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  1. My question was for help to create the event and asking when exactly would be best such as what date and if the devs could also participate and let me know the good dates for them and what games do they wish or not wish to be used.
  2. Ive discussed this on a networking forum. The problem was with people who used teamviewer accounts and didnt secure it properly. This included the use of poor passwords, lack of proper organisational policy (especially for those who use group/business version). I use teamviewer, i have a teamviewer account, a teamviewer service running in the background and i was not hacked because i didnt share the account/devices with anyone, i had everything set up with authentication properly. It is only partly teamviewer's fault, humans are flawed and its actually really easy to trick people.
  3. Story wise everything in the dome should be in a different dimention so when someone enters the dome they're theoratically not supposed to see anything, something about schroedinger's cat. So shooting something in the dome should be possible but that too should be theoratically 50/50 to hit something.
  4. Have any of you played battlestations? Whenever a sub enters a ship's sonar you hear a ping. The sonar is just 360 degrees around the ship/sub with a specific radius. In subs fighting subs they made it so to get the torpedo to go to the right depth you have to target the sub but the torpedo doesnt home. You can implement this by getting what the mouse cursor is pointing and and have the torpedo adjust its depth based on the object but not go above water. Teleporting is a better idea if lag is an issue. It could reduce animations but it would mean players could teleport in and out of vehicles as a way of dodging and confusing. Introducing a small delay after the player first enters the vehicle to when he can teleport back out and in again could help as well. Nothing like lag ruining gameplay.
  5. I know this has been discussed before but now that my exams are over and i have time i would like to suggest organising a 2 day streaming session where we put up a timetable and invite streamers we know and the more famous ones to join aside from inviting friends and other people to play. I suggest having a time table (hourly) so that each streamer could fill in when they are going to stream and what maps they would like during that time. I suggest the time limits for the map for the main server for those 2 days be 15 minutes per round/map (10 minutes is fine too, if its too long things can get boring). I would like to know what games are W3D comfortable for display for the event? Is it only RA APB? TSR? It would be good if the developers could also come on and have a talk, show what they're working on and a Q&A session with the developers on stream. Since im really bad at PR i dont think i can do this alone. I also dont know when it is best for this as well, whether a 2 day weekend? Weekdays? In a months time? A whole year where we do this everyday? One way to get a more famous streamer to try this game is if lots of us contact them as it would show demand, spam them with requests. It would be better to get a few of them to participate in the event.
  6. i forgot about SEALS. I think they might actually be stronger than tanya as they use machine guns rather than pistols and have C4 and can swim (i hope they will be able to swim when RA2 AR comes out). I think even tanya can swim. In RA2 tanya outranged infantry which is why she was stronger but not much more than a SEAL. Being able to C4 a vehicle would be nice and its a move done in the army on non moving enemy vehicles and in movies/games where someone would throw a C4 on a vehicle and detonate. Realistically i dont know if a C4 placed on the outside of a tank would do any damage.
  7. when RA2 APB comes out tanya/sniper in an IFV would be the best infantry killer and also have rockets too.
  8. my play times are different so i usually see no one around. I guess more people are starting to know the game now which is good. when i have time i could try out APB in multiplayer to see if it is now more balanced. the last time i tried even in an unbalanced match i faired much better in TSR than RA APB. One reason why i tend to play privately is so that i can mess around and try different things so i can start with lots of cash. i used to mess around with games like css using things like the console, setting the AI parameters just to have different sorts of game modes. I think there might be more balancing to do. For this topic if tanya doesnt headshot than 4 shots to the arms/legs is fine but 2-3 shots to the body whereas 1 shot to the head should kill. I see some argue about hitscan but hitscan is a problem for games like robocraft that are lag friendly. If you buy good hardware and internet (assuming server isnt far away) than you shouldnt be penalised just because someone else is lagging. Even the missiles in robocraft are buggy because they rely on client to handle the missiles rather than servers doing the calculations. Despite how many times i try to tell the devs they dont seem to listen, the correct way should be player shoots to signal missile spawn, server spawns missiles and handles it instead using the data it has for hit detection and location rather than the client doing it. In terms of lag i have not yet encountered the problem(not even for other players) whether playing locally, LAN or even on the main server. I dont see how tanya can be considered OP even when pistol is hitscan. Both tanya and volkov are expensive units that are considered higher tech units so they should easily beat the regular infantry. Its not like you can move in weird ways to dodge bullets (like how the characters in star wars kotor move their body in ranged duals). Realistically you cant dodge a bullet and it has been proven even using a handgun. As long as you keep the C&C tradition of machine guns, pistol, grenades damaging tanks even though it is unrealistic.
  9. When i played on the main server it was before i made an account. I also see the main server mainly empty. most of the time i just play by myself or with a few friends. sure even when being outnumbered its possible to win but regardless of my skill in how many times i keep killing them or stopping or delaying or even sneaking into the enemy base it just wasnt enough. Perhaps balancing should be the team that needs numbers should get it first. So for RA that would be the allies getting the player first. It was also before w3d obtained RA APB and i played both RA APB and TSR on their main respective servers.
  10. When you have 2-3 players per team 1 player difference means a lot.
  11. i only play privately/private servers hence why you dont see my stats. I've tried playing on the w3d servers long before but it was just a bad experience. No matter how skilled i was i was always sent to the team that is currently losing or having the team with less players. Even staying on for the next few matches it was always a loss.
  12. i think tanya needs to do more more damage to infantry to kill them in 2-3 shots. Its unbalanced if you need 4-5 shots because tanya costs a lot and infantry are free. Sometimes i wonder when balancing is done if the cost of the unit is also taken into consideration. Expensive units shouldnt be able to lose so easily.
  13. I think that implementing the VR is only a programming job because everything will still work the same. Its more graphical programming and a few changes to player animation such as for turning the head or matching the character to the player's interface such as if there are virtual gloves and so on. http://jobsimulatorgame.com/this game is made for this sort of stuff and you can see what it is like. This game would benefit from the virtual reality in the graphical manner for world immersion but in the interface manner it wont help. Have you seen any games that uses a VR with tanks?
  14. well i tried introducing the game to a few streamers that i know so not sure if they would like it or approve of it. One of them uses youtube and i checked that they also play other games before i introduced it. I will try to organise and host an event for this but this will be a while before i get everything together, plenty of time to do bug fixes and changes. I dont think i can get that many players though but at least you guys should also give it a try by finding streamers and youtubers you know and letting them know the game exists and to try it. Im also looking forward to the other games w3d hub has but im not really sure what is going on with their development. Battle for dune looks particularly interesting and i am hoping that picking up an enemy tank is an option when using the advanced transport. Its what i used to do in the game where i would sometimes steal the enemy harvester or steal an enemy tank that is significant and let their own troops/defences destroy the transport and their own units or use your own base defences and some troops can also shoot the enemy tank your transport is carrying without hurting your own transport but its some micro management to stop it from landing and releasing the tank. Streamers/youtubers have no reason not to try this game because i see them buy games so as this is a free game that is fun to play if they say no than they should be avoided.
  15. balance, in RA1 and RA2 the soviets always have better tanks than the allies so they need numbers to keep up (americans style is throwing people at it) and it reflects their tanks used in ww2 as the allies had barely any heavy armour tanks (sure the british had the churchill but it lacked firepower) but the soviets had the kv-1, kv-2, kv-8 all heavy tanks equipped with a normal to good firepower. The americans relied on speed with their shermans which were medium tanks to win as their heavy tanks werent that good. If you ever play as russian in company of heroes 2 you will find it cheaper and better to spam the kv-1 than to go with the t34 medium tanks as not only do they have the same firepower but the kv-1 has much more armour and even with the lack of speed some good micromanagement makes it way better than the t-34. So a good player in the soviet's heavy tank can outmatch anything less from the allies in a 1v1 fight. Even then the game had to be balanced to give the medium/light tanks a chance against the heavy tank but if a really good player was using the heavy tank than the allies just dont stand a chance in a 1v1 fight. The cost of the tanks arent reflective of their strength and follows RA1 more. What a heavy tank can have trouble with is dealing with infantry so as long as you run around and keep shooting it while avoiding from being run over you can nullify their strength advantage. This is where the light tank wins against the heavy tank in which to counter the soviet tanks you use infantry and use the allied vehicles against their infantry. In a lot of the maps its hard to do a light/medium tank circle around a heavy tank to dodge it in a close range fight as they usually have random stuff in the way or not enough space. Personally i think the allied artillery could be a lot better. Now in the modern day its the allies that have the better tanks and russia has recently released and bragged about their drone tanks that dont hover.
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