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  1. Man, I have seen some dick sucking in my day, but this takes the cake.
  2. Ha ha ha ha You reap what you sow.
  3. Its out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/301650/ P.S: watch the credits when you get it
  4. Blizzard did this, so they can launch their own overpriced legacy server bullshit. I bet on it thats their plan.
  5. Killing_you do you have any videos of the mod in action yet? I am eager to see this in motion, even at this stage.
  6. I dont really see Coolrock needing a warning here, he is just being his regular sarcastic self.
  7. No probs man, If you want to shove assets at me and ask "hey does this look like how it did on TA?" you know where you can talk to me.
  8. This is why you are still shit at life Dadud. Do you remember that furry porn disguised as a APB Beta you leaked in order to come out as a furry? yeah I still remember that. Killing_You: if you need help just ask me, I was a huge TA fan back in the day, in fact I think I bought you TA from GOG way back when.
  9. I have an E-100, which is a odd tank to master on the german heavy tree, it doesnt have the armor the maus has, but none of the issues of being so heavily armoured, so its a brawler, which was something I am not used to on the german tree, and more something from the russian tree. Especially once when you get the 150 mm gun.
  10. >TOG II >Good Do you enjoy being wrong and bad at games?
  11. Lifetime member of the Maximum Autism club. You have to add Generalcamo to that too.
  12. You were, till I removed you for inactivity
  13. 1st. I go by LordKane and I am the leader of the 495th if you want in, come talk to me. 2nd Wow KY, how many lies can you pack into one bloody post? "Charging into battle gloriously" is doublespeak for "running around lakeville with my head cut off and firing wildly everywhere while the Clan Founder/Commander and Quartermaster look on in shame."
  14. Can you elaborate on this? What's the rationale behind hiding the Warframe channel inside a clan specific area? It seems daft to me to NOT have all the games channels under a "Games" category... 1. Probably that SG Warframe clan has now grown to 60 in game members and is expanding faster than W3D Hub. We are about to ask strike to open up more member slots for our Teamspeak... as now we have more members than our teamspeak can support. 2. Warframe needs the more channels that I have put in, because just the other day we had 20 people in 1 channel (Only about 6-7 were the normal people the rest new people you've never met.) ALL PLAYING WARFRAME, and it got pretty hecktic. It was fucking fun but still pretty crowded. 3. We've elected to join an alliance in Waframe. Which means even more people flooding into the Teamspeak... So no from me. This is why Garrus I am refusing the changes for our clan.
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