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  1. All the others could block me though, enabling a kill.
  2. Call it revenge for me being the best Town as Third Party in CYOR IV and Town killed me anyway :b And there were several ways to kill me at least. Power Stone, Soul Stone, Reality Stone, Prepared Defenses, Disable, Webbing, Photon Blast, and Chauffeur.
  3. Although I did request to be Town or Neutral.
  4. I mean it wasn't quite what I asked. I just wanted to be Stan Lee and not have to generally worry about dying so I could enjoy the marvel universe :b
  5. *Reads the last lines of the dead doc* For the record, I only made her wait 5-10 minutes in moderately chilly weather and only partially due to Mafia.
  6. Louis can't wait for another game (I'm hearing all about it :b) so does anyone have anything in mind/prepared?
  7. The first person you suggested to kill is me, not to mention you voted me D1. Then, the night after trying to negotiate with me you try to kill me yet again...
  8. I'm currently reading the Scum doc...I'm glad iLTS killed Brigitte.
  9. I wish I was able to clock out on time*
  10. To be fair, mostly because of Jeod's screw up. I was I clocked out on time so I could've told Louis to Power Stone you and then vote KY (as that would've covered all bases)
  11. So Town lost, oh well. He avenged KY and Louis at least 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. I'm happy with this. It's a Town, Third Party, and Neutral victory.
  13. You can undo ILTS's bus action for N5 to kill him, just a heads up.
  14. Oh well, I was considering it but doesn't matter to me much.
  15. ##No Lynch I guess considering there's nothing else to do.
  16. Yep, I was reading it all. Btw, I lied about changing alignments when attacked. I'm still Neutral. So unless iLTS cares to vote Brigitte tomorrow, Scum wins.
  17. And iLTS you do steal before they can pass otherwise you wouldn't have been able to steal the Reality stone from me. So make sure to steal from either KY or Brigitte in hopes of getting the Mind Stone. KY, if you want to undo any action, you can undo iLTS stealing the Power Stone from Louis on N3, that way it's in the hands of known Town (no offense iLTS).
  18. But Louis claim self healing, so it sounds like night BP. If anything, I expect iLTS to die as a final revenge from Scum. Also, you said you only have to stow away half while you've already Stowe's away 1, right iLTS? That means you should be able to use one still, so there's that. And just steal from KY or Brigitte. If you nab the mind stone, you've found Scum.
  19. iLTS, do you know if you'd steal action happens before your pass action?
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