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  1. I literally said the exact message multiple times, and never once changed what it said in any of my posts. I’m new and all, but do you really think I’d be able to make that up? I had fun, although a few people don’t seem to appreciate it and seem to think it was all, “shits and giggles”
  2. I was told something different, or Jeod didn’t understand my question. Oh well.
  3. ##Vote Killing_You Guess we can figure out how the rest of the day goes. @Mojoman and @Anon_Kat should really speak up.
  4. Before we do this, are we sure he's not the Silo? (I have no idea if buildings are harmed by ##SHOOT) I tried to ##REPAIR Category 5 last night, and it didn't work (implying he isn't the Silo, since I got new information that this was possible).
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