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What I've been up to


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Well, Since around August of this year, I've been doing contract work as an electrician working 9 to 5... I also recently (as of last week) got laid off from said job due to a lack of available work in the area, so now I have had tons of free time to do random whatever. So I've taken it upon myself to start making skins.... Since there hasn't been any testing events recently, and I just haven't had much to do productively outside of waiting to get my pink slip to turn into the Union Hall, then get a quarter of my monthly wages in the form of unemployment until they find some other job site 2 hours away from me that I can start working at... (Fuck that tbh... I'm not doing that bullshit.) So while I'm waiting for interview calls, I've been letting my inner artist out by creating skins for War Thunder: The only game I've ever played for 67 months straight. please.... send help.....




So I guess... If anyone plays the game I could probably make an attempt to skin a vehicle or two since I'm starting to LEARN.

Anywho, thats pretty much what I've been up to outside of W3DHub as of late.... Life is a pretty wild ride.

War Thunder Screenshot 2019.11.23 -

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44 minutes ago, Goliath35 said:

Three vehicles worthy of a command and conquer treatment 
-M24 Chaffee > Allies
-M1 Abram series > GDI/Allies
-M3 Bradley > Nod 

Too bad there's no double barrelled tanks in War Thunder (Maus/M6A1's co-axial 75mm/37mm guns doesn't count) :(

Theres a Type-60 SPRG and the Ontos..... Those 3 tanks were already done though.

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