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Found 6 results

  1. [thumb]thumb_ia.1.png[/thumb][blurb]Interim Apex is now on the W3D Hub launcher! Check it out now![/blurb]W3D HUB PROUDLY PRESENTS: Created by Kaskins(Yap) and dblaney1 You heard right, Interim Apex is now available on the W3Dhub launcher. Interim Apex began its life as the popular Renegade mod Imperial Age, and has since become wholly different and unique experience through the efforts of dblaney and Kaskins. Interim Apex is what I had hoped the original Renegade would be, with its unique approach to the engine that makes you feel as though you really are inhabiting the boots of a soldier on the front lines for Nod or GDI. Featuring whole new maps, well detailed vehicles, expansive new base buildings, naval combat, and even the ability to build your own obstructions and base defenses. I hope you'll be as amazed as I was when I first stepped in game. Communication Centers - These buildings allow you to research new technologies or buffs for your entire team that can give you the edge you need to be victorious on the battlefield Construction Yard - Just like in the RTS games , the construction yard isn't just for show. While it is still operational, you can rebuild a destroyed building for a hefty fee. Naval Facility - Many maps feature a naval yard in close proximity to your base. Capture it, and rule the high seas with insurmountable firepower. Losing your original base defenses is no longer a death sentence! With enough cash, you can utilize a Sapper or Pioneer to build rudimentary defenses and barricades to keep on the defense, or to hold down checkpoints. Playing support is a vital role for your team which will help mitigate enemy attacks on your journey towards victory. Captain massive battleships that feature dozens of guns, all controlled by AI with the option to manually choose targets. There is nothing quite like this in Renegade! Utilize a trusty bridge layer to get your team to where it needs to be! They can be used to create shortcuts to the enemy base, ease passage, or to open up routes to valuable tiberium! There are other support vehicles such as the mammoth recovery vehicle, which will help you repair destroyed tank husks, vehicles, and buildings at an incredible speed. Tiberium has had years to rapidly mutate organisms, drastically changing the earth's ecosystems. There are many different types of tiberian fauna on some maps; from visceroids to veinhole monsters. Some of the others, you'll just have to get acquainted with yourself. Furthermore, tiberium fields visually grow and deplete over the course of the game Interim Apex is a fantastic addition to the W3DHub lineup and provides a unique experience that we hope you'll all enjoy. Download it via the launcher, and join the one and only official Interim Apex server in the community and see what the tiberium age has to offer!
  2. I just downloaded Interim Apex, and every time I try to join the server, it gives me this error; Resource Manager Error Failed to download required packages. The game will be left. Please try to rejoin. Can any one help me out?
  3. Finally! It is time for IA to be in the spotlight! It's been some time since Imperial Age joined W3D hub. Behind the very iron curtain of W3D Hub, it's being worked on constantly. Now, we from W3D Hub, invite you to come and join our DISCORD server this coming Saturday at 6pm GMT for a few rounds of Renegade Imperial Age. All are welcome! So what are you waiting for? Blow the dust off of your Renegade disc on the shelf and install it on your computer, because it is time for Renegade! December 16th, 10AM GMT-8 December 16th, 6PM GMT / December 17th, 2AM GMT+8/ or Check out the count down here! Only at ImperialAge_AOW #Pioneer server. What is Imperial Age? Imperial Age is a Renegade modification, brought to you by ImperialKaskins ( also known as Kaskins or Yap ), dblaney1, KTFF, and the rest of the IA team. Imperial Age features a massive amount of added features to the Renegade experience, introducing numerous new vehicles and tanks for both GDI and Nod, 20+ maps with unique strategies to each, rebuildable bases from the Construction Yard, and so much more! How do I play Imperial Age?
  4. [blurb]We have opened the Dev Updates section for Imperial Age! Come see a preview of the coming update![/blurb] Some time ago, it was announced that the Imperial Age team joined us here at W3D Hub. Up until now, we never had a proper place to post news and updates of the mod, which is why I am happy to announce we have opened the Dev Updates section for Imperial Age! If you are unfamiliar, Imperial Age is a Renegade mod that aims to deliver dynamic gameplay with many new units, vehicles, and weapons. Even before joining, the IA team has been working diligently in producing new content constantly. Expect to see unit highlights, dev blogs, and more here! In the meantime, here is a short preview of what's to come for the next update.
  5. This has been requested by a lot of people so heres all the sound keywords currently on the server as of 7/25/2016. gotya chiky skill snipe killem guns smile toy hehe kills jerks gross hero save shame go shy waiting tt bwahaha n00b coffee squirrel sit sit2 ask die fun hunt medic run daddy shoot haha burn boink more? nonono noes udie stfu boo smell moo cya help gg lucky urdead finally strike wasted present pray amateur eye ha uhoh rage rq mess chaha ohno face blah big yes rape rape2 maggot mutlaugh mutdie urdead2 stealthdie stealthmag smart idiot2 falcod gasp dblaney pizza tag eye hatenod mutlaugh2 mutmag mutvanq vanquished broiled coffee suck terrorist lessgdi stealthless mutelim2 hahhah disintegrate gdimag bleh mutaah rape3 rape4 rape5 itsnod no coming whoops paintjob stayaway falcodie eyeball baddriver destructive garbage infidels killhim spothim sloppy present notfunny racket toplease aboy canned thepain nofalcod hi ow messy shirt gditraining tag2 break stupid miblet mullet stayoff trespass deepfried notwelcome dontscare stayaway2 hello stayout weird mutgasp randy itch candy munchies battleplan plow crops comeback takethis findya thosekids shoottres farmaah property youkids betterrun partner needhelp gditraining2 towers tower incompetance hateob brighten2 ruined notinto skills acquiring acquired disgusting geko geko400ri todrink pantson vital hahaha hard filthy unnecessary optimal bonus nodswrath hurts brighten welldone plight ooh monster warm bitmuch toomuch2 smores rocksalt brotherhood fool vitamins scum damaged suffering hihi hiheha hehehe hahahaha infidel infidel2 infidel3 mutinf mutha muhahaha move whoa mutgasp2 sorry2 prowlers injured comeout calldoc bonuspay dontsay middlename combatskills getsome intruder blackhand guards stealthinf infidel4 infidel5 infidel6 mutgasp3 greendoors reddoors yellowdoors yeldoors sydnext yes2 both killhim2 oops aah oyea meh hey hey2 what ow2 icome mypeople nooo yes3 toomuch eliminated slow roll ghra woohoo no2 ohno2 ohno3 mutelim mutyell destroyed mutagh dissolved eliminated2 lessinf2 ps ps2 stealthgot lessinf stealthdie2 mutaah2 letdown hello2 putthat foryou keephands martian mutgroan martian2 mutkane mutnod mutgrr muteasy mutbwah kane eliminated3 gdimag2 gdimag3 gdimag4 gottem2 vanquished2 gotya2 gotya3 easy lessmag eliminated4 praisekane stealthsee eliminated5 finished finished2 lookaround clothing nohide mutkill help2 mutinfs infidels2 hey3 gogogo muthahhah mutinf2 mutsecure nowwhat muthmm hmm friendlyfire help3 myleg feelsgood helpme gotme3 backup uhoh2 victory uhoh3 gundown sorry3 toast2 eliminated6 blewit destructive2 limado velocity sorry fast toast explosions tanning eliminated7 destructive3 enjoyed dropit father wow ohno4 careful where hello3 hitting ohplease shootyou dothat notsweet coming2 huh gethim incoming thisone heyidiot ohboy pointthat elena petrova raveshaw pleasure mypet who sakura mobius lasttime facetoface sweetheart mendoza fun2 julia improved forget soo better taller boyfriend stillhot looksgood meheart fornod goat g0ast hello4 aggressive mybones hellofriend frontofme bless carefriend cornerstore aroundhavoc gotthis die2 die3 gottem gottem3 bhahaha hahahahaha whoa2 watchout moveit stealthmoveit lookout lookout2 lookout3 myarm alarm tookob mercy gg2 gg3 talkmuch faith gditraining3 forbrother mirror hardwork cheeky gditraining4 touchy smoke smoke2 smoke3 youboys yourturn ohyes horn gvanq extra allweek jerk canit sayhi yeah yeah2 eliminated8 no3 inmyway nosee mandown company seesomeone hghh itsnod2 aah2 foundhim there coming3 watchit checkfire friendlyfire2 gasp2 uhhh standdown shootenemy hitting2 careful2 imhit assistance gotme2 backup2 operating gotme lookout4 backup3 intheway poorlytrained morebrother depository gonnawork argue reminisce focus no4 no5 ohno5 ohno6 mutgasp4 mutgasp5 aah3 aah4 hear hello5 coming4 theycome watchit2 heartattack oursagain trouble theycome2 herewego wait makeit mutgasp6 mutgasm scum2 scum3 scum4 scum5 charge seenod gasp3 gasp4 bandages gotme4 gotme5 stealthfire morefire reinforcements gotme6 backup4 backup5 easy2 hey4 strange nothing hey5 huh2 what2 what3 coming5 letsroll acquired2 brothers whoops2 ohno7 exponential oops2 uhoh4 rats bitmore careful3 stayout2 sorry4 uhoh5 ohman meway medic2 mistake mistake2 gdibuildings blowit wrongbuilding wrongteam shouldnt integrity mpra mpra2 tt2 ha2 hghh2 hghh3 going payback moveit2 moveit3 careful4 recalibrating sorry5 trajectory clearshot alarm2 blast intruder2 incoming2 infhere dieinf forbrother2 forbrother3 kane2 kane3 kane4 intruder3 enemy watchit3 checkfire2 control gotme7 concentrate ohdear ohhh youfool ahha kaskins yap imperial sharky89 sharky iraq mask mask012 madsmax mads max blaney helpme2 helpme3 helpme4 helpme5 helpme6 helpme7 hey6 inffar inffar2 inffar3 inffar4 stealthfar inffar5 inffar6 hey7 stealthhey hey8 hitting3 imhit2 bringit backup6 glory poorshot wheels forward throwdown brave pigs openended alarm3 powder ownyou surrender crispy dog dobedo 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  6. Hey I am opening this thread so we can have a topic to discuss changes being worked on and to take feedback on ways to improve ImperialAge. Right now we are testing a new model we are working on for the GDI Merkava IV. It has a full articulating suspension. Here is a link to the album of screenshots of the Merkava. I am having trouble embeding photo in this thread. I will upload them to another site soon and add some pics to this thread as well. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO7DvnPxrmZ8qK1tHgwrfHk-p5HIioAZTn_hora5gtRt8nyxGffDU6uxp67AZEKxQ?key=X2lkWXc1dUxnNkxiYm9QdmRHNmw1Njc4V1J3N01n
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