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Definitive Guide For Vehicle Strongpoints and Weakpoints

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Directional Armor

For a number of years, there has been a feature in the game that is related to directional tank armor. Many of our players may not be aware of this, even our regulars, so we thought it would be helpful to describe this feature in detail.

You will generally inflict "normal" damage by shooting the sides of an armored vehicle. Shooting the front of the vehicle is generally considered hitting a strongpoint where you deal less damage, while hitting the weakpoint at the rear is favorable to destroying it more quickly.

Below are some sets of visuals that demonstrate exactly where on the vehicles all of these points are located. If the vehicle isn't pictured below, it doesn't have strongpoints or weakpoints.

But first, the scale values!

1x damage means you deal normal damage. 0.75x means 75% damage is dealt, and 1.25x means the weapon is dealing 125% damage. The amount of points and cash earned are also affected by these percentages.

  • Strongpoints (blue): 0.75x damage
  • Normal Armor (green): 1x damage
  • Weakpoints (red): 1.25x damage

Visual Guide

You may notice quickly that these are simplified versions of the vehicles' meshes. This is because they use hitboxes, which are essentially models that are invisible to the player ingame, but are representative simple versions of the visible vehicle models. The weapons you fire don't actually hit the visible vehicle, but rather these invisible meshes.



Heavy Tank


MAD Tank


Mammoth Tank


Medium Tank


Minelayer (for both teams)


In ConclusionMany Bothans Spies died to bring us this information. Make their sacrifices worthwhile by vanquishing our foes on the battlefield with this valuable intel.

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I notice the Soviet tanks have relatively protected rear weakpoints, where there is a high chance of striking for 100% damage instead of 125%. How balanced is this in gameplay? Is it like bullseying womp rats or is it like torpedos into the exhaust port?

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