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TS: Reborn News Update (3 October 2019)

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I'm quite partial to the change of adding a defensive weapon the the AAPC. Especially with that lone one in the right-hand image.

I don't think that the argument of "oh, this vehicle can only drive and thus isn't fun" is a fair argument for this, though. The Chinook in APB is similar, but what keeps the Chinook fun is the careful balance of the high-risk, high-reward gameplay from a successful drop. The Chinook can't be targeted by Tesla coils, but can be easily seen by ground vehicles. The biggest thing that keeps the Chinook fun though, is it's mobility. It's the heaviest helo in APB but can still easily outrun most ground vehicles that pose a significant threat.

The AAPC doesn't have this mobility. But it does have many of the drawbacks that the Chinook has, which skews the balance in favor of the high-risk. The defensive gun, if mildly powerful against the main threat the AAPC faces, can skew that balance back.


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On 10/15/2019 at 3:29 PM, Nodlied said:

wall 'o text above

haha nerd

+1 to everything stated

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