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Found 32 results

  1. This topic is where I will post when I livestream TSR or APB...I hope no one minds. I am streaming right now.
  2. With the release of APB Delta, I have elected to release version 2.0 of my soundmod. WARNING: This mod is not as nostalgia boner. It's aim is to provide a more realistic yet unique sound experience within the bounds of the Red Alert universe. This mod is a collection of high-quality sounds put together that gives each vehicle and weapon a unique feel, though some weapons remain untouched (shock-rifle, and some others). You should now be able to turn UP your effects volume without destroying your ear-drums! You can find the mod itself here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ok44r16404qeanq/devilssoundmod2.rar Or here: http://www.bluehellproductions.com/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=102 - Outdated Installation instructions: Open up the archive using 7z, winRAR, etc. Open up a windows explorer page to the apb data folder. This folder by default should be C:\Program files (x86 if you run a 64bit OS)\W3D Hub\apb-release\data\ -- NOTE -- This folder is not the "user data folder" that you can access via the launcher Extract the contents from the archive via drag and drop or your more advanced method of choice. Don't like a sound such as the Soviet Demohorn? Certain sounds may be easy to find, feel free to remove any sounds you desire. However, this mod is recommended as a whole package. Please leave feedback in this thread. Forum admins: I feel like this is the best place to put mods like this until the correct infrastructure is in place. Thank you for understanding.
  3. To those that may or may not be aware, there are at least 153 confirmed killed by these terrorists in Paris during a soccer game. http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/13/world/paris-shooting/
  4. C&C: Tiberium has been officially cancelled. Synaesthesia explains the reasoning behind the cancellation. Hey guys! I do apologize for this being Yet Another Dead Project, but it's better to just come out and cut the cord than it is to string anyone along with the idea that I might actually find the time to work on this. I do enjoy C&C, and I will probably still make C&C-related artwork in the future, but I simply am too busy to fit this project in anymore. There's a few reasons for this - I've taken on more responsibility at work in the form of Unreal 4 development, and I now work part-time for Quixel based in Sweden. If you're a 3D artist and enjoy texturing, you should really check out Quixel Suite - QS 2.0 is incredible software! I'll still be around here, but this project is effectively dead - but fret not! Some parts of it will live on in TS: Reborn. I'm sure you'll figure out how. You guys are a smart bunch. Skål!
  6. hellou all im new here on w3d but il play 3 months wicht exter_3 nick (any remmember me? probally no lol) soo i want to play wicht all your guys PD:Nice job wicht games
  7. The game is free from EA on Origin for a limited time! Grab it quick, while the deal is active! Probably influenced by the recent 20 years of C&C, the latest FREE "On The House" game from EA on Origin is none other than Red Alert 2!!! this free promotion also includes the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack! Already have Origin? just click here to redeem! but be quick as "On The House" deals won't last long. for those without Origin, all you need to redeem the game is an Origin account, and a copy of their desktop client, both of which are also free to get your hands on! Happy Conquering! TT
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