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  1. I could see skybridges being pretty awkward, especially on helicopter maps (another complication for low flying helicopters defending their base, potentially blocking shots against enemy helicopters) Plus, only a couple maps I can think of where the large buildings are close enough together for it to work? like, I don't think you could bridge the gap between the War Factory and the Refinery on Camos without it looking awkard as hell... or the soviet PP to Refinery or PP to War Factory on Zama...
  2. asthetically I kinda like the idea of the airfield being behind the base and the refil cluster being kinda in a line next to its tower. Of course that risks hinds and yaks sharing the same airspace a bit too much. also, well, Siege already has a problem with its bases feeling a bit too big so I rather prefer the idea of it replacing the radar dome... and maybe that hill getting flattened out a bit to make an easier approach? I'd also argue as a temporary measure, since no MiG yet, put the dome's tank terminals in the airfield / tie them to the airfield. I mean it sorta makes sense that the airfield would have the sorta communications equipment to call for reinforcements anyway since it'd have to do air traffic control duties
  3. frankly I wouldn't mind seeing them as a capturable objective on a map, something like Pipeline's Oil Derricks. Looking forward to seeing how this new HW plays out
  4. admittedly it is a huge gamble with... no payoff, pretty often. Although I'd argue that's as much on the spy being pretty useless in general just as anything else. not like knowing there's three heavy tanks and a mammoth on the field is gonna do anyone much good, especially if those tanks have already been spotted by other means.
  5. Wait wait, we have to refavorite our vehicles? Damn, that's gonna be really annoying for those of us with favorited random drop only vehicles.
  6. this would effectively murder stealthy spy flaring, which is already super hard to pull off anyway
  7. This is something that's bothered me for a bit - it doesn't really make sense that in a missile silo that only has room to arm and fuel one missile at a time, you can wait double the arming time and launch two missiles back to back. Would it be possible / worth doing to make it so the 5 minute countdown to create the next flare only starts on the previous missile launching?
  8. Or a tank trap, at the very least. image1 This phase is stuck and is not going anywhere It doesn't have the torque to climb the hill, OR turn. image2 And this mammoth is stuck between the crate and the cliff wall, it can't move forward or backwards at all. And even if it could move backwards, the slope of the hill prevents it from getting around the flag.
  9. Honestly Push I'd go with some mixture of maybe a small amount of "most of the above" or "all of the above". Even arties, the things Yaks were supposed to help counter, have no trouble hitting yaks because they've basically gotta dive straight at the arty to do any real damage, a minimum of twice, and can be seen coming from miles away anyway. Add to that that yes the AA gun placement gives the Yaks no room to maneuver besides basically straight long the allied front lines, putting them in the line of fire of pretty much the entire allied team for as long as possible so it's super doubtful they'll even get a second strafing run on an arty... At this point they're more of a detriment to the soviets than a help. 800 credits to maybe take out a single 900 credit arty, maybe, but much more likely die a firey death near instantly isn't exactly an amazing deal.
  10. That still leaves the problem of yaks taking off from the same runway that both other yaks and helis are landing on. Tight fit. Maybe have a trio of little hangars off to one side of the runway, just big enough for a yak or hind to fit inside, that the planes and helis spawn in? Still, that requires said hangers to be modeled... and a door modeled / animated (unless you could steal the War Factory door?)... and script changes to make it possible for helis and planes to spawn inside said hangars instead of fly in... blegh, sounds like a pain in the ass.
  11. Creepy? More like sad. If I lost a friend on my birthday I'd never be able to separate the two. Hell, I lost my lil bro a exactly a month before *my* birthday and it still bums me out every year. Double whammy.
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