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  1. @pigzley @alph4byt3 @ItsMeBareth @San4311 @Twitch If they want ALL your 2FA yes they would, when people get hacked des… https://t.co/VhZTGHLHxS
  2. @pigzley @alph4byt3 @ItsMeBareth @San4311 @Twitch In fact if you have only the auth-app with the rolling code is it… https://t.co/oLBumk0wx0
  3. @pigzley @alph4byt3 @ItsMeBareth @San4311 @Twitch You have a different secret used for each 2FA, so to get access t… https://t.co/FslFJmbWCc
  4. In what way? Pretty sure the BTR is supposed to not be utterly rubbish again LT (heck even a captain isn't absolutely terrible against LT, though still far worse than a BTR obviously), but even so assuming both drivers are about equally skilled the LT does have by far the most advantages. The only thing the BTR have is being slightly faster and a bit more maneuverable. On the other hand the BTR have a limited firing arc for its gun, where LT can short in all 360 degree directions, and in terms of firepower the BTR takes about 25secs to kill a LT, where the LT takes about 11sec to kill a BTR. in both cases hitting the front of the enemy vehicle for the entire time. and that is with only 50 credits more to purchase a LT than the BTR. Granted a missed shot from the light is more damage lost than a shot (or even several shots) missed from the BTR, since it is well cannon vs (heavy)machinegun. So yeah for a BTR to have any chance to battle a LT it need to happen at a longer distance to be able to dodge more shots, and on a terrain that is either relatively flat so it the BTR can keep moving, or the BTR need help from someone else (or the LT already being severaly damage)
  5. Actually BTR and APC have the same amount og health and armor (250/250), however the APC got mammoth armor type, where the BTC got light armor type. But yeah overall I do agree, it is in a very good spot, which is really surprising for something newly added
  6. So if I understand this right, shock troopers(and Tesla tanks) deal more damage right away but less over time, though at a faster rate?
  7. Is this true for refilling ammo for at helipads/refill pads too? And is refilling ammo slowed down by taking damage as well?
  8. Probably via a flare or similar you can deploy for the spyplanes to stay over the area in a period, and then foc the spy could reset the time for next spyplane flare giving a reason for it to go to the airfield too :D hmm Not too sure of that first of all it doesn't really logically make much sense for binoculars to be able to see that sort of stuff, and it also would diminish what is probably the main reason to actually grab and engi and go outside your base
  9. KOTG: Interesting with adding rocks and the sort depending on playercount. That said would there be able for if say you start up a "LAN" game alone in the client to have them removed there as an option, as you might want to try and test/practice things that includes those routes being open for instance in an environment that don't have other players actually get in the way. Also I assume you have made sure there is no cheeky way to kill the TC from that modifed soviet CY hill (completely impossible to see if that would be the case from just a SS ofc, just making sure you accounted for it) Pipeline: Very nice, that ridge always been weird to me, as it was impossible to get up to it outside of going practically back to one of the bases, yet it having one of the important oil derricks for that map, that combined with the objectives markers for any engis/techs should make the ridge a lot more lively I bet StormyValley: While I do like the idea of getting that SD more towards the front, that might be too far in the front, making it a bit too exposed and easy to destroy for the allied. I would probably suggest there moving it a bit back again (but not as far back as the current pubic one ofc), or move the defenses forwards as well to compensate it Hostile Waters: While it never bothered me really, now that you mention it the icebergs are unusually bright on that map xD Under: Totally forgot that map even existed in APB xD
  10. Nice, though I would say maybe have the defence repair markers show for Rifles soldiers as well (within a certain distance only maybe), as well if you are chilling in base for whatever reason as a rifle, there is no reason to not grab a tech to repair some defences
  11. Well there is no capturable gem siloes(or capturable of any building that exist as normal base buildings too for that matter) AFAIK in the current public version either, and all gem siloes (of which there is very few in the first place) are destructible, so yeah either option from that point of view is kinda equally likely, and with everything else the scripts team managed to do to the engine at this point, I don't consider anything to be truly impossible anyway, but I guess that means a no in this case at least
  12. Is the Gem Silo in the cave destructible as well or not?
  13. Liking the idea of having both AI controlled main defences, and then some extra smaller things manable by players, also gives people that might not have the money for tanks og higher tier infantry and option to actually contribute in the defense properly, while not requiring players to be there to defend. The small manable could be the only option however on small maps that are not supposed to have full defences, like Pacific threat in APB for instance, that kind of maps
  14. No Next Friday would be tommorow But sure looking forward to an update every day untill then As for the AR battle bunkers well why not just use faction locked doors (I know APB have some of those (mainly roof doors on some buildings)? Maybe allow the allied spies to open those doors as well (whether he can just walk on in like any other, or have to do something to gain unlock the door first I leave up to you, as that would be a matter of balance then). This would allow using the spy to try and clear bunkers from the inside but ofc the more soviets in there the harder it would be for him for obvious reasons. Also maybe some stationary heavy machines guns mounted for shooting out of with to increase your firepower (but would make you an easier target to kill too both from people shooting in from outside or for spies sneaking inside).
  15. You only show and mention Yaks, but I assume MiGs would be available on the new RidgeWar too?
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