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  1. How’s it going everyone? You may have been asking, "Where is AR at the moment?" and through this video you can find out! We are happy to announce that we have hit Alpha! This means that the features that we wanted to include in the first release have made it ingame. Thanks to the efforts of the team over these past few months, we have cleared this milestone! Today we’re excited to showcase a few of these new features! In this video we have included the new HUD and UI, improvements to the Allied Prism Tank including an all-new refraction projectile, and a physics overhaul of the Allie
  2. Hi everyone, It's been over two years since we last posted any formal updates to AR, so I wanted to just post and assure you all that development is back up and running and better than it has ever been. For the past two years, we were wholly distracted by the development of Tiberian Sun: Reborn, which ultimately had to be put on pause. However, putting TSR on pause allowed us to regroup a bit and take another look at AR and where we were at with the project. Coming up with a fairly solid development plan, we started working on the game again formally in August and have been rapidly i
  3. Hey everyone! It's been a while since we did one of these (also I hear it's Willy's birthday, so happy birthday man!) so I guess it's about time we updated you guys on the latest progress on the AR front! New Features & Allied Forces @OWA went in game earlier today and recorded a nice walkthrough of the Allied base, along with explaining some exciting new features that the AR team has been working on to improve the gameplay in general. Check it out below! As ever, if you guys have any questions about what was shown in the video, please feel free to post a reply or
  4. Hey y'all! I'm one of the many people who check whether AR has been released now and then, and I believe most of us will agree that we have gotten used to always hearing "it's done when it's done, we'll release it then". At this point, my only guess is that the developers have internalized that sentence, and have never given a second thought throughout the years on when to release it. I noticed that in recent years, the forum's popularity has unfortunately decreased. Maybe it is time for the team to consider releasing the game? As I understand it, the reasoning behind this policy is
  5. And Red Alert 2 again! Two-three days of work, but I have to say that wasn't too hard to remake this. Unfortunately, original vibe is gone, but kind of good experiment with guitar. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Grinder.mp3
  6. And Red Alert 2 again. I released new remake. More powerful than Motorized! It took from me almost one week to remake it and to change some things a bit. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Burn.mp3 INSANELY HARD WORK...
  7. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Motorized.mp3 I spent few full days on it... and I finally made it recently! Never did remakes of songs from C&C Red Alert 2 OST ("Destroy" from CnC 64 Memorial does not count, it was just an experiment). Still catchy, even simplified.
  8. Iron Curtain The Iron Curtain is one of the soviet's superweapons. Using a powerful molecular resonator, it can give up to 9 vehicles a shield that can protect them from all kinds of damage. If a soldier is affected by the Iron Curtain, he will have a horrible death. And thanks to the scripts team, this superweapon will use our new targeting dialog! Model and Texture: @Romanov Soviet Repair Node The Soviet Repair Node is where Technicians and Engineers can repair buildings at a faster rate. Multiple of these are spread around across soviet building interiors, making s
  9. Allied Chronosphere In the Second World War against Stalin's war machine, the Chronosphere was an invaluable asset for the Allied Forces. Following the war's conclusion Albert Einstein continued to improve upon the Chronosphere from his Black Forest laboratory, effectively removing the drawbacks the previous iteration had. Chrono vortexes would no longer appear, nor would personnel inside vehicles become lost in the teleportation. Additionally, more units can now be teleported at once. The new and improved Chronosphere would not be ready for use until late in the Third World War, but
  10. Do you have any burning questions surrounding Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising that you are itching to know the answers to? Well now is your chance to get those answers with this incredibly awesome new thread! Simply ask a question and myself or moonsense715 will try and get back to you as swiftly as possible! It's that easy! There are no bad questions, so feel free to ask whatever you like as long as it relates to the project!
  11. [blurb]It's been some time since the last update! This month is but a simple blog as the team continues to perfect Apocalypse Rising.[/blurb] It's been some time since the last update! This month is but a simple blog as the team continues to perfect Apocalypse Rising. The past weeks have seen numerous upgrades under the hood, the creation of several new effects that will be important for certain buildings, and patches based on tester feedback. moonsense715 has been quite busy between Refinery interior modeling, updating the Desolator with new scripts and effects, and addi
  12. Hello there people of W3D Hub! I think it is time I shared some good old videos of Apocalypse Rising that most of you probably have never seen before or are just really old. Time for a blast from the past! AR awakens When AR was launched, the developers were really enthusiastic about it and were pushing a development blog every week, containing a load of progress images and sometimes videos. There was not much to show, as the game was just shaping up from scratch, but One Winged Angel always collected enough content for a full blog. There was a huge
  13. [blurb]Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses.[/blurb] Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses. Navy SEAL C4 Special delivery! After mowing down enemy infantry and clearing a path, the US Navy SEALs effortlessly dismantle enemy bases with their signature C4. Soviet maintenance personnel should be diligent in disarming any and all C4 planted as a single
  14. [thumb]thumb_ar.3.png[/thumb] [blurb]According to NORAD we've got updates coming at us from all directions and renders pushing up through Mexico. I don't know how they snuck in on us.[/blurb] Dioptic manifold clear! Unit ready! Electrodes ready! Welcome to the Apocalypse Rising May Update! This month's update features the Allied Prism Tank, the Soviet Purchase Terminal, and the Soviet Shock Trooper. Prism Tank It's Einstein's Prism tech on wheels. The boys at the lab call it a Prism Tank. Careful not to burn yourself! - Lt. Eva Deployed late into the war, the Pri
  15. [blurb]Oh deer. It looks like Romanov has been talking to Jerad2142 a bit too much lately. We have venison galore in this meaty update![/blurb] So, it's finally 2017 and it's time for our first blog this year! GI Update The Allied attack deer is a very versatile unit. It’s ability to sustain itself for long periods of time by eating grass from the environment makes it exceedingly useful for extended deployments. "Oh deer..." Allied Sniper The allied sniper is a great threat to any soviet infantry. Equipped with his trustworthy AWP, he is c
  16. [blurb]AR December Update[/blurb] Welcome to the DecembAR update! New soldiers join our roster! Note: Click images for big. Allied G.I. Out with the old GDI Soldier placeholder, in with the new and complete Allied GI! Modeled, textured, and finally in-game, the Allied GI is ready for some action! Created by @One Winged Angel and @Romanov together, the GI makes up the core of the Allied infantry. For close quarters combat, GIs are armed with the MPK5. Taking a more defensive position, GIs may also deploy a protective ring of sandbags around them and open fire with
  17. [blurb]Come have a look at the new Apocalypse Rising November Update! Good things packed inside![/blurb] Welcome, comrades! As we near November we bring to you another Apocalypse Rising update! This month's update reveals the addition of a crucial structure, a weapon wielded by our dangerous Allied commando, and lastly, Deutschland's finest. Ore Purifier An advanced financial structure, the Ore Purifier refined ore and gems and increased the income of a Commander's base by 25%. This would allow the Commander additional funds with which to further build up their forces
  18. Check out the October Update for Apocalypse Rising! Surprises found inside! Hello, everyone! It's time for another dev update, and is there much to cover! So much so, that we can't fit everything into one update. Progress has steamed ahead and each testing session has become more interesting than the last! With so much content being divided into equal parts, expect several updates as we catch up on our reveals! Today's update: Bots, Attack Dogs, and Spies! Bots In C&C Mode A wonderful feature we are proud to introduce into AR, bots now populate the maps and fight th
  19. The June update for Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising has been released! Boris may or may not have arrived! Hi everyone, welcome to the latest AR development update! This month we have a big surprise for you in form of Boris; the Soviet's Hero unit! "Let the games begin!" Boris Field commander, elite commando, and Hero of the Soviet Union, Boris is a formidable force on the battlefield. Armed with his unique and specially modified AKM, Boris mows down enemy infantry with ease. At his highest veterancy status, he can even hold his own against anti-infantry and light vehi
  20. The latest development update for Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising has been released! Come and check out the new Mirage and Tesla Tanks as well as a new map design! Hi everyone, welcome to the latest AR development update! New Map: Frostbite Isle! Please give a warm welcome to our newest team member, TotallySnappy! Keen to get stuck in, Snappy has made us a new map which we hope to bring into the game fairly soon! It's based off the classic tight map design of C&C Renegade with one or two extra paths to stop the game from turning into a bit of a meat grinder. Think C
  21. Happy Leap Year Day! It's been a while since we last did an update, though we do have a couple of new things for you guys to see. Come check it out! Hey everyone! It's been a while since we last did an update, so I just wanted to kick off this update by saying that hopefully from now on our news will be coming to you in smaller, but faster doses. This way we can provide regular updates and content drops and show you guys that we're actually working on stuff, rather than stockpiling it up in the back room to the point where it's overflowing. I've also just noticed that today only comes rou
  22. This week we have new renders of the Allied Airforce Command HQ, a wooden surprise and a video of improved base defenses! Good day dear fans and welcome to the latest AR update! As you can see, these "blogs" are following each other faster than before. That's right! The train is rolling and we won't stop until release day. Actually, not even after that, as the game has a lot of potential and we want to explore it all! Now, onto the updates! More Airforce HQ screenshots Last time we presented the updated Airforce Command HQ's exterior and it's minor weakpoint. Now we'll revea
  23. Check out the latest news from the Apocalypse Rising dev team! We have lots of updates, don't miss out! Hello dear AR fans and welcome to the latest Apocalypse Rising update! I apologize for making you guys wait for an update for so long again, we know that you want to see progress! The thing is that we are working a lot internally, but often think "it isn't good enough for showing-off". This approach will stop now. Let's see what we got for you in this update! AR Roadmap The project's leadership has set some milestones to fasten up development of the game and focus on mor
  24. Welcome to this November/Movember update comrades! We're celebrating this month of growing charitable facial hair by dedicating this update to the man with the most face fuzz in Red Alert 2! You guessed it; it's General Vladimir! Anyway, here's what those scoundrels on the AR team have been doing recently: - OWA grew a moustache for charity (pictures to follow), he's also been working on the Conscript model. - dtrngd has been working on optimizing the base buildings so that they don't lag the game out. He's currently working on a quick fix using LOD, but they will be VIS'd later. - danpaul8
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