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  1. Why should it say once the Rebels are defeated? If the rebels are defeated, only the loyalists and the king are left, pretty sure that means game over? Assuming there's no independents or outside factors like White Walkers.
  2. Basically. I figured I'd skate by while building up myself to be a strong enough king by the time whoever ended up as the first king lost. From my understanding, it's not like we'll go down with the ship the moment the king dies anyway. Although after rereading the rules, I can't tell if the rebellion is quelled once the king resigns. I feel like it should otherwise the next king would be forced to abdicate immediately as well. But another part that I'd like some clarification on is say there's 5 Rebels and 4 Royals, if the king chooses to fight until he's eliminated while the other two choose to become independent, them it'd be 2/2/5. What's to stop the 5 from picking off the independents and/or controlling the vote so that they kill the king last? It seems like the King resigning is the best option unless he's extremely powerful. Or say they do kill the king, is a new election started? Because it says "Once the Rebellion is defeated." I feel like it should say once the Royal's are defeated.
  3. I stopped checking daily for this game a bit less than a month ago and that's the only reason I visit this site >.> I'm all for Shade or Voe being king seeing as either will most likely be deposed right away. That said, I do have full intentions on becoming king myself afterwards. But for now, call me Lord Bronn
  4. @Category 5 Hurricane @ChopBam @Killing_You @Nodlied (You know you want to pretend this is HOI4 and mess with Voe) @iLikeToSnipe @Brigitte @FRAYDO @Mojoman
  5. I know myself and Louis will end up joining as well.
  6. I'll be honest, I hate being vanilla wholeheartedly and I think that's one of the reasons many were led to a lack of participation. When you're not able to do anything but think and banter, it can lead to disinterest. That said, I'm glad that I was able to live as long as I could to nail Scum (reading the doc, they were really thinking about killing me...every single night). The only real plus about being vanilla is that I feel more proud as a detective when I figure things out, hence the victory dance When Brigitte first called me out as Town, my first thought was, "She's either the cop or Scum because she initially called me out as Scum and tried to get me lynched." I was a bit worried that Orange might suspect me as Scum and if he did, then we'd lose (Chop too kinda but he was a suspect so his response would've been used to gauge whether he or Brigitte was Scum - while if everyone voted for Mojoman I might've reassessed whether the team was Brigitte and ChopBam). All it would've taken was one Town player not agreeing with me for us to lose. And I wasn't real sure Chop was Town until Brigitte started acting like she did, doing everything possible to change the vote to someone other than Mojo, while fumbling with her logic by keeping Mojo as one of her suspects. Like it was already mentioned, without FRAYDO revealing KY, our win would've been rather unlikely. I agree the setup is balanced. Good job at hosting Jeod and Shade but no accolade for me? Aw... Anyway I'm up for whatever game comes next.
  7. The Scum read was the first one, which I already explained was either due to Retal copping Cat5 (which is pointless to reveal as the cop) or to prevent Scum from targeting him since his first result was "wrong". His second result was Orange being Town, which he seemed to be inclined to as he had no push of any kind towards Orange. Now that we know that Mojoman/Louis are vanilla Mafia (99% certain it's Mojo over Louis), the last Scum left has to be the Lawyer, meaning - no matter what - Retal couldn't have gotten both a Town and Mafia result on Orange. That along with Brigitte's voting pattern (trying to lynch ChopBam over Mojo when the only two people left as her suspects were those two while Mojo was the one with the overwhelming majority vote) basically proves her to be Scum. The only downside to all this is that I'm the most likely one to be nightkilled tonight (I'm the least suspicious and I'm the main one to screw over Scum). But I'm fine with it since we'll win as long as Brigitte is lynched. Pre-win victory dance! But really Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be that I'm wrong but I'm 95% sure it's Brigitte at this point. But still, fuck you Scum if you actually kill me.
  8. The only thing you've done is made me want to move my vote from Mojoman to you. Also, it doesn't really help Mojoman that it's almost been an entire day and yet he still hasn't responded.
  9. Retal probably said that Orange was Scum N1 either to throw Scum off his trail or because he copped Cat5 so his action was useless. And you realize that the whole cop claims are pointless now that the actual cop is dead. But still, you claimed that Mojo is Scum but then voted Orange? And we're all going to have to vote the same player to avoid Scum from winning through a last minute vote change. Also @Jeod @Shade do we get a Lylo or Mylo notification if there is one?
  10. Alright, I'm pretty sure that Mojoman and Brigitte or Mojoman and ChopBam are Scum. It's more of an intuition thing and this is one of those moments where I'd normally pull out a gun and correctly daykill a hostile. This is assuming Retaliation was actually trolling, because it doesn't make sense for him to not catch Orange if he was targeted by a lawyer N2. I would've jumped all over him, especially on D3 with KY already being outed. Players Role N1 N2 N3 Alignment Cat5 Unknown Unknown --- --- Town FRAYDO Oracle --- Target KY --- Town Irish Mojoman - Town Brigitte - Town --- Town Mojoman None? Brigitte - Town --- Retaliation Cop Orange - Mafia Orange - Town Died Town Louis Miller --- --- --- Town ChopBam Killing You – Mafia Protect - Orange --- Orange Brigitte - Town Retaliation - Town --- Killing You Janitor --- --- --- Mafia Brigitte Irish - Town Retaliation - Town ---
  11. Since actions can't be changed within an hour. I will say that there are only 3 people left who could be the cop if we're assuming Cat5 wasn't the cop. Myself, Orange, or Brigitte.
  12. You guys are forgetting that KY voted to lynch Louis so she's probably the miller >.> And Chop, still waiting on your cop report. Although at this rate, we have to hope to hit the lawyer with a cop action since the vanilla mafia one would show up at Town. Players Role N1 N2 Alignment Cat5 Unknown Unknown --- Town FRAYDO Oracle --- Target KY Town Irish Mojoman - Town Retaliation - Town Mojoman None? Brigitte - Town Retaliation Orange - Mafia Orange - Town Louis Vanilla Mafia or Miller Everyone - Mafia --- ? ChopBam Killing You – Mafia Protect - Orange Orange Brigitte - Town Retaliation - Town Killing You Janitor --- --- Mafia Brigitte Irish - Town Retaliation - Town
  13. ##vote Killing You I'll update my chart after work tonight. Don't forget to post your cop actions.
  14. If I missed anything, let me know. Players Role N1 Alignment Cat5 Unknown Unknown Town FRAYDO Irish Mojoman - Town Mojoman Retaliation Orange - Mafia Louis Everyone - Mafia ChopBam Killing You – Mafia Protect - Orange Orange Brigitte - Town Killing You FRAYDO - Town Brigitte Irish - Town
  15. I expected to be on but it didn't happen, unfortunately. As for Louis, I'm not sure. I don't feel that she's done anything really out of the usual (I'm pretty sure she's going to try to kill me in every game with the same fervor as Voe/Nodlied). I mean, due to her being my friend I'd rather not spoil her mafia fun right away but I don't have an actual defense for her since there's not much to defend. And my cop claim, Mojoman is Town. I'll try to whip up a chart sometime before hammer. Hm...I went back to read all the posts and there's not too much to go off of. That said, I'm mostly suspicious of Fraylied, Robochop, and Orange. They all voted for Cat5 while he was kill N1. It could be a coincidence or it could be that at least one of them is Scum and was trying to get rid of him early. Orange did end up taking off his vote but that doesn't really clear him imo.
  16. Well that's certainly unexpected. I was going to post this to prove to cat5 that I really was busy the other day. Anyway, today was pretty crazy at work so I'm gonna catch some shuteye and post tomorrow since I have Monday off.
  17. I suppose I'll try to save myself and then scumhunt after work tomorrow. ##No Lynch
  18. I'm out walking/running with a huskie named Apollo and Louis, and I doubt I'll be back in time to Scum hunt before hammer, so if you guys want to lynch me, go ahead. It won't hurt too bad.
  19. Ah, you got me, except it's a bit early for that but since you mentioned it, here you go.
  20. Cat5 must be Scum since he didn't tell me that the game started.
  21. If it wasn't for Shade's luck, prepared defenses could've caused much more chaos in the game, even resulting in my death. Or if I was nightkilled N1 like Orange and Brigitte initially wanted to, FRAYDO blocked me so I would've died.
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