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  1. Oh, so my replies at IA-Criticism is made only of insulting and no objection.. Whatever but : Simple formula - 1.Highly (potentional) unfriendly surrounding on server when people can insult each other in any way and use any humiliating impersonations > 2.absolutely adequate people (can) became enraged/triggered/offensively-defensive/any other "radical" type of activity > 3. administration starts judge ALL of them > 4. some who have a bit more brains(and cares about it at some point) starts talk about it with administration > 5. they getting replies like - "dont feed the troll" > 6. part of playerbase starts judging and insult administration (feeding the trolls at other words), because thats actually their jurisdiction > 7. this people gotting to "black lists"(lol) of administration > 8. administration look at all(mostly/partially) replies of this people from perspective of point 6. > 9. you(also me and dozens of other players) getting in circle of hypocrisy and missunderstandings. So, everything is actually okay but I really doubt that by racial slurs - you mean any type of racial slur - as Europid > Negroid/ Negroid > Europid / Europid > Mongoloid /etc Note: Everything above goes to Interim Apex server administration/moderation and have nothing to forum/W3Dhub administration.
  2. The translation may be wrong but i don't exactly understand this part..? Sorry. Can you rephrase it. Thats old meme, i dont know if it had spread out in this internet section - Possible interpreting - Person so salty/angry (fat) that his tallow even leaking out of this threde. (I highly dont like this type of memes... or speech, just... a bit filthy (more like not cultural) Much appreciate. will be even more appreciate if social aspekt (imnotgermanlol) aspect will be "regulated" at some point. also : <3
  3. On VHS cassette I highly apologies before person which will delete it out of here for extra work time.
  4. Thats quite a huge leakage out of thread. @Threve I am a bit out of this and offtoping, so dont take me too serious, but... for example talk/argue with administration to improve/add/tweak rules..... (on server)
  5. Real prefix : (Not)Funny Moderation Everytime i see @F00ker muting or kicking someone from IRC without saying a reason to log. (Or just anytime i see @F00ker) P.S: Looks like this is only type of replies i can make, but i hope i will do something except this.... someday.
  6. From "Shotgunning Practice" topic True ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Joke Fact is - its still appropriate
  7. @TemporaryName As for me - he is just kidding. You know when you unexpectedly died in some game, from some absolutely minor thing and on emotions - you saying some funny thing/sweared. And thing is - you know that this is your own fault or just accidental thing, you just expressed your emotions. He just droping this in chat because: A - he feeling better after it. B - he is bored C - he is just fooling D - any other thing which will fit and can be think out of first three possible reasons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you&#39;re saying it from point that someone will see this kind of messages and make a conclusion about content and balancing aspekt... well, we both not <10 years old, so we both understanding that this is a bit dumb, you just cant make a conclusion about content based on this kind of talk, on @Geko400ring's example. How i see it - *Geko got nuked* > *Geko expressed his indignation in chat* > *Limado joked out Geko/situation* > *Geko joked Limado* > *Both laughed and went killing people* > * I choked on water cuz i finding this pretty funny* If you think that he trying to somehow(in some really impossible and magic way) blacken this server because he is not much pleased with balancing/gameplay aspekt... - then you or really paranoid or highly incompetent... or something else lol Also.. why person should agree/disagree with any form of information it see(I just really see too many people like this or which seems to be last time). Its just imformation - notice it without any grading and improve your point of view/vision/etc later, for example. If winning and being mvp is only thing which must(lol) makes you feel happy in multiplayer of... somewhat competitive nature - well then here is something really wrong with some people here, and not because thats their opinion, but because thats one and only possible objective opinion. - Not personally you but here is plenty of this kind. ----------------------------------------------------------- True, thats their own decision to write changelog or no. Still at least some amount of information is highly appreciated. ( and actually we getting this information from other topics/on server, so nice, thanks). Some really broken(at some point)/logic-killing units - will be tweaked only in next update, thing is - some of them where "broken" for years and people were talking about it till they got bored. - still annoying, still - thats their content - they have full right to do what they want to do. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Other thing is - if that on IA staff opinion its obvious that its caused by his/enemy player lag+renegade netcode but for him somehow its not obvious or... he is trolling, who knows? if you read his message like this thousands of time: Is possibly a way of trolling and blackening of server content or if you just not appreciate it(as moderator) cuz you're triggered by it - then everyone who is here and not IA staff is in wrong place Key word : -------------------------------- Im reading this, so we already have at least two living persons which knows about last two replies, woo-yay.
  8. Till Testament describes point of any person with at least one living braincell in this situation - there is no point in talking about it. Otherwise: If you dont want to hear "complaining" on server - add the rule to "!rules" so players which giving suggestions, fooling/joking about gameplay side, trying to objectly criticize your content - wont waste their time and be called "trolls" in the end, same as modders will be not enraged (by their a bit uncompetent/higly subjective vision in this situations). If you waiting something from people at your place - please make so people will know what they can or should do and what they can't and should not do - Make so person can get this important information on server, cuz not every player will see this thread or even care about this forum. + Its just logicaly correct. Or add some "message of day" when player joining the server, or add some text at some corner of screen which saying - "We not taking, and not want to listen to any kinds of suggestion, critics, etc" - so again - people will not waste their time and nerves same as modders won't get some neurosis. And till all of this not done - you guys looks(actually, you probably are) like just manipulators which want to get some ideas from side but dont wanna to "disturb" yourselves with how you treat this people. If you dont want to make your server civilised by adding rules like "respect other people and yourself" - for example - at least do what i meantioned above --------------------------------------------------------- Some minor things: If person get muted - please name the reason of mute and again - add for what person can get a mute to - "!rules" If person muted - it can't use and CMDs.... any. Thats frustrating. Its like you got a mute for some unexplained reason which you cant even see in server rules and after it - you can't even use veteran commands to improve your abillities on battlefield - its like double faceslap. As result : 1. Sucking off Testament will lead to more positive and worthfull consequences (at least cuz this person mind something except his own point and what is more important - objective and wide point of view) than trying to got some experience or give some suggestions/help/etc with this team. 2. Personal question to KTFF which was provoked by his speech (even if this topic obviosly was written not by himself alone) - Is it very hard, painfull and expansive to make colorfull five-edged star tattoo on your's sphincter ? Little advice - Think twice before posting your opinion/criticism/suggestions here - your object can easily be ignored by taking parts of your text out of context, and saying that this is your point, without even trying to see objection in your words. (I hope they are neutral(adequate) to form of suggestions when you just throwing some ideas/suff without even a word about must/should this be added or waits for some agreement) So if you got here and still wanna help(in some way) this team -
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