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  1. 1 hour ago, Pyryle said:

    This is what got me to expand on the idea of "classic colors" with the introduction of different house colors for the Allies and Soviets. Thanks for this.

    I wonder what happened to/how Chicajo is doing these days...

    Last update I had from a family member said he was doing better, but hasn’t been able to return to doing music. He had health issues a few years ago and was in a wheelchair. 

  2. My first gaming setup. The computer would run so hot that it would normally shutdown. The fan kept that from happening :v

    n00bstories IRC is on the monitor. Spent way too much time there when I had so many MMOs to play!


    Second build was awesome and didn't lag when running around in Iron Forge! What a dream it was back then. I took apart my 360 because the disk wouldn't spin. Looked up a guide and tried to figure it out. The old APB forums are up on the monitor. Good times...



    Here's when I finished. Had to place the clip on it and spin the disk once. It would normally run for about 2-3 hours before I had to do it again :sweatdrop:


  3. Hello players!

    We’d first like to thank everyone for joining another amazing game night! We’d like everyone to reply with a nomination for which players they felt were the real MVPs of the night. After 24 hours from now, we’ll tally up the names and announce the MVP and Runner Up awards!

    What’re you waiting for? Get to voting!

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