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Blog 61 26/12/07

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Hey guys! Welcome to the boxing day blog from the Apocalypse Rising team! we all hope you had a happy christmas and, as you all know, the show must go on and the updates must keep flowing so today is no exception. This will be our last blog of the year, but never fear! We will be returning in the new year with more content than you can stuff into a V3 rocket.


Here come the updates!


<h3>Airforce Command HQ</h3>

Merovingian, now known as Zion_Fox, has been busy working on the interior to the Air Force Command HQ. Here is a WIP shot of what the basement and exterior look like currently.


When you purchase a harrier it will spawn on one of the four lift platforms and the lift will rise up out of the basement to the surface. Check out the images below.





And a video walkthrough for you lucky people :)


<embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="



And another!? We must be raving mad!


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-fkSP81DhE&rel=1"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-fkSP81DhE&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-fkSP81DhE&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

drunkill broke the doors. Point the accusing fingers at him!


<h3>Conferance #2 Overview</h3>

Here is the overview from our second conferance as reported by dtrngd, our conferance managment dude.


-I will soon modify my test map and add ladders and elevators to test them online with other team members/testers.

-The GIs will have an invisible roof on the sandbags that goes through their body, that traps them in position. Also we give them 5x armour, so headshots will have normal damage (if you can get close and aim for the head while trying to avoid the shots)

-From now on, Zion_Fox/Merovingian is an unwrap artist.

<Zion_Fox> If anyone needs models unwrapping, send them to me and I WILL do them within the week, or 2 days...

-cfehunter's message:

Right, next order of business, we need to clear out the team. It's getting confusing who we actually have and where we stand.

-About building internals:

<Zion_Fox> There are still a few mesh issues which I need to sort out, but I need to get my sata drive back up and running. Once I get my sata back, with all my backups on, I will go over each building with a fine tooth comb and finish them off for the texturing step. To my memory, buildings that have internals: Allied Refinery, Allied Barracks, Allied War Factory, Soviet Refinery, Soviet Barracks, Soviet War Factory, Allied Power Plant, half of the Soviet Tesla Reactor, and i'm working on the Allied ACHQ as we speak. No buildings are 100% complete model wise.

The Allied War Factory will be remodelled.


-We'll have generic doors for each team, then special doors, like the warfactory fronts and stuff.

-Next test stuff:

Updated veterancy scripts with all changes mentioned in the topic a while back, various other tweaks and stuff on scripts, added the V3 rocket launcher and PPSh-41. Will add dtrngd's DM map for infantry only testing if he wants, as well as the existing testing map + maybe more terrain updates on that. And maybe a soviet base.... :D

Ideally I would like to add the Rhino tank so the soviets have a cheaper main battle tank than the Apoc (which is not even RC1 anyway), otherwise the allies simply crush them.

-Alex, we need some generic interior wall and floor textures please.


I really like the idea about having red carpet in some of the main parts of the soviet buildings and I was only thinking of having it in the main areas with computer weakpoints.

More like Romanov's office carpet :v

-Buildings will not be unwrapped, but UV mapped (some base defenses might be an exception)

-Leave the blogging to OWA as he writes epic blogs.


<h3>Flak Track</h3>

Ric has just about finished unwrapping the Soviet Flak Track! This means we can get on and texture this beast. I honestly can't wait to bomb along in this and spew clouds of death from the main gun at everything I see. This unit was one of my favourites in Red Alert 2 because of it's AA capabilities, so AR will be no exception.


Here's the Flak Track and also a little extra from Ric. The pimpin' Flak Track.




Ric has got some new webspace, so some of the older image links may not work, but help is on hand as dtrngd is working with Ric to relink all the pictures. Great huh?


<h3>Team Messages</h3>

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the AR Team!


To celebrate, danpaul88 hijacked a warminer.


<h3>OWA's Community Support Shed</h3>

Support Apocalypse rising in Moddb MOTY Phase Two Voting! This is the big one, if we can get enough votes we may just be able to walk away with best upcoming indie game of the year! So, get everyone you can to vote for us, I cannot stress how important winning this would be for a major boost in our mod's popularity. We may be able to attract more help to get those textures rolling out incredibly fast but only if we can get a good result in this competition!





<h3>End of the year</h3>

Well that's it for another hearty year of weekly AR blogness. See you next year for more fun and frolics!


Ta ta!


*Puts on top hat and monocle then walks off into the distance to get a cup of Twinings Breakfast Tea*

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Guest Merovingian

Drunkill owes me new doors!


And merry christmas everyone, hope you all had a great day!


PS: YOU'RE LATE! Really punctual aren't you? ....


PPS: Edited drtngd's quote to take out the link to an internal topic. It now links to the forum index.

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Guest Kakashi

I think that was about the coolest animation in ren, up until now... but I don't really know many ren based games aside from the "big three". Still, great work. Also nice work on the flak track.


Keep it up!

Edited by Kakashi
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Guest =NX=VinGummi2

Ore miner cannon? Did I miss something? Just curious since I expected a machine gun.

elite warminer.


Epic blog yeah butlol yeah WTF with that door, someone cut it over with a saw? Other than that I am gonna love that Airforce HQ can't wait to use that to get me some harriers (or maybe even black eagles)

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Guest sadukar09

Piloting a Harrier:


Pilot: Alpha 3 requesting permission to land, over.


HQ: Alpha 3, permission granted, Landing pad 2 is clear for landing.


Pilot: Alpha 3 acknowledged. Whoa, that's a sexy HQ!





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Guest EVA-251

GAAIRC looks great! When I opened the blog and saw that, my jaw sorta dropped. I continued on, jaw dropped, until that door dropped in the last video.


Then I stopped. I think I lol'd.


The Flak Track looks great, but not equivalently as great.


(and for me, it was not a late blog, it was more precisely what the forum description for the board read)

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