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  1. polish version - sounds gooooood! dzieki TrollekPL ;)
  2. Hello everybody Im newbe here but also a veteran (if i'm allowed to say so) in our small C&C community from 2001 to 2006 a was webmaster of polish C&C site Strefa C&C later called Imperium Westwood (created in 1998) (we have started our project once again after so many years offline this year so if u like please visit www.imperium-ww.pl or alias link www.commandandconquer.pl) - so in the middle of nowhere when all C&C sites were down/ cncden/raden/planetcnc and all others fantastic places - we want to uplink once again our lost databases do the command center. I was also a C&C Renegade Betatester when it was release my first steps in renegade u can cach here > https://imperium-ww.pl/tiberian-series/cc-renegade/cc-renegade-beta/ and my article - my first impression regarding C&C Renagde beta https://imperium-ww.pl/hq/artykuly/beta-testy-cc-renegade/ (all in polish but feel free to use google translate ). As u can figure out im not as young as i was before but Tiberium is still flows in my veins Born To Command! Command To Conquer!
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