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  1. Cat5 is right, I'm on break and don't have time to dilly dally
  2. Well if I miss I can roleclaim, if I kill scum then point proven we can carry on. If I kill another Town then whatever I say won't matter, you guys can lynch me. If I hit another and they're dug-in we'll know they're Town, so there's that. Wish me luck. ##shoot Louis really tempted to shoot shade though
  3. At pg 40, oh guys you're hurting Town quite a bit here.
  4. Do even read my posts? Or others who are able to understand them? The pro-scum and n00b-scum one completely summarized my meaning so I didn't explain it any further.
  5. I don't take his neutral claim seriously at all all anymore nor his point of how he shouldn't be killed and such.
  6. Normally yes. I wasn't going to last time because it's annoying to do on my phone as opposed to a computer. Although after seeing cat5's terrible mock chart I was incensed enough to make one regardless. But then I died off right away so it didn't really serve a purpose. I think I'll wait until tomorrow to make one if I live long enough. I really don't know what scum tells I've given off since I'm not scum but feel free to tell me for entertainment value. Oh and possibly learning for when I am scum.
  7. Because he was already thinking like myself when I read his posts which made me think he was Town then adding a scum move that I wouldn't do, it pushed him further into Town territory. I'd probably add you and Orange to the list if Orange wasn't the one killed (but it was still a jumper who already shot), and if you were detectiving more.
  8. Idiocy I said scum made a dumb therefore I suspect Jeod less as I consider him a competent scum player. Why are you so threatened? I never even hard called you out?
  9. Neat, its only not a dumb move if you raise Orange's value as a scumhunter to supercede the value of a gun, plus potential medic, cop, RB, or tracker. Hopefully you're not offended by me calling scum dumb.
  10. Also Cat5, you should be detectiving more, what gives?
  11. I think scum did a dumb move. Orange was Town, his power role was self preservation, and he already fired his shot. It would've been so much easier to kill someone else and then push Orange to be lynched to starting on Mojo. Honestly makes me suspect Jeod less. iLTS, I'm not as sure as I was before as he likes to gamble his plays. Considering this game is relatively simple I suspect Anon_Cat is scum due to the NK and how easy it'd be to train him during this game. But that's meta-ing off KY which isn't technically how you're supposed to play.
  12. Well that's a shame. I went after Mojo since I was trying to quickly read the posts and pick out the most likely scum. Mojo didn't consider killing cat5 (who's joke I didn't pick up at the time as I was trying to read fast), he was the second to claim a custom role, started the Louis train which seemed like he was pushing an easy lynch, threatened iLTS who reads town for me, and was the scummiest read I had. That is all.
  13. I was only able to read up to pg24 but ##vote Mojoman I think he should've at least considered shooting cat5 rather than saying he wouldn't shoot anyone at all because they all could be Town. That is what makes me think he's scum and I won't be around to change my mind. Back to work for me.
  14. Just read pg 20. Mojo said he had no solid scum reads and didn't want shoot town. Why did Mojo not even consider shooting cat5 as he's claimed Neutral?
  15. I'm getting strong town reads on both iLTS and Jeod. Very unusual, mostly for iLTS. Mojo and Louis are a toss via attitude, but are most likely not partnered. Shade and Louis can't be partnered. Orange and iLTS can't be partnered to Mojo.
  16. Aren't you notorious for D1 shots/kills? Odd that you'd call them dumb as bricks for that.
  17. Jesus, I'm just a little late and we're already at 15 pages. Chatterboxes making me read your shitposting.
  18. Sure, count me in. Same late night hours as before.
  19. I thought I was original with my abilities because I’ve never been unable to do anything at all. It was going to be a nice change of pace, but then like 4 other people also decided to do something similar, with Choppy sharing the closest resemblance. I normally have something to do otherwise it can be boring, I mostly took inspiration from Orange’s item giver but took out the randomization.
  20. Haven’t read the scum doc, pretty sure I’ll get mad at whatever reasoning you guys came up with to kill me
  21. I kinda wish I was Neutral as I had the most neutral role of them all. btw KY, thanks for helping Town win, I did believe in you the entire time for the record even if other townies did not. I’m still salty I got killed right away and that no one could figure out the most obvious conclusion that Retal killed me. Like I explained my entire ability but...oh well.
  22. Giving me the dragonball counts as visiting me. Then you can use the ticket to visit me again for a prize. Note for everyone else, you get a better prize if you visit me twice
  23. You gain something when you visit me with the ticket >.>
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