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Server hardware update and a small server side patch!

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[blurb]Housing and other server side fixes, as well as new hardware for the ECW server![/blurb]Hardware updateUpgraded the ECW server (was running an i5-3570, now running an i7-4770). Initial tests show much better SFPs, lowest I ever saw during a disaster was the nuclear disaster with 10 SFPS (there was one point where the framerate dropped way down but fairly sure it was caused by bad physics).


Housing Scripts updates•    Fixed a bunch of issues with the housing system:

  • I noticed recently that a couple players had homes that hadn’t been online in over 3 months, after looking at the code I discovered it was only counting time while players were in game, this has been fixed. Expect those homes to open up within the next month or so.
  • The Bill Auto Pay message now displays correctly with the proper information.
  • Bill Auto Pay is now cheaper in general (lowered the surcharge).
  • Bill Auto Pay now scales depending on the rent period so players with short rent times don’t get ripped off horribly.


Server Scripts updates from back in March:•    Several fixes with the secret object added last patch that allowed its position to be desynced client side.
•    A certain secret character can’t use vehicles or be favorited anymore.
•    Previously mentioned character won’t be attacked by other characters of its type.
•    A few phone fixes, it should disconnect from the previous call for most numbers now (let me know if you find one that doesn’t).
•    Housing Improvements that let you know when your house can’t have security.
•    Added a key to quickly to quickly repurchase defenses on your home.
•    Made several fixes to the housing system.

FPS Improvement DemoBelow is a quick video of one of the disaster events, as you can see it's holding closer to ~20 FPS, where it used to drop as low as 5-7 at times.


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On 8/11/2020 at 6:11 PM, Jerad2142 said:

Hardware update

That has to be a fire hazard. Looking forward to jumping into the server again with this improved FPS. Maybe even claim a house!

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