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  1. You did, or well more precisely a robot squirrel
  2. well I do have an account here, just quite an old account so still using my old username here I would like to nominate @V0LK0V I think it was (again could really use a discord overlay in the game xD) Also @PXD2000 for the soviet mechanic and shock trooper(from crates) on NorthByNorthWest as well as ice187dna for raping our ears with her microphone as well
  3. @xJohnFly @everspace_game It's today ;)

  4. Any info on the specifics of the prices, and top 3 over how many games, assuming its raw max score, or are you gonna do something different (like average score or something entirely different)
  5. @GamerZakh How DARE you accuse people on the Internet for not being all-knowing?

  6. sadly I can't, since it was not exactly a progress hindering issue I am long past the point, so don't have the a normal save from then. I will try in a bit and load the save the game made at the start of the mission and see if it still happens with that one. Also should be noted that I played on Commando (highest) difficulty EDIT: Yes using that start of mission save, the objective did complete successfully, playing on commando difficulty again, so, not sure why I didn't think of keeping a save around from that time for this, I should have known that would have been a good idea sor
  7. So the secondary mission to "Disable Upper Sam Sites" does not complete even though I clearly kill them (tried both killing the shore cannon before and after kills SAM sites, but no difference there)
  8. Yeah I don't see it being very fun for either team even then regardless, as it is really is equally boring to get steamrolled, or being the one to steamroll
  9. After the death of Romeo the God Arc Soldier project is getting a massive up-scaling, helped by Julius quitting as… https://t.co/gVCqP9Ipyq

  10. @GamerZakh Why does it even matter, whether an accent is fake or not? As long as it is understandable, I don't see… https://t.co/nJhlrXjGZf

  11. Well may you Rest in Peace Romeo, doubt he gonna come back from that. But despite the loss of a member, the life of… https://t.co/QZqXhU6Sl7

  12. My point was actually that it should not depend on the amount of games played at all (except for maybe a minimum to count, so you don't go in and get one or 2 very good game way above your normal level, and walk away with a very high average that way), but rather than the current total score, take the average score for each player, so you don't get a unfair advantage by getting some really good game, that is not representative of your normal score, or get boned by having a really bad game or 2. I am ofc aware, that such a change is unlikely to be implemented for the current event, so just
  13. I never said I didn't think we would hit it, was more of a hypothetical, worst case scenario question :D On a more serious note I feel like maybe taking the average score of each persons game (without a max. limit, though maybe a min for 3-4 games or something) would be a better option, as one could then try and compensate for a bad game by playing more, but you would still need to actually be decently good to get a consistent high score. With the system planned for this though(which is certainly better than what been used in the past, don't get me wrong), if you get 1 or 2 bad gam
  14. So what gonna happen if we somehow don't manage to hit 40 players at all then? xD
  15. So it even mimicked Soul Survivor (the actual game) down the playerbase size you could almost say :P
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