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Interim Apex Summer/May Build 2019


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@Kaskins do you want us to provide our feedback in this announcement thread, or elsewhere?


The humvee felt very weird at low speeds today.  Not sure if I just hit some random oddities or if the low gears have changed.

Goliath weapon changes are going to be interesting to see, I'll have to give it a go.

Ditto for the physics changes on the strykers and ships.

Dynamite changes: that's like clipping KTFF's wings!  You monster :D

Infantry re-arrangements: nice to see the suit'd versions of characters now cost more, so hopefully strategies other than PIC suits will come more into play.

Projectile velocity equation: interesting.  I know from previous experience on another game that projectile speeds are hard to get right, and that putting random numbers in (as I do) never seems to cut it without lots of iterative testing.  I presume by "weapon size" you mean the shell diam, and that you're only applying this to non-gravity shell weapons?


> Vile Facility after multiple complain I have make the out of the map a death zone.

An instant-death zone or one that warns players as they approach it?  If this is invisible it's going to be hard to work out where is allowed and where is not (until you try it).

Hopefully not invisible instant-death, that's the brother of invisible walls and the child of Vanquisher turrets.


> Vile facility tree’s are now temp permanently indestructible. Yes Eco warfare. 


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I put some of the changelogs into a free neural network service.  Some highlights:


Mothballer update (for those wanting more mutants)

HE Flute grenade change from shrapnel to High Explosive

Tractor Beam weapon changed: changed to HE.

Mesopotamian Turret changed to M-12 machine guns.

Misc Changes:

Vitality increased from 100 to 110.

-enemy's movement speed will decrease by 1% each frame and when movement speed is down, enemy is affected by -35%

Fighter vehicle can be hit in 2 different areas ( the right and the left "belly" ) at once.

Aerosmith vehicle speed is higher now by about 10 meters

Chow Choy Rocket range increase from 117 to 149.

Goliath 80mm Tusk Rocket distance from target from 400m to 350m.

Orca & Apache Ghost 75 tank barrel speed decrease from 250 to 200%.

Sniper 60mm Vulcan Gun duration from 1.15 to 1.24 seconds.

Stalker 40mm Vulcan Gun distance range from 100 to 120m.

Tentacle now fires from the sides of the vehicle.

Now we know the real plans for the 2020 releases :D



The 120mm Mammoth Tank should be available sometime next year and will be priced roughly $200  (US) .
UPDATE: My son received a  new Mini Mammoth tank for Christmas!

I am not going to get into the specifications for the Mini Mammoth Tank,  just know that it is a  pretty  awesome looking design and this will need to be considered. I have attached a picture of it to the bottom,  please check this out if you are considering this tank over the others or just want to know why it is one of my favorite  tankers.

My god, this could easily be confused for actual mod feedback.   What have I done.

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