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  1. Someone mentioned the M24 chaffee having a hard time penetrating T-34's. While that's true in our universe, it's highly likely that certain ammo types, such as HEAT-FS, APDS, HESH and possibly even APFSDS, which all saw developmental breakthroughs in our real-world late WWII and early Cold War. These rounds saw widespread use during cold-war conflicts and continue to be developed to this day. It would be likely that any M24-like tanks (and it's French, British, and German counterparts) would have been upgraded with a smoothbore 75mm to help support those rounds.
  2. I think the animation needs a little more weight to it. It looks very floaty.
  3. I'm quite partial to the change of adding a defensive weapon the the AAPC. Especially with that lone one in the right-hand image. I don't think that the argument of "oh, this vehicle can only drive and thus isn't fun" is a fair argument for this, though. The Chinook in APB is similar, but what keeps the Chinook fun is the careful balance of the high-risk, high-reward gameplay from a successful drop. The Chinook can't be targeted by Tesla coils, but can be easily seen by ground vehicles. The biggest thing that keeps the Chinook fun though, is it's mobility. It's the heaviest helo in APB bu
  4. This shouldn't be too much of a necro, if it is at all a necro. I finally got the chance to play the first dark souls when the "remaster" came out. Aside from FromSoft cheaping out a bit and not fixing many of the major issues that plagued the multiplayer (chain-backstabs and the like), I love the game. It's a perfect example, for the first half, on how to properly scale your difficulty without "scaling difficultly" that you seen in common AAA RPG's (see Elder scrolls IV, and V, and fallouts 3, NV, and 4). That's not to say that scaling difficulty doesn't have it's place, as it certainly
  5. Fun fact, if you ask Cortana about clippy, she'll actually talk about him. It's kinda cool.
  6. Sammy, I've been trying to stick up for you in game, but you're testing all of our patience here. Get your act together, grow up a bit. We're all playing the same game/games. Your behavior is unwarranted.
  7. What about instead of a flip phone, change it to the 1980's motorola dynaTAC (of course, a small LCD with something along the lines of "Automated structural repair v1.1" would be nice to have so it's not an exact copy). Of course, there's modeling, texturing, rigging and animating, though I'm sure with the correct placement the existing animation could be used. However, as far as how the repair tool works, I always imagined that the buildings in APB had an automated repair system that needed the ConYard to self activate, due to the individual buildings not having self repair AI (essential
  8. AZ-Stalker, while I understand your frustration, the colloquialisms that have arisen with the evolution of RenAlert and C&C Reborn into Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn will not be erased by such a move. It almost sounds like you're trying to make it a rule that no one can even mention "Reborn" when referring to TSR. This is something I do not support, though I admit, I could be stretching your meaning a bit. However, your adamant comments make me believe that I am not, especially since the topic at hand is over server rules. You cannot change how people refer to one thing
  9. I still have those documents and pushwall, ICE, or anyone who's up for it can send me a PM in order to help update them. Or we could just throw out all of the detailed information about unit stat's altogether and just leave them as-is without. I had a lot of fun creating them. Actually, ICE should still have edit perms. We are still missing many of the vehicle pictures for both documents and on top of that we are also missing an image for the RPG trooper.
  10. This file fixed the issue for me, though the first time it did crash the launcher. Will update if the problem comes back. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtYA5536lndTgZoMxI7N4wgvGnRyQA
  11. The versions of the launcher post 7.0.2 crash when I try to view the server browser. Visual Studio offered to run a debugger and came up with the following exception and to break the operation when this occurs Running with visual studio did not bring about this error.
  12. In reply to nospoons and those who want a community "made" map. While I feel like this is a good idea, one also has to remember that game design does tend to dictate otherwise. The biggest issue is that we all have our own ideas about what would make a map "good". There are a few maps that I feel are great because of their superior focus on one of the core tenants of APB. Fissure is heavily focused on infantry based combat, so much so that it leaves out all other types. Were the map any larger or smaller, it just wouldn't work out very well. But the map itself is well designed enough to make a
  13. What if we made pillboxes/flame towers have be man-able until destroyed? Battlezone II: Combat Commander did this and it would allow players to override the autonomous target prioritization. For example: A HT is rushing an enemy base supported by infantry, and allies are in defensive mode. The Heavy tank is the prioritized target due to the high risk factor as determined by the AI, but the rocket soldiers bought by allies mean that they are much more effective against it, but have reduced effectiveness against infantry. Thus, the soviet infantry have easier targets. However, if the pillbox was
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