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[blurb]Oh deer. It looks like Romanov has been talking to Jerad2142 a bit too much lately. We have venison galore in this meaty update![/blurb]


So, it's finally 2017 and it's time for our first blog this year!

GI Update

The Allied attack deer is a very versatile unit. It’s ability to sustain itself for long periods of time by eating grass from the environment makes it exceedingly useful for extended deployments.



"Oh deer..."


Allied Sniper

The allied sniper is a great threat to any soviet infantry. Equipped with his trustworthy AWP, he is capable of decimating the enemy with his quickscoping and 1080noscope tactics, pwning every n00b that crosses his way.



"Noot Noot"


Soviet Doge

The soviet doge is well suited for extended cold missions; in addition, by being a doge it is able to trick families into thinking it’s just a loving pet, when really it’s a super secret spy.



"Many bites. Such hat. Very deadly. Wow!"


We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help!

The following positions are open:

  • 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props.
  • 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.)
  • 1 Character Artist
  • 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects

If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout!

If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome.
To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for.



Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!


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And that's when you know you placed yourself in a tight corner; You can no longer not at these units.

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