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Ban For TH


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On 10/24/2020 at 7:27 PM, razorz13 said:

I was Banned for TH...didnt manage to see the reason what i did? 

Good Evening Razorz13. 

You were banned by me for Team Hampering once again. Ever since I started playing this game two years ago you team hamper neraly every game in some way. Whether it's throwing grenades at buildings people are trying to build on your team, stealing other peoples vehicles and selling them (Or trying to destroy them), or your typical approach of stealing someone's vehicle then saying that they are team hampering you and to ban them.

I have pulled the IRC logs which unfortunately for me go back only 8 times. The fact there are 8 marks in there that aren't all just AFK really says something.



[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [24/10/20 - 19:19] [BAN] Razorz13 (46.103.38.) was banned by Threve for 'Teamhampering for the last time. Appeal @W3DHub.com'. (Ban ID 33)
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [23/10/20 - 18:07] [KICK] Razorz13 (46.103.38.) was kicked by Kickmofo for 'do it again and 24 hrs'.
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [11/01/20 - 19:36] [KICK] Razorz13 (79.167.111.) was kicked by Kickmofo for 'if you do that again its 24hr then perm ban'.
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [15/11/19 - 18:12] [KICK] Razorz13 (141.237.41.) was kicked by Kickmofo for 'show some respect'.
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [13/11/19 - 14:40] [KICK] Razorz13 (141.237.41.) was kicked by Threve for 'Once again Team Hampering'.
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [15/09/19 - 15:42] [KICK] Razorz13 (79.167.130.) was kicked by Threve for 'AFK'.
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [24/07/19 - 15:20] [KICK] Razorz13 (79.166.41.) was kicked by Threve for 'Constant team hampering every game. Next team hampering will result in a ban'.
[19:34:07] <Threve> [19:33:07] <~ikmapsbot> [24/07/19 - 15:17] [KICK] Razorz13 (79.166.41.) was kicked by ROZPIERDALATOR for 'th'.

What's not listed here is the numerous warnings i've given you which has to be in the 100's through ethier pm or in public chat. This decision is coming from me and other moderators that you've Team hampered against

In terms of what was the final straw, you took Toxickun's Vehicle then tried to drive it off into the ocean. Then in classic Razorz13 fashion blamed him.

It takes a lot for me to permantly ban someone from a game but every time. Every game. I have to spectate you and I am sick of baby sitting you especially since you know exactly what you're doing and have been warned banned before.


[19:13:01] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Toxickun - AAVP7A1     (Razorz13 did not purchase this vehicle since start of the match)


[19:15:32] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:34] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vlock
[19:15:35] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] WhereIsMyMedal - FAV 50.Cal
[19:15:36] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:39] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] AlexDaLegend: hearthat
[19:15:41] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:44] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Justice: i am going to find them
[19:15:44] <~ikmapsbot> Polecat: wind
[19:15:46] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Justice: and fuck them
[19:15:47] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:47] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Timeeeey: !stuck
[19:15:49] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:49] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] Timeeeey had a great fall (Technician/Gizmo Repair Gun Mk.III)
[19:15:52] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:52] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Razorz13: ffs
[19:15:53] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:15:54] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] Selicia killed NiteHawk HEADSHOT! (AMX-13/90mm Gun VS. Rocket Soldier Officer/Szakolczay 66mm Type R12 )
[19:15:56] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Timeeeey - Technician
[19:15:57] <~ikmapsbot> Selicia: ps
[19:15:59] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: GET OUT OF MY FUCKEN VEHCIALK
[19:16:02] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: ASSHOLE

[19:16:04] <~ikmapsbot> [VEHKILL] Howd_mydiktaste destroyed Snuffleuffagus's M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System (Black Hand Chameleon /AT4 CS VS. M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System)
[19:16:05] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: COASTAL REF
[19:16:05] <~ikmapsbot> [Crate] Selicia got the Tank Destroyer crate  ( Vehicle )
[19:16:05] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vlock
[19:16:06] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] WhereIsMyMedal killed besies HEADSHOT! (FAV 50.Cal VS. Deadeye/Calico M950 Pistol)
[19:16:08] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:09] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Razorz13: mine now

[19:16:10] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:13] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Mar10101 - Engineer
[19:16:13] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] Crane_Murder killed Snuffleuffagus (Nod Officer/AR7 Condor Chain Gun VS. GDI Rifleman/M3 Grenade)
[19:16:14] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vick
[19:16:14] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] MateNone: migs top
[19:16:16] <~ikmapsbot> Noizzer: stfu
[19:16:16] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:16] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: NONA AT COASTAL WATERS
[19:16:19] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:20] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Snuffleuffagus - Engineer
[19:16:22] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:23] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] A GDI Gun Tower killed Gsharp77 HEADSHOT! (Gun Tower VS. Rocket Soldier Officer/Szakolczay 66mm Type R12 )
[19:16:24] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Snuffleuffagus - M270 Mobile Launcher Rocket System
[19:16:24] <~ikmapsbot> Nod has captured the Forgotten Tiberium Silo!
[19:16:25] <~ikmapsbot> [VEHKILL] argetmi destroyed WhereIsMyMedal's FAV 50.Cal (Gunner/Szakolczay 83mm Type R12  VS. FAV 50.Cal)
[19:16:25] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Justice: DONATE TO ME FOR UPS
[19:16:25] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:26] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] kobravipe - Rocket Soldier Officer
[19:16:27] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] NiteHawk - BRDM-2
[19:16:31] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: HELP
[19:16:32] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: AT WATER
[19:16:32] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Gsharp77 - Rocket Soldier Officer
[19:16:36] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] besies - Engineer
[19:16:37] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: costal water
[19:16:37] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: fucken razorz13 keeps taking off in my vehcualk
[19:16:40] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: vehcial

[19:16:41] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Gsharp77 - BRDM-2
[19:16:44] <~ikmapsbot> Razorz13: wtf
[19:16:46] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] MateNone: front??
[19:16:46] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:16:46] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Nikolai - M104 Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge
[19:16:48] <~ikmapsbot> Razorz13: idiot liar
[19:16:54] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] NiteHawk - Red Tide Infantry
[19:16:54] <~ikmapsbot> The Nod Forgotten Hub was destroyed by argetmi (GDI)
[19:16:55] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:17:03] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] MateNone: ref side water dum asses say so
[19:17:07] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] A Nod Degtyaryov MG Sentry killed argetmi HEADSHOT! (Degtyaryov MG Sentry VS. Gunner/Szakolczay 83mm Type R12 )
[19:17:08] <~ikmapsbot> GDI has captured the GDI Helipad!
[19:17:10] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] besies - M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System
[19:17:13] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Toxickun: how do you lock your vehciakl
[19:17:15] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Crane_Murder - Black Hand
[19:17:16] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] argetmi - Delta Force Soldier
[19:17:20] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:17:21] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: with !lcok
[19:17:22] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] Howd_mydiktaste killed the_1Q HEADSHOT! (Black Hand Chameleon /Scorpion Railgun VS. Rocket Soldier Officer/Szakolczay 66mm Type R12 )
[19:17:25] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: do !bind then !lock
[19:17:25] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] WhereIsMyMedal - Mobile Sensor Array
[19:17:28] <@ROZPIERDALATOR2> !page oda10 hi LaMeDilDo XD
[19:17:29] <~ikmapsbot> Page Sent to oDa1000 --> (ROZPIERDALATOR2@IRC): hi LaMeDilDo XD
[19:17:30] <~ikmapsbot> mask012: haha
[19:17:31] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Ivan275g4: dont lock,
[19:17:32] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] the_1Q - Hotwire
[19:17:38] <~ikmapsbot> oDa1000: shh
[19:17:41] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Toxickun - Hotwire
[19:17:42] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Mar10101 - GDI Tiberium Harvester
[19:17:42] <~ikmapsbot> mask012: tt2
[19:17:43] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Ivan275g4: do !bind and then you can !kick
[19:17:44] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Selicia: vc
[19:17:48] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Selicia: or I torment your building
[19:17:49] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Toxickun: oh okay thanks ivan
[19:17:50] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] TheDarkMystic: Who wants to Ez rush with me?
[19:17:52] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Toxickun: !bind
[19:17:53] <~ikmapsbot> [VEHKILL] AlexDaLegend destroyed oDa1000's 2S9 Nona 120mm Mortar (ORCA Fighter VS. 2S9 Nona 120mm Mortar)
[19:17:53] <~ikmapsbot> Host: AlexDaLegend has been recommended by BRenBot for: Destroying 6 enemy vehicles
[19:17:53] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] AlexDaLegend killed oDa1000 (ORCA Fighter VS. Nod Tank Crew/Swimming)
[19:17:54] <~ikmapsbot> The Forgotten Tiberium Silo was destroyed by Snuffleuffagus (GDI)
[19:17:55] <~ikmapsbot> AlexDaLegend: sit
[19:17:56] <~ikmapsbot> Selicia: !stuck
[19:17:58] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] TheDarkMystic - Ezekiel's Wheel Stealth Tank
[19:18:00] <~ikmapsbot> [BUILDINGKILL] DEMONDSPN destroyed a GDI Gun Tower (Nod Anti Tank Rifleman/Anti Tank Rifle VS. Gun Tower)
[19:18:01] <~ikmapsbot> Timeeeey: hehe
[19:18:02] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] Toxickun - AAVP7A1
[19:18:04] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] mask012: help
[19:18:05] <~ikmapsbot> Nod has captured the Forgotten Hub!
[19:18:07] <~ikmapsbot> [VEHKILL] AlexDaLegend destroyed NiteHawk's BRDM-2 (ORCA Fighter VS. BRDM-2)
[19:18:08] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] MateNone: wtf]
[19:18:09] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: !vkick
[19:18:10] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Timeeeey: !stuck
[19:18:14] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Timeeeey: !stuck
[19:18:17] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: don't pm me laughing
[19:18:20] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] WhereIsMyMedal - FAV 50.Cal
[19:18:22] <~ikmapsbot> oDa1000: hehe
[19:18:26] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: your not funny razorz13
[19:18:27] <~ikmapsbot> mask012: yes
[19:18:29] <~ikmapsbot> Selicia: if you didn't get in the vehicle first it won't be owned by you
[19:18:31] <~ikmapsbot> [KILL] Polecat killed oDa1000 HEADSHOT! (Deadeye/Vervack R69 Pierce Sniper Rifle  VS. Nod Soldier/Cobretti AR-70 Raptor)
[19:18:31] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Toxickun: your a piece of shit
[19:18:34] <~ikmapsbot> Polecat: haha
[19:18:34] <~ikmapsbot> Razorz13: wtf u talking about idiot
[19:18:36] <~ikmapsbot> Polecat: die
[19:18:36] <~ikmapsbot> [VEHKILL] Snuffleuffagus's M270 Mobile Launcher Rocket System was destroyed.
[19:18:38] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Timeeeey: !stuck
[19:18:40] <~ikmapsbot> Toxickun: fuck off you stupid cunt
[19:18:41] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Timeeeey: !stuck
[19:18:43] <~ikmapsbot> Host: [BR] Type !cmd to find out the extra veteran commands.
[19:18:44] <~ikmapsbot> Host: Dunkaccino (ID: 9) requested to join server.
[19:18:46] <~ikmapsbot> [PURCHASE] mask012 - M579 Fitter Repair Vehicle
[19:18:47] <~ikmapsbot> mask012: yes
[19:18:48] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] Timeeeey: !stuck
[19:18:51] <~ikmapsbot> [Team] MoltenJam: ty
[19:18:53] <~ikmapsbot> Razorz13: who put u to accuse me for no reason?

I might give you another chance in two months. I might not.

You will remain banned unless Yap or Dblaney says otherwise for now.

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9 hours ago, razorz13 said:

i wasnt trying to kill it i know its amphibious  i was trying to get it to the sea...i know i have overdone it....iam sorry i promise i will never issue and teamhampering again.-

The people you PM'd me about, those who would "end me in renegade". Perhaps you should call on them now, maybe they can help?

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LiMaDo: team with razorz we lost

@razorz13your typical behavior:
-trolling (even in this topic. it doesnt help remove your ban)
-trying to change teams because first you hampered your team
-if you cant change team you desperately try skip the map so you repeat !poll cyclemap
-excessive spam annoying sounds

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16 hours ago, razorz13 said:

i am sorry i promise i will never issue and teamhampering again.


I might give you another chance in two months. I might not.

Apology accepted.
You're still banned for at least two months.

Every single game I have to baby sit you through spectating at the start of every game.
Every single game you join I have players (and now other mods) coming up to me or making topics about you stealing peoples vehicles.
Every time you steal someone's vehicle you blame it and troll them about it.
Every time I !qkick, 24hr !kick or PM you about it you do it again.

It's a big problem when i'm in game and I can only imagine the countless other times I haven't been around when you're hampering players who don't talk/notice you're the one who TH.

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On 10/26/2020 at 7:26 AM, Threve said:


Implying I unban you in two months I hope this shows the severity of how fed up every single person on the server is with your team hampering. 

I fully support this temp ban. Note if he does it again even once its a 6 months ban

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  • 1 month later...


Good evening. You’ve been unbanned.

Stop team hampering and purposely pissing players/Mods off because of it. We’re very annoyed.

Next time will result in a permanent ban

I recommend just staying away from any vehicle that isn’t yours. 

If for some reason the unban doesn’t work. (It should but IRC can be finicky) please post here. Thank you.

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