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  1. That's what happens when you have an extra ore truck. If there were 700 dumps instead of silos you'd have even more excess cash from that. No, late game makes no difference compared to the first rush. V2's against Rangers/Light Tanks/Medium Tanks is plain stupid. Most of the Soviets on my team were waiting for credits for a Heavy Tank, while Allies were already outside our base. Obviously testing wasn't used much on maps like these. You have to know there's a huge balancing problem, or you wouldn't be making quick patches to fix issues so soon after releasing Delta. I'm sure the W/L rates between Allies and Soviets speaks for itself.
  2. I never liked Chronojam's idea path for the game after beta. Too much has changed that made the game enjoyable. The server issue doesn't help either.
  3. None of the Rangers were stolen, but sure?
  4. Sounds like someone's overreacting from one match of Guard Duty. That is the only map, aside from Wasteland which is basically an infantry map with limited vehicles, where Soviet rangers exist. Unless someone fucked up on the rotation and made those two the only maps, I don't see how this is even slightly true. Also Soviets have had a rocket soldier for five years now. Running out of money would never happen if we did that, because every map now has an ore silo to make sure that losing the Refinery is not an instant game over. Hard to tell with how many maps seem to be missing. Two maps I played on had Soviets with Rangers, back to back, so I assumed they were always on every map. Running out of money? I was sitting on 6000 credits as a losing Soviet team. We couldn't even leave our base after the first rush from the Allies. You guys added Silos to every map to change the flow of credits, which was again never needed. Losing the Refinery is part of the game if you don't watch the base from attacks.
  5. I would say that advertising would go a long way. There are way worse free to play games that people play compared to this. There is nothing wrong with the engine, and a lot has improved over the years it seems (haven't been sent to bluehell yet). APB always had a decent player base when Renegade was still around, along with the forum community that stuck around for so long to keep playing. There is plenty of room for improvements, but that doesn't mean it's dying down anytime soon. I would say the server is an issue currently though. Being at around 160+ ping constantly today would be a huge turn away for most players in this day and age. I was warping around a lot, and had a lot of issues trying to hit tanks. Before we start talking about ISP issues, I'm on a very high Internet speed, and I've yet to have issues playing on European servers, or even Japanese servers.
  6. An MP5, really? After playing in a few matches earlier today, Allies have the upper hand in just about every map. With the change to ore drops from 700 to 500, you see a huge difference in game play from Soviets. It seems like the answer to this was to give the Soviets a Rocket Soldier and a Ranger? This was never needed on earlier versions of the game, and I'm not sure what sparked this to be changed. Every match is just Ranger spam from both sides, which takes away from the uniqueness of being Allies.You keep changing the pricing of vehicles around to compensate, instead of just reverting the ore dumps back to 700. A lot of odd changes to the game when balance was just fine pre-beta, minus a few little things here and there.
  7. Back when I used to play maps like FoI and Fissure, any good team efforts could keep the Silos up for plenty of time to have a decent amount of cash to get higher end Infantry. Realistically, that was the only point of the Silos on those maps. Infantry only maps should never last long enough to benefit from Silos for so long. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but it sounds like a lot has changed in APB that made it unique and fun. "Credit Trickle" shouldn't be needed after the Silo is down. If the team lost it, then that's on them. The matches are perfectly do-able with basic infantry, while not easy depending on the teams. I've played plenty of matches where teams I was and wasn't on, lost to coordinated Rifle Soldier attacks against a team of 4-5 Tanya's and such.
  8. Actually, my signature from BHP's Forums is considered too big file size wise. Oh well ;-; Hey Eggman!
  9. GIANT ANTS! So much more could be added :/
  10. Guys guys guys, no drama needed over a signature. I've been here one day
  11. Your signature limit disturbs me. Fix that ASAP, thanks ❤️
  12. I was only banned for an entire day, guys
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