fun, confusing, and possibly won’t go the way you expect but overall everyone will have a good time.
  3. This was earlier than expected. How is everyone? Anyone who uses sus instead of suspicious is automatically acting scummy
  4. Oh btw, I’ll almost never be on during the day for more than my break at work. Just wanted to get that out of the way. So I’ll mostly be on around 11pm-5am -6GMT
  5. Nice, thanks, that fixed it. No more brown and blue posts for me, have to use the default white one from now on. Weird that it was fine just a few days ago.
  6. Somewhat random, just two days ago everyone’s profile pics were showing on their posts. Now they’re not so I can’t tell which posts belong to anyone. I’ve been using my phone the entire time, tried requesting desktop, and a different browser but neither seem to fix it. Any suggestions?
  7. If it’s not too late, I’ll join :b
  8. I did just get Borderlands 3, and Pandora is mostly a desert-like planet so...close enough
  9. We might have another coworker joining btw. She still has to make an account tho.
  10. Doubtful after all the effort she went through trying to help him win >.> Guess I'll be going to the wall to fight white walkers. Anyone got some dragonglass or Valyrian steel?
  11. Still does nothing about the unanimous vote and don't act like she would. She would only betray her partner if Jeod agreed with it.
  12. She'd die anyway as the right-hand of the king. Also I thought it had to be unanimous, so she literally had to go :\
  13. Orange, care to vote on Jeod? Even if you're not forced to fight Jeod, you'd still be condemning Voe, Louis, Cat5, and myself. Also I'd prefer Smash Bro's themed
  14. Except there was never an opportunity to actually depose you >.> We could've at most taken King's Landing which would've left us each with maybe 3000 troops left. There's no way we could take both King's Landing and Pyke to eliminate you and start a new vote.
  15. Also, I will say I don't think this game was a complete train wreck. I appreciate the theme and the general mechanics. It's the fine-tuning where things went wrong. I think if Vert had more time or was able to work with someone else as he ran his simulations, things could've went really well. Of course, perhaps the White Walkers will give it some sort of redeeming quality.
  16. My religion is the Many-Faced God of Death, I expected to sit back and pick off the king whenever I got to T4, granted I didn't quite know for sure what abilities I'd get. Then I got converted which forced me to try a different approach but everything was set against us, especially for a game that meant to have the King cycle more than once. If I knew the King would be this overpowered, I would've tried for the vote right away. I still think we should all vote Jeod, but it's whatever at this point.
  17. We're basically a declawed and toothless version of Mafia expected to fight a beefed up version a Town.
  18. It feels built to defeat itself. The only moment when we probably could've "killed" Jeod would've taken out the majority of our troops 25,000 vs 15,000. But the moment he tried to attack, he'd draw whatever number of troops necessary to destroy us. Of course that means he'd have to target us specifically, but there's no way we'd be able to fight his remaining 10,000 troops - especially if we're expected to come out on top. Not to mention depleting the overall manpower to defend the wall.
  19. Pretty much. At the very least half of all the remaining troops will go to the Rebels allowing for them to contest Jeod at the end.
  20. I realize how obstinate you can be when it comes to changing sides, and I'm not a huge fan of it either yet I played my part >.> But I will admit that the moment I was converted I felt I was doomed to fail. After learning even more about the game mechanics and a few imbalanced issues, even more so to a higher degree. To quote the first thing I said when I was converted, "Fuck..." There is no threat though, it's what will happen because it's literally our only option provided you guys don't vote for Jeod. ##Vote Jeod Oh you have no idea how broken it is. Ignorance is bliss.
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