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Found 109 results

  1. Hey guys, just a quick note about the launcher. Several of you have noticed that you can no longer log into the launcher and have notified us of this. After some digging, we have found the cause and we are working on it. Basically it is a side-effect of the last forum upgrade a few weeks ago. Between now and such time as we should have it fixed, it is possible that more people will begin to experience this issue. Fear not! This does not mean that things are still breaking or getting worse. We have our best people on it and hope to have a solution up and running Soon™ We will make an announcement when this issue has been resolved.
  2. OWA

    Forum Update

    The forum was updated last night to the latest version of IPBv4 and there are a couple of bugs with the Reborn skin that need addressing. Keeping you guys in the loop is important, so if you see anything that looks wonky, please feel free to submit a bug. [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  3. Happy Birthday to Kane's Wrath, which turns 10 years old today! Kane's Wrath is one of our personal favourites out of the C&C series here at W3D Hub because it's just an absolute blast to play in multiplayer! In the past we've had some epic games with the likes of @Voe, @madrox8, @Killing_You, @VERTi60 and others which we've gotten a lot of fun and laughs from over the years. CNCNZ has also reported on this, providing some of the history behind the game in their coverage as well. Be sure to check out that article here! Also, on top of that, GameReplays.org have organized the Decade Cup and it's all culminating today with the final being held today! Catch it being streamed here live on Twitch by bikerushownz and kochevnik (if you're a Russian speaker)! The finalists are Phoenix and Masterleaf, and the prize pool is $2200, which is the largest since the EA-sponsored Ladder Season 3! More information on the event is available here and last week's semifinals and quarterfinals are also available to watch. Look out for the replays of the finals somewhere soon! Here's to another 10 years to this great expansion for this great game! Here's hoping that C&C Online is still serving the community by then as well, so that we can continue to play online. [blurb]Happy Birthday to Kane's Wrath, which turns 10 years old today![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_kaneswrath.png[/thumb]
  4. We are currently experiencing a TeamSpeak Server outage. We're not quite sure what's causing it just yet, but we'll try and get it fixed as soon as possible. Please bear with us as we work to rectify the issue. For now, please feel free to use our Discord server as an alternative for VOIP. Cheers![blurb]We are currently experiencing a TeamSpeak Server outage. Please bear with us as we work to rectify this issue. Edit: This has now been resolved! Thankyou for your patience![/blurb][thumb]thumb_tsr.0.png[/thumb]
  5. Now that my entire family knows I'll announce it here. If all goes as well, in January of 2018 an AkheroMini shall greet this world. This is my first, so naturally I'm nervous, happy, scared shitless, excited, etc. Any 'veterans' out there have any advise for a first time daddy? :)
  6. Gamefront is officially back from the dead! The team over at DBolical (ModDB & IndieDB) bought the rights to it back in 2016 and now the dream of re-hosting it has now come to pass! Back before it's untimely closure, Gamefront was one of the best places to find game-related files on the interent. There's a ton of old C&C content hosted over there and they are hoping that the community can help them fill in the blanks! Check out their announcement video! Check out this post here to find out more! There's also an FAQ here![thumb]custom_thumb_gamefront.0.png[/thumb] [blurb]Gamefront is officially back from the dead thanks to the guys over at DBolical![/blurb]
  7. A big congratulations is in order for the Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising crew, as we have snagged an honourable mention in the Indie DB Players Choice for Best Upcoming Indies 2017! This means that we actually made it into the top 5, but didn't get any higher than our previous record (3rd place). Check out the news on Indie DB's site right here! We should be really proud of this, as we are standing shoulder to shoulder with commercial Indie Games such as Mount & Blade, as well as games that have been crowdfunded. The fact that we're still here placing high on the awards roster shows that our project is truly special and our fans are with us all the way! This is a brilliant Christmas present and a great way to round out the year; so, from the AR team to you, the fans, we thank you! There's more results coming tomorrow, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn have managed to win anything, as well as other mods from around the C&C community! Also as a side note, our friends over at Tiberian Sun Rising, won 5th place in the best upcoming mod in the Mod DB awards this year! Big congratulations to them! You can check out Assassin's long-anticipated project by clicking here! [thumb]custom_thumb_ioty2017.png[/thumb] [blurb]Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising has received an honourable mention in this year's Players Choice for Best Upcoming Indies hosted by Indie DB![/blurb]
  8. The entire team at W3D Hub wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope you all have lots of joy during the holidays and spend some time with your families and friends! [thumb]custom_thumb_xmas.0.png[/thumb]
  9. Hi everyone! We've been busy behind the scenes updating the forum a little bit, so allow me to quickly take you through the changes! The Tiberian Sun: Reborn skin was causing errors across several different areas of the forum, so we've re-made it. It should be a lot nicer to use now and should be less broken now. This will also pave the way to allow us to create more forum skins. (APB next!) We now have a forum calendar! We will be putting events on it (like game nights) so that you guys can easily see what's coming up. You can also subscribe to the events calendar as well which will notify you when new events are posted! Handy stuff! We've also got more plans for this feature in the future, so watch this space! Our Bug Tracker has now gone public! If you find any issues with our games, feel free to leave us a bug report! More projects will become available for bugging when they are released! Big thanks to @moonsense715 for creating and improving the bug tracker that we prototyped ages ago! We'll be providing a tutorial on how to post bugs soon, but feel free to have a go if you feel like it! There's now a link under the Chat menu tab which contains all of the TeamSpeak info! We didn't have this before, but we do now! There are now a few quick links listed under the Forums menu tab which act as a shortcut to the major discussion forums! The reputation system is back! You can now like posts again, which was something that a few people missed when an IPB update broke the visual styling a few months back! As ever, if you have any comments or feedback on how to improve the forum, please let us know and we'll be happy to hear them! [blurb]We've been busy behind the scenes updating the forum! Read all about it in this update![/blurb] [thumb]custom_thumb_ipb.png[/thumb]
  10. That's right folks! Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising have all made it to IndieDB's top 100 for released and unreleased categories respectively! You also can still vote for us to be narrowed down even further and get a shot at winning some awards by heading here and voting for us! http://www.indiedb.com/groups/2017-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100 We've had a bit of bad luck with the awards in recent years, but thanks to all your dedication as W3D fans, we've shown the world that once again we can brush shoulders with the best of them. Every year the competition gets stiffer, but the fact that we made it just goes to show and there's still life in the old dog yet. Finally, a big congratulations goes out to other C&C projects that made it into the ModDB top 100 this year! Feel free to head on over and support our friends making C&C mods (especially Tiberian Sun: Rising) at the following link! http://www.moddb.com/groups/2017-mod-of-the-year-awards/top100 Cheers everyone! [thumb]custom_thumb_ioty2017.png[/thumb] [blurb]We've made it to the IndieDB top 100 with Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising! Thanks to everyone who voted for us![/blurb]
  11. We were recently approached for an interview by our friends over at the German fansite, C&C Saga. Special thanks to AnNo1935 of C&C Saga for conducting the interview and to ChopBam of our own staff for being our representative. Be sure to visit their website @ http://www.cncsaga.de/ Interview available in German and English! Follow the link here to read the interview or click the image below. [blurb]We were recently approached for an interview by our friends over at the German fansite, C&C Saga. Visit their website and read all about it! Interview available in German and English![/blurb]
  12. [blurb]Hot on the heels of version 0.7.5, version 0.8 of the launcher brings you the first functioning version of the chat lobby! This has been a long requested feature and I hope everyone finds it useful.[/blurb] Hot on the heels of version 0.7.5, version 0.8 of the launcher brings you the first functioning version of the chat lobby! This has been a long requested feature and I hope everyone finds it useful. Additional changes include; Tweak how URLs are launched to try and fix issue with Chrome crashing (#50) Login dialog now focuses the nickname field when opened (#49) Please report any issues on the Launcher Issues Tracker or here in the forums
  13. [blurb]The issue tracker for the launcher is now available to the public. This allows you to report bugs, suggest new features or improvements or just have a look at what's on our roadmap for the launcher. You can also vote for issues to let us know which features you want the most![/blurb] The issue tracker for the launcher is now available to the public. This allows you to report bugs, suggest new features or improvements or just have a look at what's on our roadmap for the launcher. You can also vote for issues to let us know which features you want the most! You can access the issues list at https://gitlab.com/w3dhub/w3dhub-launcher-net/issues Note that you will need a gitlab account to report issues, but you can also login with Google Auth, Twitter Auth and GitHub accounts so most users won't even need to create a completely new (unless you want to). If you report a new issue you can sign up for email notifications when we reply to your issue and once we've fixed it. You can also subscribe to existing issues by clicking the "Subscribe" button in Notifications section of the toolbar on the right (when you are signed in)
  14. An update is available to the W3D Hub launcher which improves the login process and integrates with the live forum environment correctly. Thanks to @moonsense715 for his efforts in reverse engineering the missing parts from the original IPB v3 integration. Note that, as has always been the case, unless you are a staff member or tester there is no benefit to logging in at present.
  15. [blurb]A few forum updates are in the works, read about them here![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_w3d.1.png[/thumb]Hi everyone! Just a few small community updates really. You may have noticed that the forum thread icons have changed slightly. Today I went through and gave them some much needed love which should hopefully make navigating the forum a lot easier on the eyes and provide a much more consistent visual experience! A couple of other things that I want to mention. Since we've moved across to IPB's 4.0 version of the forum software, we have only managed to get the Reborn skin back up and working. However, work has begun on bringing back the classic APB skin, so watch out for that one in the future! Finally, @moonsense715 and I have been working hard to bring the bug tracker back online! This will be fully integrated into the forum, so there won't be any external links for you to bookmark! Special thanks goes out to everyone who has donated to us! We really aren't able to bring big community improvements such as the download manager, bug tracker and other add-ons without you guys, so please know that you are helping shape and improve this community in an incredible way. We've got more improvements in the pipeline that we'll be sharing with you in the future, but for this is a taste of what to expect in the next few weeks. As ever if you guys have any feedback, or want to see us add something to the community that you think would benefit it, please feel free to let us know! Leave a thread in the W3D Hub Discussion forum or pm one of the admins!
  16. [blurb]As July draws near a close, check out what's been happening here![/blurb] As July draws near a close, check out what's been happening here! Staff Updates Nodlied Nodlied has been shifted up a notch from Staff to Staff Moderator. Our Testing Director now wields a shiny obelisk with which to ban rowdy testers with! NodGuy With full recommendations from our moderation team, NodGuy has been brought aboard as our newest half-moderator for the APB server. He's a regular player, level-headed, and knows the rules. Jeod Furthermore in the Server Moderator usergroup, Jeod has been promoted from half-moderator to full moderator. He has proven himself trustworthy in his moderation duties and as such been granted full permissions in IRC and in-game. Congratulations you guys! Project News The team behind Expansive Civilian Warfare (or ECW) has just opened their sub-forum to release Dev updates in. Read up on their announcement here if you missed it! A Reborn update was also posted today, which you can read here. Closing That about wraps up this small community update. Until next time!
  17. [blurb]Red Alert: A Path Beyond featured on the Mod DB front page![/blurb] Red Alert: A Path Beyond featured on the Mod DB front page! Edit: Tiberian Sun: Reborn also featured!
  18. [blurb]Hey, how about a little community update! Couple happenings here and there within our community and others, so let's get up to speed.[/blurb] Hey, how about a little community update! Couple happenings here and there within our community and others, so let's get up to speed. Long Live CNCNZ! If you missed the commotion from this past week, founder of CNCNZ.com Sonic stepped down and the website was on the verge of going offline. Fortunately, returning administrator Zee Hypnotist has taken it upon himself to keep the site running and continue the legacy. Alongside admins Plokite_Wolf and Nmenth, CNCNZ will prevail! Give those guys a visit sometime! They have also recently upgraded their Technical Support & Help Guides section, otherwise known as the Service Depot, to assist fans in installing all C&C games under modern operating systems! Link provided by clicking on the image. "It's time to play the game(s), commanders, and now you have the means of doing so!" - Plokite_Wolf New Hires Back to our community, we have some new hires to our staff team. They're likely familiar faces to you, or perhaps completely new. Whichever the case, please welcome our new team members! Ice Lifetime RA-lism advocate and long-time member of the community, Ice has been brought on to the team. Collaborating closely with Wallywood, Ice will be helping out with Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0 and already has a couple of new models to show off! Expect to see these in a TSR update soon! Testament Testament has been a long-time member of the Expansive Civilian Warfare mod, going way back to when the project had the name Roleplay 2 and even before the now Lead Producer Jerad joined. A dedicated player and fan, he not only has done numerous bug testing over the years but has played the role of ECW planner and testing director on occasions. Now an official member of our staff, Testament will be in charge of ECW Public Relations. Be on the lookout for announcements and previews of Expansive Civilian Warfare as we look to release it! SilverShark Better known ingame as Totd, SilverShark has been brought aboard our staff. We just really like his APB Madness videos. Discord Little milestone here. Since launching our Discord server, we have hit over 100+ members! In interesting happenings there, CMDBob has been revealing his Civilian Tech Centre progress in the #a-path-beyond channel as well as collaborating with Pushwall on some scripts work. Our official testing communications has also moved over here, so for you potential tester applicants Discord is a must! Even if you are not a modeler, a scripts junkie, or interested in become a tester, come join the discussion anyway! We have folks watching the progression of our projects from there, some even showing off their own and looking for feedback. You can even just talk about your day, maybe share a meme or two in our #general-chat, and find some friends to play other games together with. Closing This wraps up this little update! Be on the lookout for some project news going out soon!
  19. [blurb]Version 0.7.3 of the W3D launcher is now live. [/blurb]Version 0.7.3 of the W3D launcher is now live. This version fixes some issues with the server list when logging in and out multiple times and includes additional diagnostics for cases where non-english versions of Windows are having problems downloading packages. If you are running a non-english version of Windows, please report the errors.log contents if you have an installation failure with this version - it will include additional information about exactly which package name it's having problems with.
  20. Kotaku UK have featured W3D Hub in a fairly lengthy article that sheds a nice light on what Command & Conquer-related projects we are working on. A while back I met a freelance journalist who was really interested in covering the work that we do here. Over the course of a few months, I gave them some info about the community and the result was this article! A link to the article can be found right here: http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/05/02/the-renegades-remaking-command-conquer-as-firstperson-shooters Although it's great to get acknowledged by a major gaming publication, there are unfortunately a few inaccuracies that are mentioned in the article. I've listed the facts below to set the record straight: Renegade was a 2002 game, not a 2005 game @OWA is currently moonlighting as a Seconded Game Designer at creative Assembly, so no longer a Tester (for now) Renegade X was in development as far back as 2007, so the devs didn't all leave to make Reborn in 2011 as the article suggests @OWA didn't have much of a hand in the handing over of Reborn at all. That task was masterminded by @Wallywood, who made sure that the game was in good hands before moving it back over to what was then Bluehell Productions It's Nod, not NOD (old joke is old) MCT terminals, i.e. Master Control Terminal Terminals Reborn doesn't feature Thieves The section about 2009 graphics upgrades is uninformed. Here's the scoop straight from @saberhawk: "We slowly took over the rendering engine and rebuilt most of it a few times; the original game was D3D8 (DirectX 8), all the latest things are D3D11 (DirectX 11)" Even with these inacurracies, it's really great to see this level of attention from a major game news site (even if it's only from the UK branch of Kotaku) and get our message out there that C&C isn't quite dead yet. This shows that even though we're creating games on an older engine, it still continues to spark interest, which I think is amazing. I'm really proud of what we achieve every day here and I think we should all enjoy being in the limelight as one of the few teams still standing that is continuing to carry the banner for the Command & Conquer franchise and fans everywhere! With improvements and new site features on the way, W3D Hub is going to be a community that will be around for years to come! Stay tuned for more good stuff right here! [blurb]Kotaku UK have covered W3D Hub in an exciting news article, featuring our very own OWA![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_tsr.j.png[/thumb]
  21. [blurb]Announcing another Pick-Up Game for this weekend![/blurb] Announcing another Pick-Up Game for this weekend! JOIN TEAMSPEAK @ ts.w3dhub.com TO PLAY on Saturday (May 6th) at 7:00 PM GMT (EU) / 2:00 PM CST (US) Come on by and join the fun! Time has been set an hour earlier than the previous PUG. Full details pertaining to PUG rules and how to join can be found here. See you on the battlefield!
  22. [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb] [blurb]Version 0.7.2 of the W3D launcher is now live.[/blurb]Version 0.7.2 of the W3D launcher is now live. This version adds under the hood improvements to the server listings to make them more reliable.
  23. [blurb]Forum Mafia news! Our community has received an invite to participate in the Mafia World Championship![/blurb] [thumb]custom_thumb_thekgbspy.png[/thumb] Interesting news on the Mafia front. Our community has received an invite to partake in the Mafia World Championship held annually over at Mafia Universe. Our chosen representative will be Voe, with Category5 as alternate. Communities from all over participate in these games, and this is our opportunity to come out on top! Join me in cheering on Voe! May the odds be ever in his favour! Full thread in our Off-Topic section :: https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/topic/416196-invitation-to-mafia-championship/
  24. [blurb]C&C Renegade turns 15 today! Come join us by celebrating the game that started it all, as we recall past battles and look back at the game's history.[/blurb] [thumb]custom_thumb_ren.png[/thumb] It's been 15 years since C&C Renegade was first released to the public! No matter what the critics say, this game is an incredible and unique experience that has only been matched by the mods that it has spawned. Without Renegade, this community wouldn't be where it stands today because the hours spent tinkering with modding projects has shaped the way that this community has grown over the years and brought us all together to make awesome things! Renegade is a game with an engine that still manages to keep surprising us and it's truly a fun engine to mod for. Hopefully we'll still be here in another 15 years time at W3D Hub to celebrate Renegade's 30th birthday. Every day the community for the original game gets smaller, but we hope to keep it's spirit alive for as long as we can. Here's to you old friend.
  25. Hi guys! Even though it's already halfway through February, here's a new avatar theme. Well not so much a theme as an invitation to change your avatar to anything! This month is Everyone's February, so feel free to express yourself by changing your avatar to whatever you like! Feel free to express yourself and have some fun! By the way, Ninjas beat Pirates last month with 9 votes to 5. I guess the pirates didn't have a (wooden) leg to stand on!
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