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Cannot join server


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When you say "installed it" do you mean installed the launcher, or also installed Interim Apex on the launcher? You have to install the game on the launcher as well; go to the Games tab.

If you have already installed the version of IA on the launcher then that's as far as my knowledge goes, but someone else should know more.

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Here i am again... sorry!

tried to join via w3d launcher, got games tab with renegade installed, clicked "play now" and nothing happen.

went to server browser tab, clicked join server on interim apex official server an got nothing...


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Uninstalling and reinstalling the game won't do anything that the repair option won't do... In fact it's likely not even redownloading anything since it's already cached the downloaded files.


It would be more useful to upload the errors.log file from your documents/w3d hub/launcher folder. It's also possible that the launcher is starting the game just fine but it's crashing or hanging for some reason, in which case you might have a crashdump file in the ia install folder

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