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Blog 75 (02/04/08)

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Welcome to this week's blog. This blurb serves as an introductary section to break you all in nicely. Broken in now? Ok, let's get on with the updates!


<h3>Soviet Conscript WIP</h3>

The Soviet Union and their affiliated states perfered to use conscripted soldiers to comprise the bulk for their military. As a light infantry unit, Conscripts are armed with PPSH41 submachine guns, and while ineffective in small numbers they can, in swarms, engage medium units and defenses with ease.


As their name suggests, these infantrymen consist of drafted personnel. Although less skilled than their Allied counterparts, Conscripts are cheap to train and deploy. One typical tactic that is employed by the Soviet Union is to make use of the Cloning Vats to create large numbers of Conscript infantry to overwhelm the enemy through numbers.


This was modelled by me! Enjoy! (Notice the new render background from Soviet Deso)




<h3>MP5 Sub-Machine Gun</h3>

Ric has been working on getting the MP5 ready for unwrapping. The model is just about done now, minus a couple of minor details. Check it out! 9This is the SEAL's main weapon.




<h3>Cel Shaded Stuff</h3>

I'm really getting into rendering things using this method at the moment. Check out the latest stuff that I have rendered in this comic book style!



<h3>Team Messages</h3>

Cake Stall Tomorrow! :)


I have discontinued working on C&C Reborn. I wish them the best of luck for their future releases! (The Reborn mod I am making on my own will continue in development though.) I also finished Kane's Wrath and have now started on Dawn of War: Soulstorm :)


cfehunter and Ross played RA2 with me and it was epic. My naval base was taken down too quickly by cfe's boomers though. :D I got him back when he lost all his buildings in the next match though :) Good games!


<h3>OWA's Community Müller Corner</h3>



srowell3 has released a bunch of cool RAlism addons for APB. get them here.


Other than that......


.....I am Duffman!


<h3>Project of the Week</h3>

Project of the week is the flying toilet mod!


This is a fun little mod by Viperxp23 for C&C Renegade which spawns a flying toilet when you buy something using the Nod Airstrip.


Get it here.


Have fun with thie classic mod!



Next week we shall have more cool stuff. See you then!


Seriously, you can stop reading now.

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Guest Deadpikle

:< Flying toilets ftw. Conscript looks nice..along with the gun. The scope-look-alike on the gun though - does this mean the seals gun will have a slight scope? D: Correct me if I'm wrong and that's not a scope :X

I wanna play YR/RA2 with you guys. I wonder why we always have problems....D:

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Guest Kakashi
The scope-look-alike on the gun though - does this mean the seals gun will have a slight scope?

Aren't those just ironsights? That should just be part of the design, as I doubt w3d can do a proper "ironsight mode"...
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Guest Srowell3

deos anyoneahve a pic of a flying toilet? if not i will isntall and host! :D





Edited by Srowell3
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Nice conscript


Will the sovjet Barracks have one floor?Or also have a cellar?



It's going to have a basement.

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Guest =NX=VinGummi2

Now I know why soviets always loose, they have no heads (and thus no brains too) :p but nice conscript anyway


Like that MP5 too.


And when do we get to test any of these things?

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Guest Rufrky

Looking at those cell shaded images make me feel like i am reading a comic book. I would ROFL if the next blog was done as a comic book style. :)


Keep up the good work. :D

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